Winter Break W.O.W. Quotation 3! DIFFERENCES

PeachQuotes Studio Differences
We are like a snowflake. All different in our own beautiful way. —unknown

Just like a snowflake, each of us is different in our own beautiful way, as this third quotation, DIFFERENCES, in our PeachQuotes Studio’s Winter Break W.O.W. Quotations Series so elegantly captures. While the author of this quotation is unknown, the message is universal.

If I were to amend this quotation in any way it would only be to add one single letter to the very last word. I would add the letter S, making the word “way” plural. We are all different in our own beautiful ways—many of them. At this festive time of year, though, it’s easy to lose sight that these unique facets of beauty within each of us can be beautiful. (Sometimes, they just feel annoying.)

Teachers strive to teach this vital message of uniqueness every day. Teachers also work to tap into the special strengths that each student possesses, even when those strengths may be deeply masked by other less-beautiful traits. Teachers genuinely believe that students possess such gifts and work tirelessly to discover what motivates each and every student. For teachers, this is all in a day’s work and for many.

As a teacher, this ability to look beyond the obvious to discover what’s beautifully unique about each individual could be incredibly handy during this holiday season. As much as this time is about kindness, giving, and sharing, it is also about waiting in long lines, tracking lost orders, and rushing about in a state of utter exhaustion. It’s easy to forget to look for and celebrate these differences in others. Teachers, however, have a leg up, given how intrinsic this skill is in a teacher’s day. As a teacher, you have the chance to model and do what you do so well by teaching others to do this—through your example.

So, the next time your family finds itself waiting impatiently to check out of a store behind someone who can’t decide between the blue or green men’s pajamas, try a new approach. Instead of letting that frustration well up inside, recast the situation. If you instead interpret this indecision as great caring, perhaps your time in line will be better spent. You might even tell your kids that whoever is getting those pajamas must be one lucky guy, no matter what color he receives. He’s lucky because the person in front of you spent so much time choosing just the right gift.

Of course, if this approach doesn’t work, you might just want to look for a different cash register and hit the holiday cookies as soon as you get home! After all, a snowflake cookie is sure to taste equally beautiful in its own delicious way right about then!

Teacher Peach knows that every teacher we serve is also unique. We are aware of the common views, motivations, and commitment that teachers possess. The many engaged and dedicated teachers who support our company inspire us to do our best work—for teachers everywhere. Teacher Peach creates really great products for really great teachers. To catch a glimpse of what makes our company different, visit us at over Winter Break.

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