Thanksgiving Is Our Time for Thanks

As we welcome in Thanksgiving of 2015, the Teacher Peach team is extremely thankful for so much. Most importantly we are thankful for our amazing jobs and the incredible teachers we serve. Every single day, our team has the privilege of creating really great products for really great teachers. To our customers and friends we say, “Thank you!”

We’re Thankful for Our Experience, Too
We bring to our teacher-focused mission, our extensive creative and technical talent, as well as our expertise in educational products. Our team spent the past 30+ years creating instructional materials for the nation’s leading educational publishers—many of which are used by the teachers who love Teacher Peach!

Today, our team applies all we learned about teachers, educators, and students from that instructional materials work. We know what works for teachers in the classroom from pre-school through high school—and we know what drives teachers to feel inspired and motivated to engage their students. We pour this wisdom into creating incredible products that support and champion teachers in the important work they do. When teachers feel supported—students, teachers, schools, and families all benefit.

Really Great Gifts for Really Great Teachers
As the holiday season kicks off, we extend our heartfelt thanks to each of our supporters. We hope you’ll check out our Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials. These are designed to help your dollars stretch even further during this season. From ornaments and totes to pet wear and desk gear, there are many new and exciting Teacher Peach products that will make wonderful teacher gifts.

Check out the Wishlist link at the bottom of our website, Use this private wishlist to select items that appeal to you. Once you have settled on your favorites, share them with friends, your family, and even with those student families that may ask what you’d like for the holiday. Because our wishlist is just for you, consider some of these options as ways to share out your finalists. It’s easy to make a Pinterest board of your favorites by clicking on the little red Pinterest graphic that appears on each product page or send screen shots or product links in an email. However you opt to do it, by making a few selections of your favorite gift ideas from Teacher Peach, you’ll set the stage for everyone to enjoy the holiday season—including you!

Have a Peachy Thanksgiving!
It means a great deal to us to know that so many of you use and enjoy our products, read our blog, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and re-pin products from our Pinterest boards. Teachers deserve the recognition that Teacher Peach products provide.

As you embark upon this holiday season with your students, family, and friends, we hope you will stop to reflect on your “gratefuls.” When our team does, you’ll certainly be at the top of our list. Have a “peachy” Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Peach

Enjoy this graphic created by our design team. Feel free to share it, post it, print it, and pin it.


Families and Teachers Know Gratitude as an Attitude Gets It All Done!

Thanksgiving and National Family Week All in One
To say this week before Thanksgiving is a busy week is an understatement for families and teachers! In addition to all of the events associated with Thanksgiving, this week is also known as National Family Week. If you’re wondering how to add one more celebratory event to your list, consider this simple way to capture the essence of both Thanksgiving and National Family Week.

From completing schoolwork, preparing for family celebrations, and in many cases, packing for holiday travel, families and teachers are stretched to the max with endless details. In the wee small hours of the morning, we make list after list of things to be done before Thursday’s Thanksgiving celebration. From school art projects to table decorations, Thanksgiving is a time of actions and activities for everyone in the family. It’s easy to become overwhelmed. Adding actions to acknowledge National Family Week can feel like too much.

A Gratitude Attitude: The Common Denominator
When you focus on what really matters for Thanksgiving and National Family Week, one common denominator makes it easy to combine both special events. A Gratitude Attitude does the trick.

  • It’s not about the brine on the turkey so much as it’s about having a healthy family to sit around the table. Stop to be grateful.
  • It’s not about finding parking for the tree lighting ceremony so much as it’s about seeing those lights reflected in the amazing looks on your kids’ faces. Stop to be grateful.
  • It’s not about the traffic jam leaving the city so much as it’s about the fact that your family has somewhere to go in a nice warm car. Stop to be grateful.
  • It’s not about delayed flights so much as it’s about living in a place where we can travel safely and freely from place to place. Stop to be grateful.
  • It’s not so much about wedging in that last art project of pilgrim hats from your lesson plan so much as it’s about the chance to teach kids to find their own gratitude attitude. Stop to be grateful.

A Gratitude Attitude Diffuses Stress
If you are feeling stressed, stop. Take one moment to acknowledge the many aspects of your life that deserve your gratitude. You’ll be amazed at how quickly stress evaporates. Adopting a Gratitude Attitude helps put stress into perspective. Being thankful for all of the good takes energy and focus—and where better to pull that energy and focus from than the stressful events that had been draining you? If you let your Gratitude Attitude shine through, you’ll notice you cannot feel gratitude and anger at the same time.

