J is for…

J is for...


Thank you for jumping through hoops to join us on our journey of learning.

Even after the bell rings, teachers are still hard at work. Teachers carry a host of roles such as mentor, educator, nurse, confidant, and many more. As a result, teachers educate the whole child—the greatest education of all.

We thank you not only for our academic education, but for showing us how to nurture our passions. Through counseling us on our journey of discovering our talents, believing in ourselves, and realizing our dreams, you help us flourish into the best versions of ourselves. Thank you for joining us on our path to a promising future, and leaving your students jumping for joy as they achieve their goals. The devotion of a teacher is nothing short of astonishing.

Teachers change lives every day, which is why this “Teachers DO Amazing Things!” Journal 4-pack is the perfect way to acknowledge all that they do for us. This colorful set has a different message on each cover that is sure to make teachers smile. For more details on Teacher Peach’s journal sets and more thoughtful gifts visit www.teacherpeach.com

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