How to Build Relationships with Your Students’ Families

Show Families You Appreciate Them
We hope you are enjoying a fun and relaxing summer break! You certainly deserve this time to refuel. Along with the traditional R&R, summer is a great time to reflect on the previous school year and ready yourself for the one ahead.

Before you step back into school for your first in-service in August, you might want to consider a very important lesson you can easily deliver to your new students, even before they walk into your classroom. This lesson doesn’t teach an academic skill, yet it will make a very significant impact on academic performance. It delivers strong messages that your students and their families should know: You appreciate them. You respect them. You warmly welcome and invite them to become a key part of your classroom community.

Establishing positive relationships with your students’ families is the first step you can take to ensure a successful and smooth school year. Study after study proves that success in school is strongly correlated with family involvement. In fact, when teachers and families collaborate, students can gain far more than better grades. This adult support system benefits students’ social and emotional growth.

In the most basic sense, families send their children to school to learn the academic skills necessary to move through the grade levels, furthering their education along the way. Families hope their students will have the opportunity to learn these skills from a compassionate person who genuinely cares about each child’s well being. By taking the time to engage with families over the summer, teachers can quickly and effectively show their compassion and support for each child well in advance of the first bell.

FBTSK-1You can easily create your own mailing or you can check this new product to save time. Teacher Peach offers an array of items designed to engage your newest students. Welcome-To Kits are an excellent tool to help you start building your relationships with your new class of students—and their families. Available for the start of kindergarten through third grades, each kit comes with a classroom set of posters, postcards, and a Sharpie® marker. You can address these directly to your students, in one or two separate mailings. What students don’t want to get mail from their new teachers? Generate some quick and easy enthusiasm and excitement with your new students and help break the ice with their families, too.

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