A Gratitude Attitude is Contagious!
With a Gratitude Attitude, your cup will seem instantly half full. You’ll also notice that when you articulate something you’re grateful for, you’re likely to catch the attention of those around you. With your Gratitude Attitude at front and center, you gain the power to help those around you tap into their own Gratitude Attitudes! Gratitude is catchy and it spreads every time to share some of yours.

Share Some Gratitude
As teachers and families, there are many ways to instill a Gratitude Attitude in kids—especially at the time of year. Consider these suggestions between now and the end of the year:

  1. Be a strong role model: Choose a consistent time each day to share one thing that you are grateful for with your own kids. Around the breakfast or dinner table, in the car after school, or as backpacks are assembled are simple times to weave this in.
  2. Encourage kids to find their own Gratitude Attitudes: Assign one student the honor of finding and sharing one example of a Gratitude Attitude each day. Give kids notice or assign in advance a child for a given day.
  3. Make gratitude a habit: By folding in the Gratitude Attitude to daily actions, you’ll help students form this habit.
  4. Show visual reminders: With all that’s going on, reminders help us tap into our Gratitude Attitudes. Use the freebie posters included in this blog to print out visual reminders. Tack one on the classroom door, by the cubbies, in your own line of vision during the day, and near the sink or the student mailboxes. At home, pop one on the bathroom mirror and the refrigerator door! You’ll be amazed at how much these reminders help spark your Gratitude Attitude.
  5. Choose give back times carefully: This time of year is a popular time for giving back. It can seem like everyone’s asking you to create a giving project, donate mittens, add a toy to their drive, or to figure out another way to help students grasp the need to give and share. Thanksgiving is a great time of year for this, yet so are the other 364 days! If this time proves too hectic for you, choose a different time. Valentine’s Day, Earth Day, and the end of the school year are also great times to set up a give back project.

Gratitude Attitude Freebie Posters
Enjoy these Gratitude Attitude freebie posters. Print them, post them, share them, and make them into screensavers! These are just a few of the quotations our team collects and designs for teachers and families to enjoy as part of our PeachQuotes Studio™.

PeachQuotes Studio Gratitude PeachQuotes Studio Gratitude PeachQuotes Studio Gratitude

Teacher Gifts Show Gratitude, Too
If you want to help your child show gratitude to a special teacher during this holiday season, browse for many products that focus on gratitude. These special gifts are economical ways to express your gratitude to those who do so much for our kids.

Teacher Peach Ornaments      SPIRAL NOTEBOOK JOURNAL

Our Own Gratitude Attitude
While Teacher Peach makes really great accessory products for really great teachers, during this busy time of year, the most important accessory you can choose is your Gratitude Attitude! As Teacher Peach embarks on this busy holiday season beginning with Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we are sporting our own Gratitude Attitude.

We express our gratefulness to our many readers of and the many loyal customers of Your support of our commitment to teachers and educators means a great deal to us and keeps us going every day! Thank you. With our deepest appreciation, we wish you and your family a healthy and happy Thanksgiving week.

Check Out These Links
These four articles contain some interesting and easy-to-do ideas for helping to instill a Gratitude Attitude in kids.

To learn more about National Family Week, check out this link.



Motivational Monday: Quotations from a Timeless Motivator

Welcome to Motivational Monday! Quotations motivate people—even, or especially, on Mondays! Many people collect quotations because these succinct turns of phrase pack powerful messages, often distilling big ideas into compact summaries that “say it all” for the rest of us. At Teacher Peach, we adore quotations, collect them, and have them hanging all over our offices. From the nicely framed to the randomly scribbled sticky note, quotations keep us going. What better way to kick of the week on Motivational Monday than to select a few special ones to share?

As the Teacher Peach team searched for quotes this week, we discovered an often-quoted author whose quotations continue to be relevant today, though younger people may be less familiar with the writings of this most prolific author—and so much more—Dale Carnegie. In fact, we polled the under-40 set in our own office and none of these up-and-comers had even heard of Dale Carnegie! So, we decided it was high time to introduce Dale Carnegie to these “Who’s Dale?” Millennials though a few quotations.

