PETicularly PURRfect and PETriotic Teacher Gifts

PETicularly PURRfect and PETriotic Teacher Gifts


As we settle into the fall season, we shift away from summertime habits, changing them to best accommodate fall’s brisk weather and the diminishing hours of daylight. That sun-filled 6AM run of just weeks ago is now shrouded in darkness, as is the early evening walk home from the train for many commuters. Our furry friends, however, don’t shift their schedules to embrace the season. Dogs still need to go for walks according to routines no matter how dark, windy, or cold it may be. Vet runs, litter boxes, and water bowls all need time and attention, too, as do the PETicular personalities of felines and canines, alike.

Tales About Favorite Teacher Tails!

These pet-centric demands are small when compared to the tradeoff of having a treasured pet, often treated as a true member of the family. In our many discussions with teachers, we’ve discovered that there are a whole lot of teachers who also happen to be avid pet lovers. Many times, this “real teacher’s pet” even serves as a classroom mascot, giving teachers the chance to share colorful adventures, provide glimpses of their lives outside of the classroom, and model storytelling at its finest! At our family dinner table, we heard all about the daily mishaps of Haggerty, a mischievous new puppy, on a very regular basis. We also saw many videos of the academically-interested Mr. Cat (not wearing a hat!), and much more over the years as our kids brought home their Tales About Favorite Teacher Tails!

Teachers are often instinctive nurturers, which may help explain why so many teachers embrace pets of all sorts. As we gathered more and more Tales About Favorite Teacher Tails, we also discovered that teachers tend to pamper their pets! That’s exactly how The Real Teacher’s Pet!™ products came to be. As the FALLIDAYS move into full swing, the entire collection of all products in The Real Teacher’s Pet!™ Collection is on sale through this Saturday at 25% off the regular price. This makes it easy for teachers to pamper their pets in style—and save!

Whether you’re taking your Black Lab to the polls with you on Election Day, are heading to a pre-Thanksgiving Dog Show, or simply want your feline to be fabulously attired at her next vet visit, there’s an accessory to suit such occasions.

Check out the products and gift sets below. Each product is also sold separately, so it’s easy to mix and match according to your Real Teacher’s Pet’s favorite preferences. To see a few of The Real Teacher’s Pets in action, click on this video.

Out and About in Style

The Real Teacher’s Pet™ 6-Foot Leash and Collar Set is on sale this week for $29.21. Every teacher’s pet will walk in PETicularly high style with this eye-catching and colorful 6-foot long leash and matching collar. This clever and functional leash and collar are both decorated with PAWSitively colorful paw-print graphics that read: The Real Teacher’s Pet™ and have a durable webbed backing.

Heavy-duty leash hardware keeps any teacher’s pet safely within walking distance. The leash is 1-inch wide and has a hand loop at one end. This collar is easily adjustable and comes in three different sizes. Checkout the collar product page for size specifics. This leash makes a great teacher gift any time. Paired with the matching woven collar, this duet completes the most PAWSible “pet-perfect look!”

The Real Teachers Pet™ Walking Accessories Set

If walking your pet is your preferred ritual, check out these snazzy walking accessories at this week’s sale price of $26.96, a 25% saving over the regular gift set price. For the PETriarch in every teacher’s family, this woven collar makes a great accessory. Everyone will know who the real teacher’s pet is with this colorful pet collar. Collar and both bright bandanas sport The Real Teacher’s Pet™ graphic. Collar is easily adjustable, has a webbed backing for durability and comfort, a side release buckle, a sliding adjuster, and a D-ring to clip on the matching leash (sold separately).

This duet of red and royal blue bandanas will make for spirited game-day entsembles, slipping over most collars to help them stay put. Bandanas come sized as SMALL and LARGE. (See bandana product page for sizing details.) SMALL sized set includes two small bandanas, one in red and the other in blue, with one small collar. LARGE sized set includes two large bandanas, one in red and the other in blue, with one large collar. Make your favorite teacher’s favorite pet the hit of the park with this PETriotic gift set!

The Real Teachers Pet™ Ceramic Cat and Dog Bowls

Dinner is served in high style with these “The Real Teacher’s Pet™” ceramic bowls that come in two sizes, one scaled for cats and smaller dogs and the other for bigger dogs. Either one is the PURRfect accessory for your favorite teacher’s favorite felines and canines! Even the fanciest of feasts will taste better in this colorful bowl. “The Real Teacher’s Pet™” logo comes in a colorful rainbow design to add a dash of color to any pet’s dining area. Its ceramic construction makes it easy to clean. These bowls make PURRposeful and clever additions to a teacher’s culinary accessories. On sale this week for $22.46, these bowls are a welcome treat under any pet-loving teacher’s holiday tree!

“Fleece Navy-Red!”

Ok, so perhaps not the best play on the popular holiday greeting, “Feliz Navidad”, this popular fleece hoodie is the best addition to your bestie’s wardrobe! This Real Teacher’s Pet™ Dog Hoodie is available in multiple sizes in red and navy.

This “The Real Teacher’s Pet™” fleece-lined hoodie is a snuggly and stylish way to keep any teacher’s furry friend warm on brisk morning walks! Complete with a decorative “PAWket” and leash outlet, this hoodie is both useful and entertaining with its bright white lettering on the back. Available in four different sizes: XS, S, M, L . Check the hoodie product page for sizing details. Made of polyester with cotton blend, knit cuffs and snap collar opening, this hoodie’s hood has a draw string adjustment, making it PAWSsibly the PURRfect ensemble. It’s on sale this week for $18.71.

Game Day-Any Day Jersey

In addition to the warm hoodie, this collection also includes The Real Teacher’s Pet™ Mesh Dog Jersey, available in a range of sizes in red and royal blue. This sporty mesh jersey makes it easy to let the world know who is really “Number 1” on the teacher’s list! This pet jersey helps any teacher’s pet stand out on school spirit days, Bring-Your-Pet-to-Work Day, or for a stylish walk to the dog park.

This lightweight pet-lover’s conversation piece is available in four different sizes: XS, S, M, L. Sizing details may be found on the jersey product page. Made of 100% mesh and polyester interlock, this adorable pet jersey is machine washable and is on sale this week for just $14.96.

On the Road Again. . .

Teachers on the go and their pets will love The Real Teacher’s Pet™ travel food and water bowls. They’ll make any pet outing PETicularly enjoyable for everyone. These foldable compact food and water bowls feature a hook-and-loop closure and a plastic clip to easily attach to a backpack or leash. Travel bowls hold up to 24 ounces of food or water, respectively, and measure 3 inches high and 6 inches in diameter when opened. Both bowls come in bright red or royal blue with white printing. When you buy the set, we’ll choose the colors for you. These are also sold individually for maximum flexibility. The polyester material makes it easy to wash and use time after time. Help your favorite teachers enjoy their time with their favorite furry friends—PETentially even more than they already do!

Not-So-Secret Santa Pet Gifts!


Have a story to share about your Tales About Favorite Teacher Tails? Share your tales below. Post a picture, too. Here’s one for inspiration!

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