What’s in the Awesome (Teacher) Box?


It’s been a week-plus since we’ve written a content-rich blog post from Teacher Peach, a fairly long lag for us. There’s a great reason, though. We’ve been delightfully busy at the “peach orchard” lately. We’ve been immersed in designing and creating not one, but three, new Teacher Peach product lines!

Have you heard of subscription boxes? We’ve learned in our research that some teachers are very familiar with such boxes while to other teachers the subscription box concept is totally new. So, here’s a quick overview. Subscription boxes are regularly delivered boxes that focus on a topic or theme. There are boxes for cosmetics, fishing, shaving, knitting, crafts, and even boxes just for dogs, and this only scratches the surface.

People like to receive surprise boxes on a topic that interests them. Regardless of topic, these boxes arrive at regularly scheduled times and are filled with full-sized products, miniature samples, and oftentimes coupons. Some subscriptions arrive monthly, others several times a year, and still others are one-time-only special edition boxes designed for special occasions.

As we did our research, we discovered that there are very few boxes that focus on teachers and even fewer that really address the needs of teachers in the classroom and in their lives. Teacher Peach quickly discovered that we could definitely fill this void! So, we’ve created THREE different kinds of subscription box products—all expressly for teachers. It’s been such an incredible experience to shape these products—all with teachers in mind!

In this blog post, we’re revealing the first glimpse, our “Sneak Peach,” of one of our boxes. In the coming weeks, we’ll share even more about these boxes, so stay tuned.

Teacher Peach has been working on these boxes for many months now. We’ve analyzed competition, learned the market, and figured out how to include as much as possible in each box and offer them at affordable prices for both teachers to buy and families to select as amazing teacher gifts. Recently, the real creative work began: building the actual box prototypes so we can share them with teachers before we go into actual production.

During this process, it’s felt as if the myriad of teachers with whom we’ve worked, interacted, and connected have all been poised on our shoulders as these products have been taking shape. This invisible team of teachers guided us every step along the way. We filtered every possible decision through the eyes and priorities of the teachers we work to serve each day.

Later this week, on Thursday and Friday, Teacher Peach has the chance to connect with approximately 3000 teachers at the Wisconsin State Reading Association Convention. We’ll have a big booth with a whole section devoted to sharing prototype samples of these boxes with teachers. Any teacher who explores the boxes and tells us what they like and don’t, will receive a really nice free gift of Teacher Peach’s exclusive teacher travel kit product that says, “From classroom to classroom, hallway to hallway, or school to school. . . Travel.” Check it out; it’s pretty awesome.

Teacher Travel Kit

We hope all of the teachers who attend the conference will think the boxes are amazingly awesome, too.

Once Upon a Box! Teacher Appreciation Gift Boxes
“Once Upon a Box” is a one-time special occasion gift box, available in two styles, both for teachers. It’s coming out just in time for Teacher Appreciation Week, the first week of May. Pre-order your gift boxes today!

  • “Once Upon a Box” Gift Sets come in two styles.
  • “Once Upon a Box” SCHOOL Gift Set is for teachers to enjoy at school and is ideal for teachers from kindergarten through fifth grade.
  • The SCHOOL box has a piece of teacher jewelry, desk and center accessories, and 55 individual items to give out to students!
  • “Once Upon a Box” HOME Gift Set is for ANY teacher, from preschool through graduate school, to enjoy at home after the school day is over.
  • The HOME box is like a spa visit in a box, filled with relaxing spa gear from fuzzy socks and bath fizzies to butter balm and candles.
  • These gift boxes make spectacular teacher appreciation gifts!
  • Each box has a retail value of over $75!
  • Both SCHOOL and HOME boxes are brimming with over 10 individual items.
  • Boxes will ship in time for Teacher Appreciation Week, the first week of May!

Teacher Peach Once Upon A Box

Are you intrigued with this subscription box concept? In addition to these two special edition Teacher Appreciation Week boxes, we are also creating a four-box subscription set as well as a ten-month monthly box for the school year. More info to come about these boxes in the coming weeks. Until then, if you’d like to preorder your “Once Upon a Box” SCHOOL Gift Set, click here. If you’d like to preorder your Once Upon a Box” HOME Gift Set, click here. Or, fill out the form below.

What do you think of subscription boxes? What boxes do you love? What might you like to see in boxes designed just for teachers?

Once Upon a Box and Travel kit descriptions are ©Teacher Peach, LLC with all rights reserved. No part of these boxes or terminology may be used without the permission of Teacher Peach.



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