26 A+ Appreciations of Teachers!

26 A+ Appreciations of Teachers!



Our team is embarking upon a new campaign called “Thank You Letters” to honor teachers as we head into Teacher Appreciation Week this spring. Our thank you letters are based on just that, the 26 letters of the alphabet that teachers use everyday to help to communicate their instructional plans—from A to Z. While the first post for Thank You Letter A will officially come to you so shortly, I recently had an experience that “taught” me how amazing teachers are—because I was the teacher—and believe me, it was not easy! (See my blog post dated 03/11/16).


So, as a way to kick off our very special appreciation of teachers, I summarized what I learned from teachers in coping with my own “moment” recently. We hope you enjoy this preview of our PeachQuotes Studios™ Thank You Letters from A to Z for Teachers! Campaign. These “A+” Words describe how I personally feel about teachers—more than 26 A words to be exact—that just begin to capture how impressive teachers are each and every day. For my own learning from teachers recently, I extend my personal thank you with the following list of 26 A+ statements.


To all of the teachers for whom I work—THANK YOU.


  1. I appreciate all of the invisible work that you do.
  2. I am in awe of how easy you make that work look.
  3. I respect your approach to teaching your students, not your lessons.
  4. I value how accepting you are of those in your charge.
  5. Your abilities are many.
  6. Your agility is high.
  7. Your ambition is lofty.
  8. Your attitude is everything.
  9. Your goals demand a sense of
  10. Your students are your allies and it shows.
  11. Your allegiance to your work is evident.
  12. You create an environment absent of judgment.
  13. You believe in the ongoing acquisition of knowledge.
  14. Your actions do speak more loudly than your words.
  15. Your penchant for accuracy sets a powerful example.
  16. You affirm student confidence with a simple look or smile.
  17. You assess each student’s strengths, and adjust accordingly.
  18. Your achievements are best seen through those of your students.
  19. You are an advocate for all of your students.
  20. Your approval means more than you know—and you know that, too.
  21. You accentuate the positive—and build upon it.
  22. You make allowances for
  23. You are adept enough to adapt to almost anything.
  24. You awaken the wonder in the minds of your students.
  25. Your heightened awareness of opportunities to teach guides you forward.
  26. And you do all of this with amazing grace, patience, and clarity. Every single day.

For all of this and so much more, thank you. Stay tuned for the 26 “Thank You Letters” posts coming between now and Teacher Appreciation Week, May 2–6.


What do you learn from the teachers you know? What do you admire?

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