As we embark on this busy pre-Thanksgiving Motivational Monday, and in honor of his birthday tomorrow, Teacher Peach has selected three powerful and motivating quotations from Dale Carnegie to share. One of the most famous motivational speakers and an early champion of the genre, Carnegie was an extremely inspiring orator. Born on November 24, 1888, Dale Carnegie worked hard to be able to afford to become a teacher. (He actually had to live at home while attending the State Teacher’s College in Warrensburg because he could not afford the one-dollar room and board at school.)

Dale Carnegie worked to become a powerful teacher, speaker, leader, and author. He wrote many motivating books on salesmanship, self-improvement, and training, including How to Win Friends and Influence People, written in 1936 and still being sold today in over 31 languages today. Talk about a teacher in action. He’d have made quite a splash at a Ted Talk!

Even though Carnegie died sixty years ago in 1955, there is enormous relevance to his many timeless words of wisdom. Dale Carnegie articulated his distillations long before the Internet, today’s sales support systems, and online learning platforms. Dale Carnegie believed people connect to people. This is no less, and possibly even more, true and important in today’s fast-paced world. So take a look at a few of these quotations. Some you may have heard. (“He’s the guy who said that?”) Others will simply make perfectly logical sense and resonate. In any case, these are sure to give a jumpstart to your Motivational Monday.

Check out these links to learn more about Dale Carnegie.

Enjoy these quotations and feel free to share them, pin them, and add them to your own collections. Let us know which quotation you like best. Post a few of your own favorites, too. We’re always on the lookout for readers’ favorite quotes to add to our PeachQuotes Studio™. Stay tuned for more quotes as the holiday season heats up.

Dale Carnegie quote 1

Dale Carnegie quote 2

Dale Carnegie quote 3


American Education Week: 4 Substitute Educators Day Resources

During American Education Week, Teacher Peach honors and acknowledges the many professionals who make our schools great environments in which to learn and teach. Today, on Substitute Educators Day, we focus on a very special kind of teacher who is a vital lynchpin in the educational system—the substitute teacher. Substitute teachers perform many feats, not the least of which is often walking into an unfamiliar classroom with little or no notice or prep time, charged with keeping the learning going—smoothly—at many different grade levels and subject areas.

American Education Week Summary 3
Schools depend on the teams of substitute teachers that regularly support their core teaching staffs. From extended substitute teacher assignments for maternity or medical leaves to coverage for a sudden and unexpected teacher absence for the flu, substitute teachers must be highly adaptable. Substitute teachers must be able to engage a diverse range of students quickly and command unfamiliar classrooms effectively. Substitute educators must be facile with technology, too, able to find and project documents, working in many different systems to pick up where the absent teachers had left off.

While teachers and principals clearly recognize the need for “great subs” and a strong substitute educators’ strategy, students are not always so appreciative of the many challenges substitute teachers must tackle. Some students don’t make the substitute educator’s job easier, either; students sometimes view a day with a substitute teacher as a day without consequences that matter, an ideal time to act out. While this behavior may not change for some students, the support that substitute teachers receive from their peers and colleagues can go a long way to help substitute educators effectively cover many different kinds of classes—and connect with students in order to teach and keep the classes on track.

Today, on Substitute Educators Day, we extend our thanks to each and every one of these amazing substitute teachers and educators.

Links at Your Fingertips

  • Substitute Educators Day 2015
    Written by NEA, this overview article provides downloads, videos, and lots of factual information about substitute teachers.
  • Plan Now to Celebrate American Education Week
    This article contains additional information about American Education Week and ways to participate in the celebration.
  • American Education Week History
    The history about American Education Week is not only interesting background, it can help to begin and provide rich content for conversations with students about showing respect for substitute educators.

Share These Freebies to Thank Substitute Teachers
Substitute Teacher Freebie BlueThe many substitute teachers in our schools deserve a thank you—from our communities, families, teachers, and students—not just during American Education Week. Substitute teachers make measurable contributions throughout the school year.

To honor and acknowledge the many contributions performed the substitutes in your schools on Substitute Educators Day, download these colorful PDFs and display them in your classrooms, in hallways, post them on your website, pin them, and share them. The more people who promote this message, the wider the reach will be.

