How to Use the PeachQuotes Studio™ Worksheets

Have you been enjoying the PeachQuotes Studio™ Motivational Quotations? In addition to graphically designed quotations you can print, post, share, and pin, PeachQuotes Studio™ has now added companion worksheets for selected quotations! They’ll be embedded into many upcoming Teacher Peach blog posts. These PeachQuotes Studios™ Worksheets will also be included in our Motivational Quotes board on Pinterest. These worksheets have been designed to “customize and go” as this example shows. We also kept the pages light, to make them easy to copy without using much of your toner allotment.

TP PQS Worksheet Winfrey Adventure Dreams


Three Simple Steps
Each quotation takes up only a portion of the letter-sized page to leave room for both you and your students to work with the text. In just three simple steps, you can use these in your classroom. 

  1. Print out the worksheet.
  2. Add your own directions or ask a few CCSS questions and send your students “back into the text” for answers.
  3. Make copies or scan your document so you can share it with your students. The horizontal orientation makes these worksheets easy to project on the whiteboard, too.

Ways to Use PeachQuotes Studio™ Worksheets
These worksheets make ideal “in-between” activities:

  • a great free write for early finishers
  • a quick brainstorming pre-write
  • a small group warm up
  • a compare-and-contrast primary source to pair with the lit selections you’re covering in your class

Quotations, by their very nature, are ideal examples to show students how much can be derived from such a short piece of text. Consider a prompt like this one shared by an intermediate-grades teacher:

“Wow. We’ve just spent 10 minutes talking, writing, comparing, and disagreeing about the one little sentence with just 9 words in it! Does this show you how rich words are? Just think about what we can learn from an entire paragraph, or story!”

Keep these quotations worksheets close by as you move through your teaching priorities. You’ll be amazed at how many opportunities you might find to weave them into your teachable moments.

You May Quote Us, Too!
You’ll see these worksheets during the month of January as we showcase goal setting, Martin Luther King’s birthday, and Black History Month. We hope you’ll try using at least a few of them during the month. Tell us any ideas you may have about ways we might make these even easier for you to customize for your classroom.

Speaking of ideas, do you have any ideas for projects? As you head into next week, we have one last question in this post.

Do you have an educational project that could benefit from a $100 contribution and a FREE Teacher Peach product?

Why not DREAM up one (or even 5!)? Enter Teacher Peach’s “Granting Teacher Goals!” High 5 Initiative below.

Teacher Peach Granting Teacher Goals

Any educational project—large or small—is eligible if it helps kids learn, teachers teach, or just makes a tricky learning objective more engaging and exciting to learn—and teach! Through January 31st, you may enter 5 different projects from a single email address, by completing a separate application for each project. Winners will be announced starting February 1, 2016.

We hope you’ll enter your ideas and that these PeachQuotes Studios™ Worksheets will spark you full of even more, great classroom ideas. Share the ways you opt to fold them into your lesson plans to help your students focus on the work at hand, set DREAM-y goals, and honor Martin Luther King and Black History Month. Let us know how you put these worksheets in action in your classroom!


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