H is for…

H is for...
Thank you for helping us to help ourselves through honor, honesty, and hope.

Many young minds initially look at education as a chore. How many times have parents heard the words “I don’t wanna go to school”, or have experienced the infamous faking sick (I always preferred the hot towel on my forehead method, fooling no one). For many students it takes time for them to fully appreciate their education, but as the school year goes on they begin to blossom. This sudden interest and curiosity is not arbitrary—it stems from great teachers.

Teachers have a way of drawing students in and turning learning into something relatable and exciting. Students begin to ask themselves, who do I hope to become? How do I get there? Am I capable of achieving these goals? Of course all students are capable of achieving their dreams, especially with the empowering support of their teachers!

As well as helping students discover their ambitions, teachers honor each student’s goals by providing them with the faculty to go after those goals. Kindly and honestly, they help prepare their students for the world. They remind them that dreams become reality through hard work and integrity. They reinforce moral principles so that students can become the best versions of themselves. And they show their students sincere belief that they can achieve whatever they put their minds to.

Send your students an uplifting message by sending them a personal note with Teacher Peach’s Partner Thank You Note Cards.

G is for…

G is for...
Thank you for so generously giving us the gift of goals to grow on.


I did it!!

Hear that? That’s the sound of an “Ah-Ha!” Moment! We’ve asked many teachers what their favorite parts of teaching are and an overwhelming amount listed “Ah-Ha!” moments as one of them. These lightbulb moments stem from the valuable lesson of goal-setting. Goal-setting often generate a sense of achievement as each task is crossed off the list. At the same time, goal-setting gives learners the opportunity to reflect on things they can improve upon.

This process typically results in students feeling more organized, focused, and less overwhelmed—some students have trouble getting started. Mapping out specific goals can be an intimidating task. Fortunately, teachers generously give their time in order to help their students set, visualize, and accomplish their goals! By teaching their students how to turn lofty ideas into actionable goals educators are setting their students up for success.

As teachers show their students the wonderful gift of goal-setting, many find it easier to have their students write them down. Teacher Peach’s Action Pads are a great way to keep daily tasks and special projects on track, help students set priorities, increase their executive functioning, and so much more. With TP’s Action Pads we can all ‘act’ on our goals together!


F is for…

F is for...

Thank you for fostering us to build friendships, to face our fears, and to find our futures.

Whether a teacher’s passion for education stems from vocation, avocation, or both, we are so thankful for their contributions to this world. Teachers are one of many important guides for children as they move through this unexplored world. Much of the education teachers provide goes beyond the chalkboard and into a learner’s heart as they help students build friendships, face their fears, find their futures, and much more.

The ability to foster friendships is one of many important milestones in peer relations. Through encouragement and guidance teachers foster a culture of kindness, empathy, and respect in the classroom. These lessons help children break out of their shell and experience the special bond of friendship. This special bond often emboldens students as they take on the world.

However, the world can appear scary to the inexperienced. Frankly, the world can appear scary to anyone. One particular fear that can hinder a child’s learning experience is the fear of failure. It is not uncommon for students to become overwhelmed by an assignment and simply give up. In times like these, the caring patience of a teacher helps students face their fears and work towards understanding.

The wise words of many teachers help lift students up the ladder towards their promising futures. Their ideas, support, and even criticisms have helped so many become better people. These encouraging words help students believe in their future selves, reiterating that anything is possible.

This Teacher Appreciation Day show your teachers that you value their wise and caring words with the “Words To Grow By” Spiral Notebook Journal.


E is for…

E is for...
Thank you for encouraging and empowering us to embrace our education.

“I love that grabber!”
“Great job on the spelling test!”
“Beautiful drawing!”