Substitute Teacher Freebie OrangeNot only does this poster send a positive acknowledgement to substitute educators, it helps to signal to all students that substitute educators play an important role in your school. This message also communicates that substitute educators deserve, and receive from you, the same respect as any other teacher.

Substitute Teacher Freebie GreenInvite your peers and faculty to use these posters as the start of an in-school campaign to support substitute educators, starting on Substitute Educators Day.

Teacher Gifts for Substitute Educators
American Education Week is a wonderful time to express thanks to the many substitute educators in your school. Check out these products that make meaningful and functional substitute teacher gifts.

Pocket FoldersThis collection of pocket folders includes a special Substitute Teacher folder and is great for both teachers and substitute educators. A little bit of planning goes a long way. By taking time to fill these folders with pertinent information before a short, unexpected or extended, anticipated absence, you’ll both be better prepared for any substitute assignment.

I Am a Teacher ToteBecause it is important to send the message to everyone that substitute educators are important teachers in their own right, ensure your favorite subs are seen as the capable teachers that they are. Give them a teacher gift of this awesome “I am a teacher” canvas tote to transport their many school materials.

Teacher Travel KitOn any given day, substitute teachers don’t know what supplies might—or might not—be waiting in their assigned classrooms. Help substitute educators to be prepared with this Travel kit. This portable set of supplies helps any sub on the go.

  • How do you support and champion the substitute educators in your school?
  • How did your school and students show appreciation to substitute educators for their work during American Education Week?
  • Can you think of other products that Teacher Peach can create to help substitute educators?

Let us know below.

5 Tips for Finding Meaningful and Appropriate Teacher Gifts

The holiday gift-giving season is the perfect time for teacher appreciation. However, many families struggle to find appropriate teacher gifts for teachers. Some schools designate room representatives to collect money on a voluntary basis for a class teacher gift. Other schools leave teacher appreciation gifts up to individuals. Some families give teacher gifts; others don’t.

To show your teachers that your family appreciates them this holiday season, this article will help you choose terrific teacher gifts. Teacher Peach knows what teachers like, so our five tips for finding meaningful and appropriate teacher gifts will help you choose special and meaningful teacher gifts for the range of teachers on your list.

Four Typical Teacher Gift Categories
Typical teacher appreciation gifts fall into four main types, each with PROs and CONs. Review these common options before delving into the five tips. Looking first at what doesn’t always work will help you select an option that does work for your teachers!

  1. The Generic Gift Card
    With collected money, classroom representatives often purchase generic gift cards from major credit card companies or chain stores.
    PROs: These cards are easy to find, easy to give, and easy for teachers to spend almost anywhere. You don’t need to know anything about the teachers to choose this gift option.
    CONs: A generic gift card is impersonal. Teachers often spend these gift cards immediately—on gifts for other people, not on themselves! Gift cards may offset holiday budget concerns, but they disappear quickly and teachers often end up with only receipts to remind them of your gesture.
  2. The Handmade Gift
    Pinterest boards brim with ideas for handmade holiday teacher gifts. Many involve ready-made office supplies or foods wrapped with clever wording to personalize them. “You’re one smart cookie!” might be the tag for cookies or “You’re a sharp teacher!” might top a set of Sharpie® markers.
    PROs: Making gifts can be fun for some. Cookies are popular handmade gifts. A handmade scarf might also be fun.
    CONs: Handmade gifts are often pricier than they seem. By the time you buy ingredients and supplies and make gifts, dollars and hours can expand—at an already busy time of year. Homemade gifts are often consumable and, as with the generic gift card, are often shared by teachers with family and friends. Some schools have no-food policies, too.
  3. A Teacher-Specific Trinket
    You’ll find what some consider humorous teacher trinkets and gifts. Many poke gentle fun at teaching. A T-shirt for math teachers might read, “I’ve got problems! I teach math!” Other items might include ornaments or mugs with apples, ABCs, or 123s, reading “World’s Best Teacher.” Some can be personalized: “Mr. Harris, World’s Best Teacher.”
    PROs: These gifts focus on the teacher’s profession and may be perceived as more thoughtful than generic gifts. They’re also inexpensive. If you know teachers well enough to know such gifts would entertain, they may be good options.
    CONs: Not every teacher appreciates this type of gift. Most teachers and schools strive to present highly professional and positive images. Some of these gifts might be seen as presenting the profession in a pejorative way. Others may appear too juvenile for teachers to display or carry. As one teacher said, “Just because I love teaching kindergarten doesn’t mean I want to ride the train with a bag covered in handprints and stick figures.” To personalize a gift often takes extra time so plan ahead; adding a teacher’s name makes the gift non-returnable and non-exchangeable.
  4. A Personal Item
    Sweet Sips Water BottlesIf you know what interests the teachers on your list, personal items can be great gestures. Scarves and gloves are great for dismissal and recess. A book about rock climbing shows an avid climber/teacher you respect his/her outside interests. Tote bags, water bottles, and tech gear appeal to many teachers. Some have positive messages about teaching, too. Sweet Sips™ water bottles keep drinks hot for 6 hours and cold for 12; reading: “I THIRST for knowledge.”
    PROs: These gifts signal you know the teachers in your world. Scarves fit most people. If you include a gift receipt, items may usually be returned.
    CONs: When teachers share their interests, many in the class know about it. You could end up giving your horse-loving teacher one of seven horse motif mugs! You’ll also need to know sizes for some personal items.

