Winter Break Wisdom! Introduction

Winter Break Wisdom! Introduction


As you enjoy this holiday season, Teacher Peach’s PeachQuotes Studio™ is excited to share our popular Winter Break W.O.W. Quotations Series. W.O.W. stands for Words of Wisdom. At this hectic and festive time of year, we’re sharing these quotations because they’re some of our favorites—and we genuinely hope they become your favorites, too. Who wouldn’t benefit from quick motivating messages over the Winter Break holidays? We know we would. So sit back, reflect, and enjoy for a sliver of time each day as we send these quotation your way.

Designed to inspire and curated to resonate, these quotations are yours to share, post, print, and display. They make great gift toppers, posts, and have even been known to grace a thank-you note or two. We hope these quick quotes and mini blog posts will also spark you in a special way. Teacher Peach will post a different quotation mini blog almost every day between December 24th, and January 3rd—just in time for so many teachers to get ready to head back to school.

Because it’s Winter Break and at least some pressures are off, we’re hoping you’ll get to know Teacher Peach a bit better. So in each quotation’s mini blog post, we’ll provide a glimpse behind the Teacher Peach scenes. You’ll discover a few of our own experiences as they relate to these curated quotations.

As every teacher knows, wisdom comes from learning—and paths to wisdom are often indirect and tangled, to say the least, so insights help. We hope some of what we’ve learned shaping this business to support teachers and students with confidence may shed light and provide ideas to take back to your classrooms. We also want to “peel back our peach” as it were, to share more about why Teacher Peach believes so strongly in the teachers and students we work so hard to support with the products we create. Just as we want to know you, we want you to get to know us, too!

To discover inspiring teacher products and accessories, check us out on Amazon or visit or for really great products for really great teachers. To explore more Motivating Quotes by PeachQuotes Studio™, visit us on Pinterest and continue to explore our blog. We’d also like to know your favorite sentiments during this holiday season. We so hope you’ll share a few here—as well as your own WOWs for us.

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