Teacher Peach Freebies: Rating Peer Team Effectiveness

Improve Teamwork with Feedback
In order for groups to attain goals, they need to work together effectively. A group’s effectiveness can grow with feedback from fellow members of the team. Giving feedback to fellow team members—and receiving feedback from fellow team members—encourages collaboration and communication, which will positively impact the group’s overall effectiveness.

Help foster this feedback and collaboration by using this Teacher Peach freebie Rating Peer Team Effectiveness form.

Rate Your Peer Team Members
After working as a group for a set period of time, stop to have each member of the group complete the form. Use this form to

  • foster discussion about the effectiveness of the group;
  • confirm that members of the group are on the same page with their goals;
  • guide peer feedback and to set plans for improvement; and
  • identify team members whose thoughts and understandings do not align with the rest of the team.

Use this form as a tool in your in-service meetings to improve the effectiveness of your team meetings. Then put this tool to work in your classroom with your students. (You can use this form directly with older students. For younger students, you can adapt the form to be age appropriate for your intended group.) Have students practice analyzing the contributions and effectiveness of their teams. This method of higher-level thinking will help group work improve and will help individual students develop their critical thinking skills.

Pair the Form with Fun Tools
Teacher Peach's Connect & Correct Flip PencilsRating your peers and giving peer feedback can be an intimidating action. For feedback to be heard, the recipient must feel comfortable. Help team members make the right connections and corrections with these Connect & Correct Red/Blue Flip Pencils from Teacher Peach. Have team members fill out the positives in the blue “Connect” color and the constructive criticisms in the red “Correct” color. This way both sides can be highlighted in their own color.

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