A is for…

A is for...

Thank you for and accepting and appreciating all of us as amazing individuals

Teachers totally rock! By accepting all students’ differences and appreciating what makes each student unique, teachers offer students the genuine recognition that leads them to approach learning optimistically. While this diversity can be a huge benefit for personal growth, it can make reaching each child a difficult task for teachers. For example, do you have students have special needs, are quick to becomes frustrated with assignments or suffer from anxiety? More often than not these students are mixed in with classmates who don’t share these struggles. For this reason, even the most brilliantly organized lesson plans struggle to cater to every child.

Education is meant to be challenging. Unfortunately, not all students have the proper coping skills to manage academic stress. Struggling to understand concepts in the classroom can provoke  feelings of insecurity, unworthiness, and failure. This mindset can quickly demotivate students from even attempting to complete an assignment. While one-on-one tutoring is ideal, it’s not always possible in a group setting. That’s why we are so grateful for teachers who use stress-relievers for students to take a “brain-break” in order to reset their mind and get back on track!

Providing students with a safe and positive way to release their frustration shows students that you appreciate the degree of pressure they must be feeling and want to support them in overcoming it. Stress balls make a great outlet for students to clear their minds and squeeze out that stress! Even better, Teacher Peach’s “I Think I Can!” Stress Balls provide a source of stress release while reminding them just how amazing they are with the motivational message “I Think I Can!”. When students stress less they are more likely to keep working at their goal when they may have otherwise given up.

Students are continuously challenged in the learning process, which can understandably cause stress. Stress balls are a wonderful way to allow students to relieve that stress. “I Think I Can!” Stress Balls do not only create outlet for stress, but also remind students that they are accepted, appreciated, and amazing individuals.

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