E is for…

E is for...
Thank you for encouraging and empowering us to embrace our education.

“I love that grabber!”
“Great job on the spelling test!”
“Beautiful drawing!”

Teachers say encouraging words like these every day, cheering on their students as they become even MORE enthusiastic about their education. Through positive interaction, celebrating achievements, and overall empowering students, teachers leave an everlasting impression on every one of their students. As mentioned in the letter B blog post, when teachers believe in their students they often believe in themselves. The difference teachers make extends far beyond the four walls of the classroom. By sparking curiosity, engagement, and reflectiveness many motivated students embrace their education with open arms.

Positive reinforcement can not only enthuse individual students, but also create a culture of teamwork in the classroom. As Teacher Appreciation Week approaches gift your teachers with another fun and unique way to motivate students. This Bravo Jar sends a fun and rewarding message to little learners making it the perfect addition to any classroom!

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