“Granting Teacher Goals” High 5 Initiative!

Teacher Peach Granting Teacher Goals

Teacher Peach is so excited to announce a terrific new initiative designed to help teachers bring dream projects to life!

What’s the “Granting Teacher Goals” High 5 Initiative All About?
5 fabulous 5s drive this incredible teacher projects initiative from Teacher Peach. With 5% of the profits from ALL of the January sales on teacherpeach.com, or $500, whichever is greater, Teacher Peach will underwrite our first “Granting Teacher Goals!” High 5 Initiative to honor Black History Month and the many great teachers and educators who consistently and creatively bring amazing educational projects to life!

What Kind of Projects Are Eligible?

  • Any project that is educational in nature is eligible if it helps kids learn, teachers teach, or just makes a tricky learning objective more engaging and exciting to learn—and teach!
  • Your project doesn’t need to be big or incredibly ambitious to be considered.
  • It just needs to make a difference to you and/or your students and you need to tell us about your vision.
  • Sometimes the smallest projects yield the biggest results.
  • We know teachers have many ideas that could spring to life if only it would be possible to infuse even a little bit of money to buy supplies, offset transportation, or cover other necessary expenses.
  • Do you have an educational project in mind that could benefit from a $100 contribution by Teacher Peach’s “Granting Teacher Goals!” High 5 Initiative?
  • Would a product from Teacher Peach help you to achieve top results on your educational project?

Starting right now and throughout the entire month of January, just answer 5 questions related to your proposed educational project idea to become a contender. Beginning February 1, 2016, and continuing for 5 weeks, we will announce one of the 5 winners!

So, 5% or $500 for 5 teachers across 5 weeks just by answering 5 questions! How’s that for a High 5 plan?

If One Is Good, 5 Is Better!
Because we know most teachers are rarely One-Goal Wonders or Single Dream Dreamers, you may enter more than one project, up to a maximum of 5! You may enter up to 5 separate applications for 5 different projects from one email address. Only one project per submitter can potentially receive the $100. We will read all completed applications carefully. We will choose the top 5 projects that our review team believes will make the biggest differences to teachers and/or students and will use the $100 in the most unique and beneficial ways to the project. Be sure each of your 5 submissions is different and compelling!

Send in Your Application Form(s!)
Click here to access the application form for the “Granting Teacher Goals!” High 5 Initiative. To be considered, applications must be received electronically by January 31, 2016. Share why you believe the educational project you’re dreaming of would benefit from $100! Tell us what matters to you about a special goal or dream that’s on your educational to-do list for 2016! Teacher Peach definitely knows amazing teacher goals and dreams when we see them.

High 5 Initiative

What Project Ideas Are on Your DREAM List?
Not sure yet? Jot down lots of ideas and hone in on the ones you like best. Think about “What IF?” as you are commuting to school, walking the dog, or making a cup of tea. Curious to know what kinds of ideas other teachers might be thinking about? Kick off a discussion here. We’d all like to hear from you. Whatever you do, keep dreaming!

Why shouldn’t you try to become one of the five teachers we’ll help to bring their amazing teaching dreams and goals to life? Enter now!

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