Teachers say encouraging words like these every day, cheering on their students as they become even MORE enthusiastic about their education. Through positive interaction, celebrating achievements, and overall empowering students, teachers leave an everlasting impression on every one of their students. As mentioned in the letter B blog post, when teachers believe in their students they often believe in themselves. The difference teachers make extends far beyond the four walls of the classroom. By sparking curiosity, engagement, and reflectiveness many motivated students embrace their education with open arms.

Positive reinforcement can not only enthuse individual students, but also create a culture of teamwork in the classroom. As Teacher Appreciation Week approaches gift your teachers with another fun and unique way to motivate students. This Bravo Jar sends a fun and rewarding message to little learners making it the perfect addition to any classroom!

D is for…

D is for...

Thank you for demonstrating your dedication, while demanding ours.

Some teachers dedicate their entire lives to passing down knowledge to future generations. Teachers create lifelong learners and inspire the love of education, all while sharing their care and support. Every teacher has their own way of demonstrating their dedication to education. Whichever way they choose, the pride they show in their work is evident.

One of the most beautiful moments in education is when a teacher awakens something in a child—sparking their thirst for knowledge. Even the most reluctant learners are often influenced by the unrelenting care educators offer their students. By demanding diligence from their students, teachers are motivating them towards their own success. With Teacher Appreciation Week coming up Teacher Peach is proud to provide gifts that teachers love, like this fashionable “I Teach” Tote Bag. We owe so much to our teachers and these thoughtful gifts are the perfect way to show your gratitude.


*A special thank you to all educators for dedicating your precious hours to each student’s education.

C is for…

C is for...

Thank you for creatively cheering and caring, challenging and coaching us.

Caring for your students is one of the most important ways a teacher influences a learner—one major reason we are all so appreciative of the excellent teachers in our students’ worlds. In ten years, your students today are most likely to remember, not what you said, but how you helped them to feel about themselves. Just as you no doubt recall from your own teachers, your students are most likely to remember how you cheer them on when they doubt themselves. They will remember how you patiently coach them through challenging tasks as they work towards their goals. They will remember your kindness, your warmth, and your genuine concern for their well-being.

It’s always important to show concern for the whole child. By paying attention to students’ thoughts, feelings, and experiences, as well as their performance, the lessons you teach grow in value. As “growing pains” attest, growing up is hard. When a teacher shows honest concern, students are reassured that someone’s in their corner. Sometimes that’s what’s missing. It’s an unfortunate truth that some students must endure major personal struggles and/or come from a home of socio-economic instability—all before the school day begins. In these cases, your caring smile, listening ear, and kind words will mean even more.

Teacher Peach knows that teachers are dedicated to their students in so many ways that go far beyond lesson plans. We also know you care deeply for your students which is why we created the “Because it’s all about the kids” product line.


B is for…

B is for...


Thank you for believing in us so we believe in ourselves and become our best.

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Believe you can & you’re halfway there.” Teacher Peach knows how fortunate we all are to have teachers—just like you—who believe in us and support our children each day. As children begin to grow and explore the world around them, they look to their teachers to show them the way. This trust between students and teachers is so remarkable because it has the power to influence how every child sees the world and their roles in it.

When you tell children they are capable of achieving their goals, they tend to believe you. It’s not only your encouraging words that give your students the gift of confidence —it’s the high standards you set for them. Great teachers set high expectations for students based on a deep belief in their abilities to rise to the occasions. By pushing your students to achieve things they may not have thought they were capable of, you are helping them to become stronger, better learners. Through honest validation and the expectation of excellence, great teachers motivate all students to become the best versions of themselves.

That’s why it is so important to show recognition for students’ hard work and talents. Teacher Peach has many products designed to motivate and encourage students to believe in themselves. Check out the IBIY Cards, and EW postcards, just to name a few.


A is for…

A is for...