5 Tips for Finding More Meaningful and Appropriate Teacher Gifts
Now that you’ve reviewed the more typical gifts, consider these 5 tips for finding meaningful and appropriate teacher gifts. Gift givers want to find just the right gifts for the teachers who teach their children.

  1. Wish Lists Help Everyone!
    Both families and teachers love wish lists. Gift givers like buying from wish lists and teachers enjoy receiving gifts they really want. It means a lot to teachers to be asked to choose gifts that really appeal. It’s good to preview and provide links to one or two website wish lists to help teachers feel comfortable their choices are within your budget. Share work-related, not personal, wish list links like this link from, a great source for really great teacher gifts and accessories for really great teachers. This site helps you appropriately express your teacher appreciation this holiday season.

    Teacher Peach Wish List

    Check out the Wishlist link at the bottom of our website, Use this private wishlist to select items that appeal to you. Once you have settled on your favorites, share them with friends, your family, and even with those student families that may ask what you’d like for the holiday. Because our wishlist is just for you, consider some of these options as ways to share out your finalists. It’s easy to make a Pinterest board of your favorites by clicking on the little red Pinterest graphic that appears on each product page or send screen shots or product links in an email. However you opt to do it, by making a few selections of your favorite gift ideas from Teacher Peach, you’ll set the stage for everyone to enjoy the holiday season—including you!

  1. Pool Resources for Bigger Gifts
    Get together with other families to pool resources and purchase a more robust teacher’s gift set. Some sets, like the ones shown below, contain products for teachers, students, and classrooms. These gifts send supportive messages, adding value to teachers and students.
    Teacher Peach Gift SetTeacher Gift Set
  1. Say the Word(s)!
    If your budget won’t permit purchased or handmade teacher gifts, use words to send great messages. Help kids make lists of adjectives to describe their teachers’ qualities. Make lists of 12 Compliments, one for each day of the holidays. Have kids write 26 words about teachers—A to Z. The right words can make meaningful teacher gifts.
  1. Be a Gift Detective
    Pop into class to scope out what’s missing on the teacher’s desk. Would a new stapler or “TEACH-CHOO!” tissue box spruce things up? How about an entire desk set?
    Teacher Peach Desk Set
    Do you notice color-coding? Do bulletin boards indicate a creative streak? Would Sharpie® marker sets and cool pocket folders be great additions?
    Teacher's Only Marker SetPocket Folders
    Do you spot a picture of a cat or recall your child sharing stories about his teacher’s big black lab? Gifts for a teacher’s furry friend is a great way to express thanks. The Real Teacher’s Pet™ products are just such a product line.
    Teacher Peach's Pet Products
    Watch teachers leaving school. Would a snazzy “I Teach.” Jumbo Tote complete her professional look? Totes make great teacher appreciation gifts.
    Teacher Peach JUMBO TOTETeacher Peach Jumbo Rainbow Black Tote
  1. Choose Teacher Gift Certificates from a Teacher-Centric Gift Store
    Choosing appropriate teacher gifts can be tough, but not impossible. What if you’ve reviewed teacher wish lists, chatted with other families, attempted thank-you lists, applied your best detective skills, and still can’t decide what teacher gift to choose for teachers who really matter? What if you’re just pressed for time? Choose gift certificates from a teacher-centric store to ensure the really great teachers in your world can make their own really great gift choices! Teacher Peach offers gift certificates in any dollar amounts for just such situations.
    Teacher Gift Certificate

Put a Bow On Teacher Appreciation Gifts
From wish lists to tote bags and other teacher accessories, there are many meaningful ways to show teacher appreciation with great teacher gifts this holiday season. By planning ahead to take advantage of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other holiday deals, you can explore terrific teacher gift options—and save money. No matter what approach you choose, you’re not only expressing teacher appreciation—you’re also showing your kids that teachers give great gifts to your family every day.

