Putting Your Best Teacher Image Forward, Part 1

Familiar Risk-Taking Turf
In a recent blog post, we wrote about some of the risks that teachers often deliberate about taking IN their classrooms. Risks in ways to teach a concept or present a lesson are risks that feel familiar to many teachers. It’s also fairly safe. As a teacher, if you opt to teach a concept in a new way and it doesn’t work, you can quickly rectify the situation with your students and make a fast course correction without causing too many waves.

Even if others, including your students, recognize that you took a teaching risk that didn’t work, the experience can become a rich, teachable moment. When teachers share with students that risks don’t always work out the first time, teachers can Continue reading “Putting Your Best Teacher Image Forward, Part 1”

Announcing Teacher Peach’s Freebie Initiative

Giving Away Great Freebies
With constrained budgets and limited resources, finding a cache of valuable freebies on the Internet can be a huge time-saver. Freebies not only save you money, they also can spark many ideas.

At Teacher Peach, we want to help you save time and build your cache of go-to resources, so we are giving away a regular stream of powerful classroom freebie downloads. These freebies are one of the many ways Teacher Peach gives back to the teacher community. Be sure to follow our blog to make sure you don’t miss any of these freebies as you kick off this next school year. Start the year on the right foot with these freebie downloads.

There’s Nothing Standard About These Freebies
For the first series of freebies we’ll be rolling out over the next few weeks, we are focusing on the critical start-up steps that teachers need to do at the beginning of the school year when faced with tackling challenging standards, either Common Core State Standards or the specific standards required by your state.

Check out these coming attractions. From class profiles and peer team forms to lesson observation checklists and big picture support tools, these freebie downloads cover all the bases. And the best news of all is that these are totally free. So keep checking our blog to discover which freebies are posting each week.

Ready for More Than Freebies? Check Out This Kit!
CCSS Kit for Success
The Common Core State Standards Kit for Success can be used with both the CCSS and state-specific standards; the process is the same.

  • Each kit includes a playbook, a to-do list, a writing tablet for your team meeting notes, pens, sticky notes, and a folder to store your materials.
  • The kit is designed to help plan your approach, chart your course, and reflect upon your progress for the entire year.
  • It’s quick and complete, with only 6 pages per month for you to incorporate into your busy work life.
  • The backbone of the kit is Common Core State Standards Playbook for Success.
  • This 80-page playbook contains key strategies, resources, and timelines designed to help you create a game plan to navigate the world of rigor and standards in your classroom.
  • This playbook makes an excellent addition to your Teacher Evaluation documents. Impress your principal with your completed playbook.

Be sure to follow along as we release each of the freebies in their own blog posts. Then check out some of our other informational blog posts while visiting our blog. These freebie downloads will kick off your year and get you going. Check out the Common Core State Standards Kit for Success at teacherpeach.com to explore the benefits of starting your year in a standards-focused way. Many teaching teams get one for every teacher, compare notes, and use this inexpensive kit to bring teachers together, collaborate, and create amazing classroom results. Take a look.

How will you be launching your new school year? Let us know.


Smart Risks Help Teachers Grow, Too

Last Year’s Clarity, This Year’s Questions
For many teachers, the end of July is often the only time of year when a rare reflective sliver of time surfaces. It’s the one time of year when teachers can pause, look back, and gear up for the coming school year—from a distance. The new students, new issues, and new pressures are not yet crystallized. This space in between last year’s realities and the potentials of the coming year can provide a crisp blank canvas upon which to paint your vision for the new school year. Many teachers embrace this unique chance to see their school year through a reflective lens.

As you look ahead to the upcoming 2015–2016 school year, look for Continue reading “Smart Risks Help Teachers Grow, Too”

July Is Truly Teacher Rejuvenation Month

July Break Brings Teachers More Gifts Than Winter Break
A friend recently said someone suggested she become a teacher because, “After all, you only work from 8:00 to 3:00!” We shared quite a good laugh over that misconception. Perhaps that sentence might be closer to reality if that three o’clock referred to three o’clock in the morning, not in the afternoon.

