Give Your Real Teacher’s Pet™ A Valentine’s Gift to Prove It!


Your students receive most of your attention during busy school days, but before and after school hours, the ones really vying for your care might just be the furry friends who prefer to sleep at the foot of your bed. Teacher Peach has just the Valentine’s Day gift collection for you if you’re a pet-loving teacher! These gifts will please you as a teacher because they recognize your favorite and furry teacher’s pets!

Check out The Real Teacher’s Pet™ product line from Teacher Peach! This snazzy and colorful line of pet-friendly products from Teacher Peach will spoil your (maybe not so secret) real teacher’s pets while it lets the world know that you only play favorites at home! The Real Teacher’s Pet™ line includes two sizes of food bowls, six-foot leash, collars, stylish jerseys, and even hoodies for your best pals. Top off a jersey or hoodie with a stylish bandana for the PURRfect look! And of course, the bandana, hoodie, and jersey all come in vibrant Valentine’s Day red!

Features of the Real Teacher’s Pet™ Product Line

Food Bowls
The Real Teacher’s Pet™ line includes food bowls for both home and on the go. From durable ceramic bowls in two sizes for those resident pet dining locations to quick, traveling pet options for both food and water, this line ensures your favorites are always able to dine in style.

Teacher Peach Dog Bowl   Teacher Peach Cat Bowl

Teacher Peach Travel Pet Water Bowl  Teacher Peach Travel Pet Food Bowl

  • Ceramic bowls are perfect for any PETpourri of pet food menu items!
  • The Real Teacher’s Pet™ logo in its colorful rainbow design adds a dash of color to any furry friend’s dining area.
  • These food bowls come in two sizes so that all your pets can dine in style, big or small!
  • Are you and your favorite pets frequent travelers? The Real Teacher’s Pet™ travel water and food bowls are perfect for any teacher-pet team that’s constantly on the go.

Leash and Collars
Keep your Real Teacher’s Pet™ friends close and safe on walks, runs, errands, and even at the park with these stylish and colorful pet-cessories!

Teacher Peach's Pet Collar   Teacher Peach Dog Leash

  • Pair the collar and leash together to keep your pet safely within walking distance.
  • Both leash and collar products are heavy-duty, keeping even the most energetic friends (of any size!) at your side.
  • Collars come in thee sizes, small, medium, and large, too.
  • Both the leash and the collar read “The Real Teacher’s Pet™” in a playful and colorful design—so everyone knows your furry friend is highest on your list of faves.

Hoodies, Jerseys, and Bandanas
Wardrobe, anyone? But, of course! To help keep your furry favorites decked out in high style, The Real Teacher’s Pet™ offers an array of pet wearables that are ideal additions to your pet’s wardrobe, no matter what the season.

Teacher Peach Pet Hoodie  Teacher Peach Pet Jersey  Teacher Peach Pet Bandana

  • Keep your pet warm on brisk morning walks with the fleece-lined hoodie! It even has a leash outlet for optimal functionality. Choose from navy or red for your favorite Valentine.
  • The sports jersey will make your pet stand out during home football parties, on school spirit days, and “bring your pet to work” days, not to mention a Valentine’s Day celebration.
  • Both shirts come in four sizes and two colors, red and royal blue, to size and color-coordinate to create the most PAWSitively PURRfect ensemble.
  • Style is easy, from winter through summer with this beach-worthy bandana! Coming in two colors and two sizes, the snappy pet-ccessory fits over most collars to stay in place.

Making sure your pets are happy, warm, and stylish is easy with The Real Teacher’s Pet™ pet-cessories product line!

Which products from The Real Teacher’s Pet™ line are your favorites? Add them to your wishlist. Why not share a few pics of your teacher’s pets in The Real Teacher’s Pet™ gear? Post those pictures to our Facebook page for a PETicularly enjoyable post!


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