Have other ideas for teacher gifts? Share your teacher gift-giving strategies here.

American Education Week: 4 Educational Support Professionals Resources

During American Education Week, we must all stop to formally acknowledge the many people who help make our education system run well and make public schools positive learning environments—because it matters. A lot. Today, we focus on those who support our teachers and principals, helping our schools to run smoothly—the educational support professionals.

From lunchtime flurries to playground safety, a healthy school environment is critical to making school conducive to the great teaching experiences teachers offer. This major responsibility rests squarely on the shoulders of the many amazing educational support professionals who champion today’s educational support challenges—in every school across America. From the school nurse to the custodial staff, many educational support professionals contribute to the success of a school—and its students!

Today, we extend our thanks to each and every one of them. Much has been written about American Education Week. This article is a collection of four more useful resources for teachers, parents, and educational support professionals—to add value and save time as we all work to showcase the individuals in our educational system.

To reinforce our support of teachers, educators, parents, and educational support professionals, this Teacher Peach article includes 4 valuable American Education Week tools:

  1. A brief summary of the aspects of American Education Week related to educational support professionals.
  2. A collection of links with deeper information.
  3. Two FREEBIES designed by Teacher Peach about educational support professionals. Feel free to post, print, and complete these PDFs with students to express appreciation for the many educational support professionals who help each day.
  4. Accessory products that educational support professionals will enjoy. These are great ways to thank these professionals.

American Education Week Summary 2
While teachers and principals often take center stage in championing the education of their students, the other educational support professionals in schools do a great deal to keep schools running smoothly, as well. The front office team ensures that only authorized visitors enter the building, juggling driver’s licenses and ID tags all day long. They also manage everything from forgotten lunches and early dismissals to the afternoon announcements and notification systems recordings. They keep the school running like a top—almost invisibly, every day of the school year.

The school nurse is also an educational support professional and must contend with on-demand medical issues, small and large. From playground scrapes to emergency epinephrine injections for serious allergies, the school nurse must always be at the ready—for anything. School nurses need to assess circumstances for severity, balancing the need for care with the ability to encourage a child to try to finish out the day back in class. School nurses have great responsibilities and must develop trusting relationships with both students and family members that extend far beyond strep notices.

Ever wonder where the snow goes, how the floors stay so clean, or how the building is warm enough on Monday mornings, even after a long weekend? It is typically the amazing custodial personnel that perform these behind-the-scenes services and heroics, often without fanfare. From spills in the lunch room to salting the walkways, this team keeps schools safe and clean—which is no small task.

Links at Your Fingertips
The following articles provide a quick and easy overview of the week’s events that relate to educational support professionals so you can acknowledge these strong contributors during American Education Week—and every day of the school year.

Share These Freebies to Thank Educational Support Professionals
All the support personnel in our schools deserve a thank you—from our communities, families, teachers, and students—not just during American Education Week, either. To honor and acknowledge the many contributions performed by support the educational support professionals in your schools on Educational Support Professionals Day, download these PDFs and use them in your classrooms all year long.

You Rock Educational Support ProfessionalsThe first PDF provides a template for specific feedback to the various educational support professionals in your school. Invite kids to fill these out this week and share them in the mailboxes of the educational support professionals in your school. Collaborate with other teachers to ensure every educational support professional receives acknowledgement. Another great way to use these “certificates” is to remember the educational support professionals on special days like birthdays, school events, and at the start and end of the year.

You Rock Educational Support ProfessionalsThe second PDF is all ready to print, complete with students, and display to thank the educational support professionals in your school every day. You might have students form a weekly or monthly routine of choosing a different student to lead the class in acknowledging a different educational support professional with specific thanks. Hang one copy in your classroom, share one with the principal, and of course, present one to the professional you’ve chosen to honor. By asking kids to specifically articulate the contributions individuals make to their day and their school, students will begin to better grasp all the work that goes on to make their school experience as positive as possible.

