Keep Moving, We Shall!

Today is a special day, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. There are so many moving and amazing quotations by Dr. King, as our recent PeachQuotes Studio™ Quotation campaign shows.

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Dr. King’s Wisdom Made for Tough Choices
Narrowing down our choices to only several quotations by Dr. King was a tall order. We selected the quotations we did with teachers, students, and teachable moments in mind. We know that weaving in the wisdom of Dr. King is an important part of the January curriculum for many teachers.

Our goal with all PeachQuotes Studio™ Quotation campaigns is to provide quick, easy tools that teachers love and want to share with their students. As we worked with these choices, we explored different sequences, different timing, and different interpretations of each quotation. There were so many strong options, it was often tough to choose just one. However, when it came time to select the quotation for today—our last blog post of the campaign, the choice was easy. We had to end by continuing—to move forward!

Today’s quotation by Dr. King, reads:

“If you can’t fly, then RUN, if you can run, then WALK, if you can’t walk, then CRAWL, but whatever you do, KEEP MOVING!”

TP PQS MLK If You Can't

We Need to Keep Moving
There is so much to do for all of us. Not only in our own lives, in our own classrooms, and for our own families, but also for the larger communities of which we are a part. The challenges we face in the world illustrate that in some way, in some form, and in some manner, we must each keep moving. We each need to find ways to become an active part of the communities around us, in ways that work for us personally. We need to keep moving.

The Power of Small Moves
It may be as simple as making the time to attend a school meeting on a weekday morning when you are supposed to be at your desk at work, taking your child to a neighborhood production of a musical when it is below zero outside, or scrambling to find jars of glue at 7:30 on a Sunday morning to be sure the kids your child coaches can complete their craft project later in the morning. If these examples sound a bit too specific to be hypothetical, it’s because they aren’t. Each of these happened to me this past week. I realized while writing this that each of these examples represents a willingness to engage and keep moving.

I’m sharing these examples because they represent tiny steps. We can always find reasons not to keep moving. Of course, I needed to be at work, we didn’t order tickets so we needed to stand in line in the cold, and I really doubted I had the glue. But, doing it all anyway is important. We can always convince ourselves that our little moves don’t really matter. The truth is, however, they do. And they add up.

Going to that school meeting on Wednesday matters because I’m honoring a commitment and will likely be able to contribute just by being around the table with colleagues. Going to the musical matters because we are supporting the community on a day where attendance is bound to be down due to the cold. On a much more local level, my child will be able to take part in tomorrow’s lunch table discussion about the number of curtain calls. As for my early morning glue hunt? That definitely mattered because 21 little kids got to take home a sticky, delightful craft project to share with their families that underscored a learning concept. Tiny steps forward help us remember that ALL moving matters. Even small moves on the chessboard, for example, can have significant results—both the moves you make and moves you don’t.

Moving Isn’t Always Forward—at First
As teachers know only too well from the many different students that teachers strive to “move forward,” students, teaching, and learning processes are complex and definitely not linear. Moving implies a forward direction, but, sometimes we must take steps back to move forward. Even these backward steps, these reverse action moves, are moves—and they ultimately help us to course correct and move forward. So, moving matters and move we must.

Moving Through January
PQS Worksheet If You Can't MLKAs you move through these next two weeks in January in your classes, consider using this PeachQuotes Studio™ Worksheet that contains Dr. King’s quotation about moving forward. As you work with your students on bigger projects, this quotation can help them to recognize that not all moves need to be flight-worthy. They don’t even need to run all the time. Sometimes just a simple, crawling-forward move, like organizing index cards or reading one extra paragraph, is enough to unlock a student who may be stuck or overwhelmed by what seems like an enormous assignment.

PeachQuotes Studio™ Worksheet Idea
One way to use this worksheet with your students is to ask them to make four lists around this quotation worksheet. Title the lists: FLY, RUN, WALK, and CRAWL. Suggest to kids that they do not need to have something for every category and that their FLY item might be a sport they do well, etc. Tell them you want them to have lots more WALK and CRAWL items. They can then cross off the tasks as they move through them. Moving means progress!

Dream BIG to WIN BIG
As you head into this week, we have one more move for you to consider. Do you have an educational project that could benefit from a $100 contribution and a FREE Teacher Peach product? Want to DREAM one up? Enter Teacher Peach’s “Granting Teacher Goals!” High 5 Initiative below.

Teacher Peach Granting Teacher GoalsCTA BUTTONS

Any educational project—large or small—is eligible if it helps kids learn, teachers teach, or just makes a tricky learning objective more engaging and exciting to learn—and teach! Through January 31st, you may enter 5 different projects from a single email address, by completing a separate application for each project. Winners will be announced starting February 1, 2016.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the PeachQuotes Studio™ Quotations and Worksheets in honor of Dr. King’s birthday and that you’ll let us know how you used them in your classrooms. What are your next moves for January?


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