Connect with Families about the CCSS

The school bell rings and you’re off and running—often in all directions! September continues to be a month of adjustment for everyone—students, families, teachers, and administrators.

September is also the time to focus and get back into school routines. This year, you’ll undoubtedly have added demands about infusing the Common Core State Standards into your work. While the CCSS have likely affected your classroom the past few years, chances are they will become an even bigger area of focus during this school year. With this additional concentration on the standards, you will more than likely Continue reading “Connect with Families about the CCSS”

Map Out Your CCSS Game Plan

Infusing the Common Core State Standards has become a reality in today’s classroom. Unlike the back-to-school activities that are one-time-only actions, tackling the Common Core State Standards is an ongoing, ever-evolving process—a process that will take longer than one school year to fully master. However, even though the Common Core State Standards journey is a long one, you can effectively build a strategy that allows you to build powerful lesson plans that incorporate the evolving standards year after year.

Cover the Basics
Start with the present. Get organized with everything you’ll need
 to make this year a success. Find any new resources you’ll need to
 start this year’s Common Core Implementation Planning. Create folders for all of your important files. Talk to peers about which organizational tools help them the most. Get ready to start recording your journey.

For each month of the school year, Continue reading “Map Out Your CCSS Game Plan”