Teacher Gifts for Educational Support Professionals
American Education Week is a wonderful time to express thanks to the many educational support professionals in your school. Check out these products that make wonderful gifts for educational support professionals.

School nurses will like this “Boo Boo Bag!” It’s such a handy item to share with teachers heading out on field trips, too.

Boo Boo Bag

Nurses and front office professionals will also enjoy this colorful collection of desk accessories.

Teacher Peach Desk Set

The “Fix.” Triangular tool set fits into any custodian’s pocket and comes in handy for quick fixes.

Triangle Fix Tool

Don’t forget to include a note. Keep these “Either Way, Any Day” notecards at the ready to thank the educational support professionals in your school on any day!

Teacher Peach Cards

How do you plan to show the educational support professionals in your school how much your school and students appreciate their work during American Education Week? Let us know below.


American Education Week: 4 Resources for Teachers and Parents

During American Education Week, all eyes are on the work that teachers do every day. To acknowledge this work, this week’s focus on education calls attention to the many different aspects of our educational system—from teachers, parents, and administrators to substitute teachers, nurses, and other educational support professionals. Much has been written about American Education Week and there are many actions you can take to underscore this week. This article is a collection of four useful resources for teachers and parents—to add value and save time.

To reinforce our support of teachers every day, Teacher Peach will post three articles this week. Each article includes 4 valuable teacher and parent/family tools:

  1. An easy-to-scan summary of facets of American Education Week.
  2. A collection of links with deeper information.
  3. A quote or printable FREEBIE, designed by our team of designers, about education for teachers and families to post and share.
  4. Teacher accessory products that add value to teachers—and make great gifts from appreciative families.

American Education Week Summary 1
The purpose of American Education Week is to celebrate public education and honor the amazing teachers in our schools as well as all of the other incredible contributors who are making a difference in ensuring that every child receives a high-quality education.

This year’s theme is “Great Public Schools: A Basic Right and Our Responsibility,” and will be reflected in special observances each day of the weeklong celebration. Click on each link to see a detailed description of each day.

The intent of having a different focus each day is to communicate that this powerful system is indeed just that, a system filled with the contributions of many different people with unique expertise and experience, all at the ready to make the education of our children that much more effective. Teachers, parents, families, and educational support professionals all work together to create a positive learning experience. This week we stop to recognize and acknowledge the many different actions by so many different contributors during American Education Week.

American Education Week began in 1921 with the first observance of American Education Week taking place during December 4–10, 1921. The National Education Association and American Legion were the co-sponsors. A year later, the then U.S. Office of Education joined the effort as a co-sponsor, and the PTA followed in 1938. Today, many different organizations are behind this important show of support.

More Links at Your Fingertips
In addition to the links above, the following articles provide a quick and easy overview of the week’s events so you can participate in American Education Week.

Share This Quote!
To honor and acknowledge the importance of education, we share this special quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King was always a strong supporter of American education and the value that education adds to every human being.

Enjoy this quote, print it out as a poster, display it on your whiteboard, and share it with friends. The Teacher Peach creative team designs these quotations to say thank you to teachers, parents, families, and education support professionals. We will share at least three of these quotations during American Education Week! Happy posting!

Teacher Peach Education Dr. Martin Luther King Quote

Teacher Gifts for American Education Week
To thank teachers for their excellent work every day of the year, acknowledge the many facets of a teacher’s job with one of these three tote bags for teachers.

Teacher Peach’s newest release, the “Yes. I Teach.” Rainbow Black Tote shows the many actions teachers take as part of their support of their students—in living color.

Teacher Peach Jumbo Rainbow Black Tote

If the teachers in your life prefer something more classic, check out this “I Teach.” Jumbo Tote. Its message is equally special and in classic B&W with grey, this tote bag holds—and says—it all.

Teacher Peach JUMBO TOTE

Last, and certainly not least, teachers DO make their kids their primary priority. To thank the teachers in your world for doing just this, a “Primary Priority” Tote makes an ideal teacher gift during American Education Week.

Primary Priority Tote

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3 Kinds of Kindness for Teachers on World Kindness Day

This week, on November 13th, the world acknowledges kindness with World Kindness Day. Kindness is truly a perfect fit for teachers. Teachers do such amazingly kind things with and for kids every single day. This awareness sparked a question: How can we show kindness TO such incredibly kind teachers?

