Meet LeeAndra Khan


Teacher Peach’s “Granting Teacher Goals!” High 5 Initiative was a resounding success. The intent of this initiative was to create a platform to showcase and celebrate deserving teachers who strive to bring special projects to their students. This initiative is now fueling the dreams of 5 lucky educators, helping them bring some amazing educational projects to life! Our five big winners are in the process of completing the process of receiving their awards, and we are excited to share the next steps with you!

We’ll be creating multiple blog posts about this initiative over the coming weeks to share more about the winning teachers and their projects. In today’s post, we are delighted to introduce our esteemed judge for this robust competition, LeeAndra Khan, Principal at Gwendolyn Brooks Middle School in Oak Park, Illinois. LeeAndra is one busy principal and educational thought leader. She recently delivered a TEDx Talk on teacher voice and leadership beyond the classroom, where she tells a story about how a school culture transformed through more teacher influence.  

LeeAndra currently writes a blog on leadership titled “The Leading Lady” for Chicago Now.  Her blog focuses on leadership development and building strong teams—something every school climate needs in order to thrive. She has held workshops at the Illinois State Board of Education Conference, been the keynote speaker at Michigan University’s College of Education Convocation and has sat on numerous panels about education. Ms. Khan has always been a champion for success and enjoys sharing best practices.

We invited LeeAndra to apply her amazing leadership skills to make the selections for the winning projects. She read every submission and evaluated each one carefully. Based on the array of projects, we all agree there is incredible creativity going on in many classrooms today. As Teacher Peach knows first hand, teachers are always willing to go the extra mile to bring new and engaging learning approaches to their students. You’ll be able to read LeeAndra’s comments in upcoming posts as we put the Teacher Peach spotlight on each of the winners. Clearly the High 5 Initiative Judge is a winner, too!

We’re thrilled to have LeeAndra as a judge for the #High5Initiative contest and welcome you to connect with her on Twitter @leeandrakhan.

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