Seven Spooky Simple and Specific Halloween Hints

Seven Spooky Simple and Specific Halloween Hints


It is with mixed emotions that so many of us prepare for the silly, sticky, sugary, and scary festivities associated with Halloween, both at school and at home. It seems the interest in dressing up, taking on a different persona, and parading around to get treats only progresses and morphs as kids mature. It doesn’t seem to go away. Many adults still relish the chance to don their Halloween apparel and march out into the night as the crowds at the party stores confirm.

Halloween Teacher Pressures

For teachers, Halloween is often associated with a whole lot of work and extra pressure. Lesson plans still need to be completed, learning must take place even amid myriad different Halloween rituals that many schools, classes, and communities hold into—and insist take place. For a lot of teachers, Halloween day is a stressful, lost teaching day. Then there’s the issue of teacher participation. It’s hard enough to get students to focus. Trying to achieve this while dressed as Raggedy Ann or this year’s most popular princess only makes this more challenging for everyone.

Teachers Team Up!

Many teachers join forces to come up with simple, yet clever team costumes. A few that come to mind include dressing as crayons or all teachers wearing black with removable bumble bee headbands and wings that can be popped on just before the parade. These ideas allow teachers to divide up the upfront work, band together, and can make for a great photo for the faculty page, too! Teachers tend to be extremely clever and Halloween can be a wonderful time for genuine teacher ingenuity to come into play.

A Spooky Idea Sparker

Needing to decorate for an impromptu Halloween party for tonight, check out this quick solution. We quickly pulled what we could find in the hall closet. An orange jacket filled with three beach towels serves as the torso. A balloon sits inside a free tote bag with a
skull design that we saved from last year to make the head. (Good thing the jacket had a hood to hold it all together; it’s not the most stable skeleton, but it does make a great party host!) By draping some old spider webbing and wrapping this “guest” in an old superhero cape, the ensemble is complete. This entire decorating adventure took fewer then ten minutes and will be easy to disassemble, too!

Tricky Teacher Hints for a Happier Halloween

Whether you’re a teacher who looks forward to Halloween as much as your students or you’re a teacher who cannot get to November 1 fast enough, these Seven Spooky Simple and Specifics Hints for Halloween will come in handy.

  1. Have reasonable expectations of your kids, your plans for the day, and yourself.
  2. Strive to enjoy the kids; their excitement can be infectious.
  3. Look for photo opportunities. Like the first snow or holiday pageant, the costume parade is a great time to mark your students’ progression in an end-of-school-year montage or video. October’s missing teeth are a great reminder of progress when looking back in May.
  4. Choose ONLY a few favorite activities to make it feel like a Happy Halloween at school and at home. Apply your creativity and carve only a few pumpkins, make just ONE favorite recipe, or make only a portion of your costume. Taking on too much quickly takes its toll. The teacher in the top photo took the time to create a quick template to ensure there were not cutting errors, a total time saver.
  5. Keep your costume. Take the few extra minutes to carefully pack up and tuck away all costume pieces and parts for next year. By even saving the extra tattoos or handmade accessories, you’ll be ready in a flash next year. You’ll be glad you did! Remember, next year, your costume will be brand new to next year’s students.
  6. Give in to the festivities. It’s one hectic day, but as many teachers say, at least this is one day where you know what to expect. As a result, put a positive spin on the day and decide that very little will surprise or derail you.
  7. Remember the top priority: SAFETY Rules! Halloween is supposed to be a happy, enjoyable time, so it is imperative that all adults, including and especially teachers, keep safety at top of mind both at school and in the evening.

Whether you have scary big plans or simply want to curl up with a big bowl of candy corn, we hope these hints will help you to safely embark on this Halloween weekend and Monday’s celebrations in as stress-free a way as possible.

Have a Peachy Halloween!

Have an idea for a costume other teachers will want to try next year? Want to share your Halloween hints? Post a comment below.

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