Three “DREAM-y” Strategies to Support Big Teacher Dreams!

January is such a busy time. We are beginning a new year. Many of us just returned from Winter Break—rested, rejuvenated, or at least refreshed when it comes to re-embracing our pre-holiday routines of school and work. When a new year begins, people tend to jump right in, armed with hopes, resolutions, and dreams for a better year ahead.

January is also a time of more celebrations. Most notably, schools and teacher lesson plans focus on to Black History Month and Martin Luther King’s birthday. Through activities, literature selections, social studies curriculum, and so much more, teachers are deftly weaving important learning objectives into their instructional strategies to acknowledge both Black History Month and Martin Luther King’s birthday. Teacher Peach is focused on these celebrations, too.

Three “DREAM-y” Strategies
Teacher Peach is excited to recognize Black History Month and Martin Luther King’s birthday in three powerful and “DREAM-y” ways:

  1. PeachQuotes Studio™ is launching its next series of motivational quotations entitled “Dreams and More” Quotations to showcase quotations by powerful leaders and visionaries including Martin Luther King Jr., Walt Disney, and more. Each freebie quotation graphic comes with quick lesson ideas to fold these quotations into your day.
  2. Teacher Peach has curated and “hand-picked 30 peachy products” that support and reinforce the power of “dreaming BIG!” In honor of Dr. King’s birthday, we’re also running a special sale!
  3. With a portion of profits from all of the January sales on our website,, we will underwrite Teacher Peach’s first official “Granting Teacher Goals” High 5 Initiative to help to fund and support specific teacher/student educational projects and goals.

“Dreams and More” Quotations from PeachQuotes Studio™
In its next series, “Dreams and More” Quotations, PeachQuotes Studio™ will share quotations by Martin Luther King, Walt Disney, and other powerful leaders and visionaries. With each blog post in this series, we will showcase a quotation or two and share a freebie quotation graphic for you to share, post, print, and enjoy. We will also provide quick ideas for ways to infuse these quotations in lesson plans as well as some companion worksheets. These quotations make great small-group activities, are ideal for early finishers, and are inspiring ways to jump start Free Write assignments.

There are many ways to access the motivational quotes designed by PeachQuotes Studio™ including on Pinterest. Click on each pin to get right to the blog post and freebie. You’ll also discover a new feature on our blog itself. There’s now a mosaic at the top of the right column to showcase the PeachQuotes Studio™ Motivational Quotes! Just click on a quote you like to get right to a carousel of all the PeachQuote Studios™ images.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 10.05.34 PM

A Special Birthday Sale!
At you’ll find a newly curated page for Martin Luther King’s birthday. It’s filled with 30 amazing products for teachers, students, and classrooms to support and reinforce the power of “dreaming BIG!” These products include motivating, and meaningful notecards, inspiring classroom products, great graphic totes, and other highly functional, educationally focused accessories to spark and inspire engagement.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 10.07.16 PM

Dr. King was born in 1929. Today, he would be 87 years old. To honor Dr. King’s life and celebrate his birthday, we’re running a special birthday sale! When you shop at, save $19.29 on every order of $87 or more! Sale runs between today and January 18, 2016.

“Granting Teacher Goals” High 5 Initiative
5 is definitely the magic number with this incredible teacher projects initiative from Teacher Peach. With 5% of the profits from ALL of the January sales on, or $500, whichever is greater, we will fund Teacher Peach’s first “Granting Teacher Goals!” High 5 Initiative to honor Black History Month and the many great teachers and educators who work so hard each and every day to bring terrific educational projects to life!

TP Granting Teacher Goals! High 5 FINAL LOGO

  • Do you have an educational project in mind for this school year that could benefit from a $100 contribution by Teacher Peach’s “Granting Teacher Goals!” High 5 Initiative?

  • Would a product from Teacher Peach help you to achieve top results
    on your educational project?

Starting January 7th, 2016 and throughout the entire month of January, just answer 5 questions related to your proposed educational project idea to become a contender. Beginning February 1, 2016, and continuing for 5 weeks, we will announce one of the 5 winners!

So, 5% or $500 for 5 teachers across 5 weeks just by answering 5 questions! How’s that for a High 5 plan?

Ready to Dream BIG?
What do you think of these three “DREAM-y” strategies designed to support big teacher dreams? We hope you’ll take part in all three! Enjoy the “Dreams and More” Quotes. Take advantage of the special MLK birthday sale and save $19.29 on any order of $87 or more. Finally, get ready to dust off your dreams and submit up to 5 different educational projects to Teacher Peach’s “Granting Teacher Goals!” High 5 Initiative. Check back tomorrow for our next blog post that will contain the application link!

Why shouldn’t you try to become one of the five teachers we’ll help to bring their amazing teaching dreams and goals to life?

How do you plan to honor and acknowledge Black History Month and Martin Luther King’s birthday in your classroom? Why not exchange an idea or two here to start a “dreamy” discussion?


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