We Appreciate Teachers EVERY Week of the Year!

We Appreciate Teachers EVERY Week of the Year!


Teacher “Thank You Letters!” Tribute

Since early April, Teacher Peach has been expressing our thanks to the millions of teachers who are out there working so hard for kids with an A to Z Collection of “Thank You Letters” Graphic FREEBIES. We’ve been sharing this alphabetical adventure as a tribute to the powerful contributions teachers make in the lives of their students and their families, as well as to their schools and communities. We call these letters FREEBIES because they are yours to download, display, pin, post, and project on a whiteboard—FREE. We’ve already received great response to this tribute. There’s one I’d like to share with you.

Two days ago, a team member came into my office. “Randi, you’ll want to be involved in this. A Professional Development Specialist in Phoenix, Arizona would like an advance copy of the remaining letters in this tribute—before we release them. In fact, she wants them NOW. She loves them and has been printing them out and hanging them up in her department for all of the teachers to enjoy.  She’d like to display the entire alphabet for Teacher Appreciation Week that will be going on before we will have released the last few letters. What do you think? Can we share these with her now?”

What do I think? I think this is exactly why we created this tribute! I think it is fabulous that teachers are excited about these FREEBIES—hanging them, posting them, sharing them, pinning them, and generally treasuring them as much as Teacher Peach treasure teachers. Of course, we shared the letters immediately.

Please meet Julie B. and check out the beautiful display she created in her office with all 26 letters of the alphabet. Isn’t it stunning? Bravo, Julie.

As an extra thank you for Teacher Appreciation Week, we have a colorful alphabetical screen saver—just for you. To register at teacherpeach.com to receive your very own screen saver of all 26 letters!

At Teacher Peach, appreciating teachers is not a one-week proposition. We appreciate teachers 52 weeks a year—every year. It’s our mission and it’s also just how we’re wired around here. Every action we take is about teachers. Every product we create focuses on what will work for teachers, what will spark teachers, and what will help teachers help their students. We ask ourselves endless questions: “Will teachers be proud to carry this tote? Will kids understand what this card means? Is this sticker cool enough? Will this bag hold enough? Will this cup keep a teacher’s cherished cup of coffee warm enough all morning long? Will receiving this product as a gift bring smiles to teachers? Will it delight you? Will our products help teachers know that people truly appreciate all that you do?” These are just a few of the many questions we ask as we tackle our work each day.

Teacher Appreciation Week Does Matter
At Teacher Peach, we think one week a year is an excellent start. As for us? We’ll be here valuing teachers and the profound work  teachers do—this week and every week, 24-7, as always.

The Chief Peach!

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