DAY 7: Keep Your Teacher’s Pet in PETicular Style with our Teacher’s Pet Line—20% OFF Today!

DAY7 peach

The Day 7 Deal for The 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts means PETicularly special gifts for your favorite teachers—and their favorite teacher’s pets!

Teacher's Pet Ceramic Dog Bowl Real Teacher's Pet Collar Real Teacher's Pet Dog Hoodie

Day 7 Means PURRfect Gifts!
This Day 7 deal is all about gifts that teachers will love to use every day. Teachers are dedicated to their students and strive to treat all of them equally—no favorites there. But, at home, teachers can and should show favoritism toward their furry friends, The Real Teacher’s Pets! As Teacher Peach continues the 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts countdown, PETicipate in this amazing deal. Save 20% on our entire line of The Real Teacher’s Pet™ items!

The line includes bowls for dogs and cats, collars in multiple sizes, bandanas, a leash, as well as jerseys and hoodies in multiple sizes. You’ll also love the portable water bowl and food dish! Items even have a PETriotic flair with many coming in red or blue. The Real Teacher’s Pet™ products are perfect for pets of any size!

What better way to thank your favorite teachers than to acknowledge those who really matter to the teachers who matter to you?

The Real Teacher’s Pet™ Line Features:

Food Bowls

Teacher's Pet Ceramic Dog Bowl Teacher's Pet Ceramic Cat Bowl

  • This ceramic bowl is perfect for a PETpourri of pet food menu items!
  • The Real Teacher’s Pet™ logo appears in a colorful rainbow design that adds a dash of color to any furry friend’s dining area.
  • The bowl comes in two sizes so that all your pets can dine in style, big or small!
  • Frequent traveler? Don’t forget to check out the travel bowls; these are perfect on the go!

Leashes and Collars

Teacher's Pet Leash Teacher's Pet Collar

  • Both the leash and the collar read The Real Teacher’s Pet™, just so everyone knows these furry friends rank high on your teacher’s list.
  • Durable and colorful, these products are heavy-duty, keeping even the most energetic friends at your side.
  • Pair these two snazzy and practical items together to keep your pet safely within walking distance.

PURRfectly Stylish Pet Wearables!

TRTPH-2T Teacher's Pet Dog Jersey Teacher's Pet Bandana

  • Keep your pet warm on brisk morning walks with the fleece-lined hoodie! It even has a leash outlet for optimal functionality.
  • The “Number 1” jersey will make every teacher’s pet a stand out for school spirit days, “bring your pet to work” days, or at the dog park.
  • Both the hoodie and jersey come in four sizes and two colors to create the most PAWSitively PURRfect ensemble.
  • Even in summer, style is easy with the bandana! In two colors and two sizes, the fashionable accessory fits over most collars to easily stay in place.

Make sure your teachers and their favorite pets are happy, warm, and stylish; it’s easy with The Real Teacher’s Pet™ line! With the holidays coming up, be sure your teachers and their favorite pets are at the top of your holiday list!

As our 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts continues, we’ll offer incredible daily deals to PURRchase at We want to hear from you! Which items did you purchase? How did you pair them together to make every teacher’s pet on your list the true favorite? Send us pictures!

It’s a Wrap!
All items are easy to wrap or fold in tissue paper to pop into a gift bag. You might also want to slip the hoodie or the jersey onto your pet for the PURRfect messenger to your special gift delivery. You can even pop a bow on their head for a holiday decoration. Any item from The Real Teacher’s Pet™ line is a gift that is active, cuddly, and sports a PETicularly stylish holiday look!

Real Teacher's Pet

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Think “modern” for Day 8’s deal of the 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts! These products will make any desk space more productive and colorful!

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