G is for…

G is for...
Thank you for so generously giving us the gift of goals to grow on.


I did it!!

Hear that? That’s the sound of an “Ah-Ha!” Moment! We’ve asked many teachers what their favorite parts of teaching are and an overwhelming amount listed “Ah-Ha!” moments as one of them. These lightbulb moments stem from the valuable lesson of goal-setting. Goal-setting often generate a sense of achievement as each task is crossed off the list. At the same time, goal-setting gives learners the opportunity to reflect on things they can improve upon.

This process typically results in students feeling more organized, focused, and less overwhelmed—some students have trouble getting started. Mapping out specific goals can be an intimidating task. Fortunately, teachers generously give their time in order to help their students set, visualize, and accomplish their goals! By teaching their students how to turn lofty ideas into actionable goals educators are setting their students up for success.

As teachers show their students the wonderful gift of goal-setting, many find it easier to have their students write them down. Teacher Peach’s Action Pads are a great way to keep daily tasks and special projects on track, help students set priorities, increase their executive functioning, and so much more. With TP’s Action Pads we can all ‘act’ on our goals together!


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