4 Peachy Summertime Strategies

4 Peachy Summertime Strategies


As the school year winds to a close, teachers are turning a lot of attention to summer adventures like summer school, camp, pursuing professional development courses, and hopefully a well-deserved vacation and lots of down time on the weekends. Both teachers and students are counting the minutes until summer begins.

It’s important for everyone, students and educators alike, to take this summer break from school routines to relax, rejuvenate, and refuel. Taking a break can even help teachers process the past school year and tuck away valuable ideas for next year. Whatever your plans, add a few relaxation strategies to your summertime to-do list.

Whether this summertime will be spent vacationing or “stay-cationing”, Teacher Peach has got you covered!

Strategy 1: Travel in Style
Going for a trip? No matter where you’re headed this summer, jazz up your travel gear with a summertime tote! A few of our Teacher Peach shoppers’ summertime favorites include our Summer! Black and Lime Green Tote, It’s In The Bag! Tote, the awesome Boat Tote and Baby Boat Tote in sharp color options, and our ever popular I Teach. Jumbo Tote. Each tote bag has ample room for summer and vacation gear. Choose from those with teacherific phrases or those with a “tote-ally after school’s-out” focus.


Strategy 2: Teach at the Beach
If summer plans include soaking up the sunshine, relaxing at the beach or poolside, check out the Teach and Beach towel set; it’s the perfect combination for any summer outing! Each set comes with a message that reads, “Teach. It’s worth every ounce of effort.” and, “Beach. Savor every ounce of sunshine.” With your choice of two different color combo sets and a great message on each, these terry velour towels are a great way to let others know you Teach and Beach.


Strategy 3: Cool, Calm, and Reflected
Staying inside with the AC whirling can be just as revitalizing as a destination vacation. Sometimes, all it takes is opening a brand new notebook to help collect those thoughts or capture ideas and memories that make you smile. Jotting down ideas, emotions, happy moments and more is a therapeutic way to unwind and de-stress. Teacher Peach has many journals to choose from, including the portable and colorful Words to Grow By Journal, the perfect little journal for BIG ideas! It comes in both spiral and perfect binding, making it a perfect addition to your beach bag, too. Don’t forget to stop and taste the peach ice cream to stay cool, too!


Strategy 4: Give Yourself A SPAsatively Awesome Gift
Summertime is an ideal time to indulge in Teacher Peach the delightful gift box, Once Upon a Box for HOME, designed with your relaxation needs in mind. Each box includes soft and fuzzy socks, a 5-inch tall scented candle, soap petals on the vivid bath soap flower, face cloth, flower-shaped scrubbie, clear zippered cosmetic bag, silky eye mask, a makeup brush, pedicure spacers, a comb, headband, pumice stone, and coconut citrus body cream to create the perfect spa day experience. That’s not all—each box also includes a beaded colorful bracelet, a fuzzy scarf, and Teacher Peach’s FIRST official Teacher’s Coloring Book! It’s time to relax, refuel, and unwind this summer—you deserve it!

We’re on the Case!
While we so hope your school year winds to a wonderful close in the coming weeks, remember that Teacher Peach is open 24/7 all summer long and we’ll have great summer specials and back-to-school offers all along the way. We’ll also be hard at work to be ready with amazing new products for back-to-school. While we don’t want teachers to think about that just yet, just know that we’re all over it at Teacher Peach. New back-to-school products that are sure to become teacher favorites are coming to life every day!

Are you interested in summertime opportunities to preview new products and help us make some product decisions over the summer? Just send us an email at info@teacherpeach.com.

In the meantime, tell us how you plan to spend your summer by posting it below. What are you most looking forward to this summer?

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