Winter Break W.O.W. Quotation 10! ENTHUSIASM

IT’S THE DAY BEFORE BACK TO SCHOOL FOR SO MANY! How did that happen so quickly? This long Winter Break we looked forward to for so many weeks is now rapidly winding to a close. It’s time to find that school tote bag from the back of the front hall or mudroom area. It’s time to see where you left off with lesson plans, objectives, and units of study. It’s time to refocus on your work.

Are you ready?

Probably, even if you don’t fully think you are. Regardless of the specifics of your Winter Break, just by being out of the classroom and away from your regular routine HAS distanced you. You’ve gotten a break by not being “in” your daily environment. Even if you spent your Winter Break going no further than the local movies or food market, you’ve had a break from the routines you were following before the holidays.

Today is an ideal transition day to begin to migrate from holiday festivities to work priorities—and to do so in a new and invigorated way. Did you travel over this break, only to face loads of undone laundry today? Did your holiday guests finally depart, leaving you with ornaments to wrap, pine needles to sweep, or thank-you notes to write? Is today the only day you have left to dash to the mall to make those returns? How could Aunt Ella really think you could wear a pair of men’s large gloves? All of these activities are remnants of a holiday season we all worked so hard to make into a wonderful experience for those we hold close. Overwhelmed by the transition? Join the club! (Why is it that it always feels so easy to set up the decorations, but taking them down seems like so much more work?)

Even if you are overwhelmed, start small, doing just one task at a time. Today’s a great day to tuck away the décor for next year, get your home in order, and begin your return to school with a clean, organized feeling. Choose one thing at a time and categorize your priorities between those that you “must do today” and those that you “think would be great to do today.”

PeachQuotes Studio Enthusiasm Ford Quote
You can do anything if you have enthusiasm. —Henry Ford

A new year inspires in many of us is a newfound energy and enthusiasm. Hence, today’s quote by Henry Ford. With a transition day of so many to-do tasks, a little enthusiasm can go a long way. By embracing today’s tasks with enthusiasm, you can tackle them and cross them off your list, leaving yourself time for a few extra tasks perhaps.

If you happen to be a parent or guardian in addition to your “day job” of teacher or educator, chances are good that part of your list for today involves motivating your kids to tackle their own, probably procrastinated, to-dos. (“What do you mean you can’t find your backpack?”) Was there a Winter Break reading assignment to be completed? What about that research paper that was assigned long before Thanksgiving? It’s likely everyone in your house could benefit from a bit of enthusiasm to get through today with a high-powered sense of accomplishment.

Few people really want to feel the return of that pressure and tension that often comes with school and work. But, by choosing to be enthusiastic about the work in front of you, you just may discover you really are excited to return to your professional responsibilities after Winter Break. Even if your holidays were hectic and action-packed, just by doing different things over the break, you have gotten distance that can serve you well. By blanketing your work in enthusiasm, and by taking things one step at a time, as the image on today’s PeachQuotes Studio™ Winter Break W.O.W. Quotation 10 reflects, with enthusiasm to drive you, you’ll head toward your work with an attitude that is often contagious to others.

So, to make today’s last day of Winter Break work for you, consider taking enthusiastic steps, one at a time, in the direction of tomorrow. Choose what you’ll wear. Pack your lunch and tote bag. Clear a few emails in between home tasks. Spend the last of that gift card on a treat for you to use each day. Any of these actions will help you feel connected to both your Winter Break and your professional work. When you wrap that new infinity scarf around you as you head off to school tomorrow, you’ll be cloaked in some of your Winter Break warmth. Clip the tags off those new gloves, and treat yourself to a new set of pens—just because. Any of these actions will provide a positive transition bridge and reminder to your recent break from routine.

Sprint into 2016 with newfound energy, enthusiasm, and effectiveness. To inspire you to get your year off to a fresh and organized start, check out the Get Organized 2016 Products as well as the Martin Luther King-inspired DREAM-y Products at For more great ideas about classroom re-entry and other terrific ways to begin your 2016, continue to check our blog.

Tomorrow is a great chance to share your enthusiasm with others. Chances are, everyone around you will be starting a new diet, so remind them that everyone can indulge in enthusiasm without gaining an ounce of weight. The right dash of enthusiasm may even burn a few extra calories!

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