Teachers put in very long days (and nights), and not just during the school year when the kids are in class. Teachers and educational administrators often finish their school year long after the students do. Many return just one day after school’s last day to begin summer school for another four to six weeks. Teachers also Continue reading “July Is Truly Teacher Rejuvenation Month”

Back-to-School Ideas for Teachers to Involve Families, Part 2

Smart Teacher-Family Partnerships Make a Big Difference
The partnership between teachers and families is a critical and pivotal part of shaping a plan for success for your students. The families of the students in your class want a successful and positive school year for their student—as do you. In most school settings, three facts impact the teacher-family relationship:

  1. These families did not have the option to choose you as the person to teach their student this coming year.
  2. You did not have the option to choose the families or even the students in your class this year.
  3. You and these families—these extended networks of your classroom—are both deeply, albeit differently, vested in the successful development of one person: their student.

This common interest gives you both a powerful framework within which to build a smart, connected relationship. As the teacher, Continue reading “Back-to-School Ideas for Teachers to Involve Families, Part 2”

Back-to-School Ideas for Teachers to Involve Families, Part 1

Teacher-Family Partnerships Work
The partnership between teachers and families is critical to ensuring academic success for your students. It is also a significant factor in your own success as a teacher. The families of the students in your class can be your biggest champions and supporters. As a teacher, you have likely developed a well-honed ability to connect with your students. Leveraging this skill set to families can do wonders for your classroom—and students. When you consider the families of your students as an extended facet of your classroom community, you will be able to forge powerful partnerships.

This partnership, like any, could have its ups and downs. The back-to-school ideas listed below can help you involve families and create great partnerships will add value to your classroom all year long. Get your year off to a terrific start by reaching out to families in many different ways. Explore these options and see what works best for you. Continue reading “Back-to-School Ideas for Teachers to Involve Families, Part 1”

Teachers Know It’s All About the Kids. . .

Teacher Peach knows that it IS all about the kids and that teachers underscore this belief every time they step into their classrooms. That’s why we’re committed to supporting what teachers believe and inspiring them to champion their students by creating awesome accessory products—just for teachers.

HOW We Create Teacher Gift Products
Even though summer is a quieter time for teachers, Teacher Peach is anything but. We’re in product-creation mode, big time. What teachers think matters to us—from the moment we shape an initial idea until we put each product into its shipping box. Each time we release a new product collection, we’ll take our blog readers behind the scenes to share the thinking, care, energy, research, and focus we put into the unique teacher accessories we create.

WHY This Teacher Gift Product Collection Is So Special
I’m very excited to personally describe our newest collection, Because it’s all about the kids. . .”. In today’s difficult times, teachers have to Continue reading “Teachers Know It’s All About the Kids. . .”

How to Build Relationships with Your Students’ Families

Show Families You Appreciate Them
We hope you are enjoying a fun and relaxing summer break! You certainly deserve this time to refuel. Along with the traditional R&R, summer is a great time to reflect on the previous school year and ready yourself for the one ahead.

Before you step back into school for your first in-service in August, you might want to consider a very important lesson you can easily deliver to your new students, even before they walk into your classroom. This lesson doesn’t teach an academic skill, Continue reading “How to Build Relationships with Your Students’ Families”

Great Social Emotional Support for Teachers Has Durable Handles

Brill-3490Welcome to the Teacher Peach Blog
Hello. I’m delighted for this chance to formally introduce myself. I’m Randi Brill and I have an incredible job. I lead an awesome company called Teacher Peach. We create amazing accessory products. My official title is Chief Peach. My less-than-official subtitle, and we all have them, is Creative Wizard and Stuff Maker. As the holder of both of these titles, I have the privilege of designing, crafting, producing, and delivering professional, appropriate, and appealing accessory products. I create these products for people who do extremely important work—often with far less appreciation and respect than they deserve. These people do some of the most important work there is—they teach.

The teachers for whom I design teach our kids so very much more than to read, write, add, and subtract. These curricular areas are only the beginning for great teachers. Today’s great teachers also empower our children to think for themselves, make wise Continue reading “Great Social Emotional Support for Teachers Has Durable Handles”