Putting Your Best Teacher Image Forward, Part 2

A New School Year Means New Beginnings
A brand new school year means the chance for brand new beginnings. Not only do you have the chance to connect with new families and students, you also have the chance to connect with peers, and even yourself, in new ways—and with a great new image that honors the fine work you do as an educator.

Your professional persona has a powerful impact on families, administrators, and colleagues—key people in your professional life as a teacher. How others perceive you at the start of each new school year can help set the stage for how well your school year begins. This is true if you are teaching in a school that’s new to you or if you are returning to a school setting that’s very familiar. Many things are the same no matter how familiar or unfamiliar you may be with your school, peers, and district. In all cases, the start of a new school year can be about a new start for you, too.

Back in the Building
The first days of a new school year often bring excitement and energy. Sensory triggers may spark you as you walk into your school after some time away over the summer. Some teachers first notice the smell of the clean, shiny floors. Others notice the calm, still silence of a student-free space.

Once teachers absorb their environment, the next logical observations revolve around teachers, friends, and associates. It’s time to catch up and find out who travelled where on vacation, who had a baby, or who ran a marathon. It’s also human nature to observe colleagues and take note of who has a terrific tan, who may have lost weight, and who might be sporting a new hairstyle or snazzy new clothes.

Just as you’ll take stock of the spaces and faces around you, those around you are sure to notice you with fresh eyes, too. What do you want them to see? The power of first impressions is significant. What the image you present to others can positively impact you as a teacher.

Every Detail Sends a Message
Every decision you make about how you present yourself professionally has an impact—whether intended, accidental, positive, or negative. First impressions often are lasting impressions. How people perceive you in your first connection can influence their perception of you for a long time to come. Until people get to know the real you, external, surface choices often guide people to decide who you are and what makes you tick. This is also true of first encounters with new families on Back-to-School Night.

It’s important for you as a teacher to choose your external indicators with care and in ways that reflect accurately the teaching persona you want the world to see. By keeping technology, folders, lunch, and other everyday gear in a neat, organized manner, you send a message that you’re on top of your game. Beverage containers that reflect who you are professionally, not personally, further underscore that you are focused on the right priorities. While an avid interest in dogs, crafts, or motorcycles may enrich you as an individual, you may want your accessories to reinforce your commitment to the students entrusted to you when you are at work.

Be wary of free totes and other items that advertise insurance companies or your eye doctor; these won’t help you build your powerful teaching persona. These items don’t promote or advertise you; they do exactly what they are intended to do: promote the company behind the logo. Reserve such freebies for non-school time.

The Right Message Trumps No Message
Plain tote bags and other “unmarked” accessories can be better than the free swag advertising companies, but with plain gear, you’re still missing an opportunity to positively enhance your professional teaching persona.

Teacher-centric products that reflect the positive reasons teachers teach aren’t easy to find. That’s why Teacher Peach exists. We continually strive to create great products for great teachers that are durable and well-made with messages that reflect the positives about teaching. Teacher Peach products are designed to help you communicate that being a great teacher is a message you are proud to display.

One Fabulous Bag, Three Ways
Check out the professional teacher accessories at Teacher Peach. Browse through the online store to see what other teachers love. Discover what works for your desired teaching persona. Extend your professional persona—in style.

Teachers love our best-selling Jumbo Tote Bag. This sturdy, well-crafted tote bag holds a lot and has pockets, a strong handle, and a great price point. Its three neutral colors of black, white, and grey are elegant, too. Because so many teachers love this bag, we designed three totes—each with a unique message—to give teachers more choice and variety.

The first tote captures why teachers teach and what’s really involved from solving problems to making time to laugh with the kids.


The second tote uses color and type to showcase that great teachers reach all of their kids by teaching EACH of their kids. After all, the word EACH is a big part of the word tEACHer.


The third tote boasts a graphic alphabet design. This attractive accessory will spark conversations with your students. The interesting graphic image, “Alphabetically Speaking,” has sparked many conversations about how all words are created with only these 26 letterforms.


Which of these three bags do you like best? What do you like best about it? We’d love to know. Teacher Peach listens to teacher feedback and takes it very much to heart. As you begin your next school year, we hope you’ll take a peek at the many special teacher accessories at teacherpeach.com. You—and your teaching persona—absolutely deserve a great new start to a great new school year.

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