R is for…

R is for...


Thank you for recognizing our fears and reassuring us with both reason and respect.

Dear teachers, educators, administrators and all the like—you’ve made a difference in our lives in too many ways to count. In and outside of the classroom, your influence reaches beyond academics and into our hearts, helping us grow into the best version of ourselves. Your caring hearts, kind words, and reassurance give us the confidence to go after our goals. Even more, by respecting us as individuals you teach us to respect ourselves, encouraging us to act with love and reason. Thank you for recognizing our talents and hard work so we are able to recognize them ourselves. In these ways and more, you show us who we are and help us become who we hope to be.  The positive reinforcement you give us provides us with the feedback we need to improve. Send these uplifting messages in a fun and colorful way with our fun Anytime “Super Work” Postcards.

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