Great Social Emotional Support for Teachers Has Durable Handles

Brill-3490Welcome to the Teacher Peach Blog
Hello. I’m delighted for this chance to formally introduce myself. I’m Randi Brill and I have an incredible job. I lead an awesome company called Teacher Peach. We create amazing accessory products. My official title is Chief Peach. My less-than-official subtitle, and we all have them, is Creative Wizard and Stuff Maker. As the holder of both of these titles, I have the privilege of designing, crafting, producing, and delivering professional, appropriate, and appealing accessory products. I create these products for people who do extremely important work—often with far less appreciation and respect than they deserve. These people do some of the most important work there is—they teach.

The teachers for whom I design teach our kids so very much more than to read, write, add, and subtract. These curricular areas are only the beginning for great teachers. Today’s great teachers also empower our children to think for themselves, make wise decisions, process information carefully, and curate and choose from seemingly endless information streams. These teachers help our children become the best individuals they can possibly become. Teachers strive to achieve these lofty results in just 180 short days, across 36 short weeks, in ten short months during each school year.

Most of these professionals also manage to stay abreast of the latest educational research, maintain a family and/or personal life, and find time to catch a yoga class and even walk the dog. In addition, they get the oil changed, transplant wilting begonia plants and balance their bank accounts. Many also whip up seven dinners and pack an average of 30 lunches and snacks each week and make fast runs to their local big box stores to save $6.00—because they take all of their responsibilities seriously and strive to do them all well.

Social and Emotional Support for Teachers
Great teachers totally rock. Their work is enormous, their challenges are huge, and the pressure they face each day is fierce. There is much positive discussion about the benefits of social and emotional learning for students. What about the social and emotional support of our teachers?

Teacher Peach chose our name because we know that teaching is juicy, fuzzy, and has more than a few pits. (Besides, an apple for the teacher just isn’t enough anymore.) We also know that when we support, recognize, and motivate teachers, the benefits can be exponential—to many. For every teacher that feels socially and emotionally connected and valued, the number of students who also grow and flourish often tops a 20-to-1 ratio. When classroom climates are positive and inviting and when teachers pinpoint just the right teaching strategies or even just make a minute to laugh with the kids, everyone feels it. The energy escalates. Students feel safe enough to take learning risks, and engagement increases for everyone.

For all of this and more, great teachers deserve recognition, community, connection, and support for all that they do. In addition to the less tangible supports, great teachers also deserve sensational and motivating accessory products that reflect the fine work that they do—with polished, respectful messages, and on products that are well made, highly functional, attractive, and reasonably priced. To acknowledge great teachers will take much more than the Teacher Peach team—and much more than any great tote bag or other teacher accessory our team creates. Yet, even though Teacher Peach can’t possibly provide ALL that teachers deserve, our team makes unique, well designed contributions to the social and emotional support of our country’s great teachers.

Finding the Appropriate Teacher Gift
Many families strive to support their kids’ teachers with their presence—and their presents. So do many principals, PTOs, and administrators, yet finding the right present isn’t always easy. Did you ever search for or receive a teacher gift with a message that’s sarcastic or inappropriate, or artwork that’s more suited to a seven-year old? From our research, we know that the answer is far too often.

That’s why Teacher Peach created our very first, and now best-selling, product, the I-Teach Jumbo Tote Bag. While the bag itself is great, it is the message that resonates with teachers.

TJITCH3T-2T“Yes. I Teach. Therefore, I inspire, manage, coach, engage, solve problems, listen, detect, explore, believe, care, worry, & always make time to laugh with my kids.™”

Great teachers do all of this—and more—every day. Our team is honored to create products for teachers. We’re also thrilled to be launching this blog. The Teacher Peach team is committed to creating a valuable and exciting blog for teachers and other educators. Because of our company’s laser-sharp focus and mission, we’re confident in our ability to write about what matters to teachers so that we can continue to create and produce products that add value, a dash of panache, or even just a smile. After all, we named our company Teacher Peach because we know that an apple for the teacher just isn’t enough anymore.

Creating an Online Community
We are working to ensure our blog posts are top caliber and stand up to the excellent teacher blogs we’ve discovered. You guys are amazing! There are some incredible blogs out there—written by teachers, for teachers, and we are honored to both follow and reach out to these powerful contributors and bloggers.

We truly hope you’ll enjoy this blog. As teachers, we hope you’ll “teach” us what works best for you through a comment or a review. We’d like very much to know what you think, what kinds of products are appealing, and how we might better support teachers as we continue to grow our business. Thanks for reading. Why grapple with an apple when you can reach for the peach?


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