Thank you for and accepting and appreciating all of us as amazing individuals

Teachers totally rock! By accepting all students’ differences and appreciating what makes each student unique, teachers offer students the genuine recognition that leads them to approach learning optimistically. While this diversity can be a huge benefit for personal growth, it can make reaching each child a difficult task for teachers. For example, do you have students have special needs, are quick to becomes frustrated with assignments or suffer from anxiety? More often than not these students are mixed in with classmates who don’t share these struggles. For this reason, even the most brilliantly organized lesson plans struggle to cater to every child.

Education is meant to be challenging. Unfortunately, not all students have the proper coping skills to manage academic stress. Struggling to understand concepts in the classroom can provoke  feelings of insecurity, unworthiness, and failure. This mindset can quickly demotivate students from even attempting to complete an assignment. While one-on-one tutoring is ideal, it’s not always possible in a group setting. That’s why we are so grateful for teachers who use stress-relievers for students to take a “brain-break” in order to reset their mind and get back on track!

Providing students with a safe and positive way to release their frustration shows students that you appreciate the degree of pressure they must be feeling and want to support them in overcoming it. Stress balls make a great outlet for students to clear their minds and squeeze out that stress! Even better, Teacher Peach’s “I Think I Can!” Stress Balls provide a source of stress release while reminding them just how amazing they are with the motivational message “I Think I Can!”. When students stress less they are more likely to keep working at their goal when they may have otherwise given up.

Students are continuously challenged in the learning process, which can understandably cause stress. Stress balls are a wonderful way to allow students to relieve that stress. “I Think I Can!” Stress Balls do not only create outlet for stress, but also remind students that they are accepted, appreciated, and amazing individuals.

26 A+ Appreciations of Teachers!

26 A+ Appreciations of Teachers!



Our team is embarking upon a new campaign called “Thank You Letters” to honor teachers as we head into Teacher Appreciation Week this spring. Our thank you letters are based on just that, the 26 letters of the alphabet that teachers use everyday to help to communicate their instructional plans—from A to Z. While the first post for Thank You Letter A will officially come to you so shortly, I recently had an experience that “taught” me how amazing teachers are—because I was the teacher—and believe me, it was not easy! (See my blog post dated 03/11/16).


So, as a way to kick off our very special appreciation of teachers, I summarized what I learned from teachers in coping with my own “moment” recently. We hope you enjoy this preview of our PeachQuotes Studios™ Thank You Letters from A to Z for Teachers! Campaign. These “A+” Words describe how I personally feel about teachers—more than 26 A words to be exact—that just begin to capture how impressive teachers are each and every day. For my own learning from teachers recently, I extend my personal thank you with the following list of 26 A+ statements.


To all of the teachers for whom I work—THANK YOU.


  1. I appreciate all of the invisible work that you do.
  2. I am in awe of how easy you make that work look.
  3. I respect your approach to teaching your students, not your lessons.
  4. I value how accepting you are of those in your charge.
  5. Your abilities are many.
  6. Your agility is high.
  7. Your ambition is lofty.
  8. Your attitude is everything.
  9. Your goals demand a sense of
  10. Your students are your allies and it shows.
  11. Your allegiance to your work is evident.
  12. You create an environment absent of judgment.
  13. You believe in the ongoing acquisition of knowledge.
  14. Your actions do speak more loudly than your words.
  15. Your penchant for accuracy sets a powerful example.
  16. You affirm student confidence with a simple look or smile.
  17. You assess each student’s strengths, and adjust accordingly.
  18. Your achievements are best seen through those of your students.
  19. You are an advocate for all of your students.
  20. Your approval means more than you know—and you know that, too.
  21. You accentuate the positive—and build upon it.
  22. You make allowances for
  23. You are adept enough to adapt to almost anything.
  24. You awaken the wonder in the minds of your students.
  25. Your heightened awareness of opportunities to teach guides you forward.
  26. And you do all of this with amazing grace, patience, and clarity. Every single day.

For all of this and so much more, thank you. Stay tuned for the 26 “Thank You Letters” posts coming between now and Teacher Appreciation Week, May 2–6.


What do you learn from the teachers you know? What do you admire?