Thanksgiving Is Our Time for Thanks

As we welcome in Thanksgiving of 2015, the Teacher Peach team is extremely thankful for so much. Most importantly we are thankful for our amazing jobs and the incredible teachers we serve. Every single day, our team has the privilege of creating really great products for really great teachers. To our customers and friends we say, “Thank you!”

We’re Thankful for Our Experience, Too
We bring to our teacher-focused mission, our extensive creative and technical talent, as well as our expertise in educational products. Our team spent the past 30+ years creating instructional materials for the nation’s leading educational publishers—many of which are used by the teachers who love Teacher Peach!

Today, our team applies all we learned about teachers, educators, and students from that instructional materials work. We know what works for teachers in the classroom from pre-school through high school—and we know what drives teachers to feel inspired and motivated to engage their students. We pour this wisdom into creating incredible products that support and champion teachers in the important work they do. When teachers feel supported—students, teachers, schools, and families all benefit.

Really Great Gifts for Really Great Teachers
As the holiday season kicks off, we extend our heartfelt thanks to each of our supporters. We hope you’ll check out our Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials. These are designed to help your dollars stretch even further during this season. From ornaments and totes to pet wear and desk gear, there are many new and exciting Teacher Peach products that will make wonderful teacher gifts.

Check out the Wishlist link at the bottom of our website, Use this private wishlist to select items that appeal to you. Once you have settled on your favorites, share them with friends, your family, and even with those student families that may ask what you’d like for the holiday. Because our wishlist is just for you, consider some of these options as ways to share out your finalists. It’s easy to make a Pinterest board of your favorites by clicking on the little red Pinterest graphic that appears on each product page or send screen shots or product links in an email. However you opt to do it, by making a few selections of your favorite gift ideas from Teacher Peach, you’ll set the stage for everyone to enjoy the holiday season—including you!

Have a Peachy Thanksgiving!
It means a great deal to us to know that so many of you use and enjoy our products, read our blog, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and re-pin products from our Pinterest boards. Teachers deserve the recognition that Teacher Peach products provide.

As you embark upon this holiday season with your students, family, and friends, we hope you will stop to reflect on your “gratefuls.” When our team does, you’ll certainly be at the top of our list. Have a “peachy” Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Peach

Enjoy this graphic created by our design team. Feel free to share it, post it, print it, and pin it.


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