Teachers are among the kindest and most caring individuals. A teacher can inspire a child to find confidence he didn’t know he had or somehow make even the wrong answer exactly right to have been said by a child who hadn’t felt secure enough to raise her hand before. Teachers are typically “Kind-by-Nature” nurturers who don’t need a designated day to practice being kind or even to motivate students to perform acts of kindness. For many teachers, kindness is simply at the heart of their personal classroom curricula. So, instead, we offer three kindness strategies for teachers to consider.

  1. Four Special Books About Kindness

While teachers definitely have the “kindness gene,” they don’t always have the kind of time they’d like to weave in quick kindness stories or life lessons. Here are four wonderful books on kindness, sure to inspire teachers and kids. Easily categorized as Kindness Classics, these are books you can read and re-read all year long.


Each Kindness , written by Jacqueline Woodson, illustrated by E. B. Lewis, and published by Nancy Paulsen Books, is a Jane Addams Award winner and delivers a special and meaningful anti-bullying message that sticks with readers.

RandomActsofKindnessRandom Acts of Kindness by The Editors of Conari Press, is a treasure trove of stories to inspire students and teachers to recognize that even tiny shards of kindness can be significant gifts to others. Often credited with sparking the kindness movement, this book is rich with quotations sure to motivate any reader. Reading a small section aloud is a great way to open or close each week.


Kindness is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler, written by Margery Cuyler, illustrated by Sachiko Yoshikawa, and published by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, is a fun, quick read that sends the message to even little listeners that kindness is, indeed, cool.

Kindness_ChickenSoupThe last title is called Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teacher Tales, 101 Inspirational Stories from Great Teachers and Appreciative Students by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Amy Newmark. This collection captures reflections from many viewpoints, providing a long-lasting message that kindness comes in different ways, at different times, and sometimes from those whom one least expects.

  1. To Thine Own Self Be Kind

The second kindness teacher strategy is not nearly so tangible as the first. Many teachers seem to perform endless acts of kindness for students, families of students, and peers. The seasoned teacher who offers a transformative teaching tip to a recent graduate is kind. So is the teacher who anonymously fills a Lost and Found backpack with food to be sure kids eat over the weekend. Teachers are universally kind to others in a seemingly instinctive manner.

Many teachers do have one person to whom they find it more difficult to be kind. You guessed it—teachers have a tougher time practicing “self-kindness.” Teachers typically put others first and themselves last. On this World Kindness Day, we offer three ways teachers can treat themselves more kindly.

Reverse That Golden Rule—Find That Silver Lining: Do unto yourself as you do for others—even if it is only once a week and even if it is only a very tiny act of kindness. It might be as simple as resetting the snooze alarm, splurging for that frozen yogurt, or simply indulging in a cup of tea while exploring Pinterest for 20 minutes. Even small gestures will help form a habit of being kind to oneself. Think of self-kindness as an oxygen mask. By taking kind care of yourself, you’ll have more reserve to be even more kind to those around you.

Take Five to Be Kind: Most teachers willingly make five minutes for others—without blinking. Make just five minutes to accomplish something—just for yourself. What about getting down that box of warm sweaters? How would it feel to dig out the shoe polish and fix that bothersome scuff or to hang that picture still leaning against the wall? How much better might you feel after even a quick walk around the block? When a few small acts of self-kindness help you feel more on top of your personal world, both you and your students benefit.

The Peer Pair—I Will If You Will: For some teachers, it’s just too big a leap to suddenly turn their kindness filters inward. Pairing up with a peer to do something together can help pave the way. Maybe you both get tickets for a show. Perhaps you pack two lunches one day and your colleague packs two the next day, giving you each a night off from lunch-packing detail. What if you both agree on when to catch up on that missed TV episode and discuss it without spoilers the next day? Peer supports can make it easier to experience your “own kind of kindness.”

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Teachers will surely focus on kindness in an extra way during this week simply because it is World Kindness Day on the 13th, but in truth, Teacher Kindness doesn’t need a special day. Every single day is made more special because of teachers and the kindness they innately bring to their classrooms and share with their students—on every one of the 180 days of every school year. That’s the kind of kindness we all cherish.