What You Do—and For Whom—MATTERS

TP PQS MLK Doing for Others

Urgency to Do for Others
Our most recent blog post was about the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial. The central PeachQuotes Studio™ Quotation in that post was by Dr. King and focused on creatively using time as well as the urgency with which most of us approach time. This weekend is one where many people will garner some extra time. A three-day weekend during which we may stop and celebrate the life and achievements of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., may mean a little less urgency for many.

As today’s central PeachQuotes Studio™ Quotation by Dr. King captures, however, we must always maintain a proper urgency when it comes to our outreach to, care for, and support of others. As you consider your lesson plans for the coming week, while the official celebration of Dr. King’s birthday will be behind you once school reconvenes, the life lessons for students remain at the forefront.

A Quotable Tote
Teacher Peach JUMBO TOTETeachers can easily answer Dr. King’s question in today’s central quotation, “What are you doing for others?” The list of what teachers do for students is endless. To teach is so much more than lessons and content, as Teacher Peach’s I Teach. Jumbo Tote Bag captures. The tote’s message reads, “Yes. I Teach. So, I inspire, manage, coach, engage, solve problems, listen, detect, explore, believe, care, worry, & always make time to laugh with my kids.™”1 Teachers do this with every action, decision, and suggestion—every day.

Quotations Worksheets About Helping Others
In addition to the central quotation of this blog post, Teacher Peach has chosen five other quotations about doing for others. We’ve created worksheets for all six quotations, including Dr. King’s. These freebie PeachQuotes Studio™ Worksheets are for you to use in your lesson plans, share, post, pin, print, or simply enjoy.

Perhaps you might like to mix and match these to compare and contrast these in one of your upcoming lessons. Why not divide the class into small groups and ask each group to assess one quotation based on a CCSS objective that you may be covering in other aspects of your instruction? By adding your questions to these worksheets, you can easily customize them for your classes and lesson plans.

TP PQS Doing for Others MLK Quote1 TP PQS Dickens Quote No One Is Useless
TP PQS Angelou Quote Blessed TP PQS Gandhi Quote Service of Others
TP PQS Become Poor by Giving Anne Frank Quote TP PQS Napoleon Hill Succeed Quote

How Do You Do for Others? How Did These Quotations Do for You?
Share with Teacher Peach blog readers your thoughts about these quotations and how you might use them in your classroom. What combinations might you pair together? Dr. King and Maya Angelou? What about Charles Dickens and Anne Frank? These two tell very different stories with one very similar message. What do you think? How would you use these PeachQuotes Studios™ Quotations and Worksheets to inspire your students?

What about the I Teach. Jumbo Tote? Are there other words that you would add to the Teacher Peach message on the Yes, I Teach Jumbo Tote? We’re designing new totes for Teacher Appreciation Week. Share your ideas here!

Do You Have a Project to Help Your Students?
As you head into next week, we have one last question in this post. Do you have an educational project that could benefit from a $100 contribution and a FREE Teacher Peach product? Submit up to five different educational project ideas to Teacher Peach’s “Granting Teacher Goals!” High 5 Initiative for a chance to be selected to receive a $100 contribution and a FREE Teacher Peach product.

Teacher Peach Granting Teacher GoalsCTA BUTTONS

Any educational project—large or small—is eligible if it helps kids learn, teachers teach, or just makes an objective exciting to learn—and teach! Through January 31st, you may enter 5 different projects from a single email address, by completing a separate application for each project. Winners will be announced starting February 1, 2016.

This initiative is a big part of what Teacher Peach is doing for others in February! That calls for a High 5!

1 The message on the I Teach, Jumbo Tote is wholly owned by Teacher Peach, LLC and is protected by copyright by this notice. © Teacher Peach, LLC. All rights reserved.

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