C is for…

C is for...

Thank you for creatively cheering and caring, challenging and coaching us.

Caring for your students is one of the most important ways a teacher influences a learner—one major reason we are all so appreciative of the excellent teachers in our students’ worlds. In ten years, your students today are most likely to remember, not what you said, but how you helped them to feel about themselves. Just as you no doubt recall from your own teachers, your students are most likely to remember how you cheer them on when they doubt themselves. They will remember how you patiently coach them through challenging tasks as they work towards their goals. They will remember your kindness, your warmth, and your genuine concern for their well-being.

It’s always important to show concern for the whole child. By paying attention to students’ thoughts, feelings, and experiences, as well as their performance, the lessons you teach grow in value. As “growing pains” attest, growing up is hard. When a teacher shows honest concern, students are reassured that someone’s in their corner. Sometimes that’s what’s missing. It’s an unfortunate truth that some students must endure major personal struggles and/or come from a home of socio-economic instability—all before the school day begins. In these cases, your caring smile, listening ear, and kind words will mean even more.

Teacher Peach knows that teachers are dedicated to their students in so many ways that go far beyond lesson plans. We also know you care deeply for your students which is why we created the “Because it’s all about the kids” product line.


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