Day 3: Get 25% off ALL Teacher Lunch Gear!

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The Day 3 Deal for the 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts is delicious! Save 25% on all Teacher Lunch Gear!


Day 3: Teacher Lunch Gear Makes an Appetizing Teacher Gift
Teacher Peach continues our 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts countdown with this amazing deal of 25% off on our entire stock of lunch gear! Our line includes the items seen above: the set of three snack bags, the soup or salad container, and the keep-it-cool sandwich container. But there’s more! This deal applies to our entire line of lunch containers!

Want to keep something chilled or even frozen? Teacher Peach has got you covered for all your lunch needs. Make sure that all the people who matter in your life are ready to start off the year with healthy foods and snacks. These great lunch and snack items will give everyone on your list a terrific jump start. You’ll save BIG, too!

Gifts That Send the Right Messages
Each of the items in our lunch gear line comes with a cool and clever message. The messages on these containers make them ideal holiday gifts for teachers AND anyone else who carries lunch to work. Like the above soup and sandwich containers, some items come with the message: “TEACH! It changes everything.” These same terrific products also come with messages everyone loves: “FREEZE 2 please” on the keep-it-cool sandwich container, “HEAT 2 eat” and “CHILL 2 fill” on the two-way, highly versatile soup and salad container, and “PACK 2 snack” for the set of colorful snack bags.

Teacher Lunch Line Features
TICESOUP-1 FILL 2 Chill; HEAT 2 eat

  • Each red soup mug comes with the message, “TEACH! It changes everything.”
  • The “HEAT 2 eat”/”FILL 2 chill” version comes in multiple other colors.
  • These soup mugs swing with the seasons with their dual-purpose design. Hot or cold, you’ll easily find lunchtime favorites to pack!
  • These containers also seal tightly and feature a steam vent for heating.
  • Both mugs are 22 oz. and freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe for all lunching needs!


  • These “TEACH! It changes everything.” and “FREEZE 2 please!” containers neatly fit a sandwich, sliced veggies or fruit, or even salad!
  • These sandwich containers have a freezable gel lid for optimal cooling needs! Just pop the lid in the freezer, and you’ve got chilled contents and an ice pack for the rest of your lunch.
  • The bottom part of the container is dishwasher safe, but the lid should be hand washed. The lid shouldn’t be microwaved, either.
  • Adding this to your lunch plan will make each meal deliciously fresh and cool.

Reusable Teacher Snack Bags  PACK 2 snack Container

  • Save money and the environment with these reusable, machine washable snack bags!
  • Both the “PACK 2 snack!” and the “TEACH! It changes everything.” reusable snack bags come in a set of three.
  • The “PACK 2 snack!” snack bags come in orange, green, and purple for easy organization.
  • Keep all your day’s snacks fresh in these Eco Twill bags; each pouch folds over and seals with a strip of Velcro.
  • These reusable snack pouches make a difference in our environment just as teachers make a difference for their students.

In addition to these highlighted products, our entire line of lunch items is available for today’s 25% savings deal! Choose and pair your favorite lunch gear items.

As our 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts continues to roll out incredible savings, we want to hear from you! Which items did you purchase? How did you put them together for a lunch set? Send us pictures!

It’s a Wrap!
Just pop a bow on these health-focused products, sure to make any recipient happy. These awesome lunch gear products make wonderful stocking stuffers, too.

Snack Containers

Check out all of the amazing Teacher Peach products, savings, and expedited shipping options at our website,!

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To receive your order by 12/24, place an order by 12/17 and still take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING offer!

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Think BIG for tomorrow’s deal. Day 4’s deal of the 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts will really “set” (hint, hint) you up for a successful holiday gift-giving season.

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