National Trivia Day: There’s Nothing Trivial in Teaching Kids!


Today is National Trivia Day. When we here at Teacher Peach researched topics about trivia related to teachers, it was just as we suspected, trivia about teachers and education is anything but trivial! There’s nothing trivial about being a teacher—especially a teacher who is returning to school for the first day after Winter Break.

Jump into today’s objectives just as you would on any other school Monday. Many teachers have shared a version of this sage advice with us:

So don’t shy away from that math lesson; jump right in. Start that new nonfiction text today or kick off the day with a complex info-graphic. Whatever tasks you choose to teach today will serve you well. Everyone will benefit—including you.

One interesting data point we discovered about teachers was part of a survey conducted by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. According to this survey, a teacher gets an average of 23 minutes of “free time” in a given day between lunch time, a prep period, and changing classes, etc.


If you can spare a minute or two of your 23 minutes today, rejuvenate yourself with these five fun factoids about teachers. To honor teachers and National Trivia Day, given how hectic today’s re-entry is likely to be, we selected five quick and interesting tidbits about teachers to inspire you to tackle your day with a bit of extra energy.

  1. You and 2,999,999 Others! Did you know that there are about 3 million teachers across the country? Yes, that’s 2,999,999 other teachers, your peers, who are likely striving to achieve their educational goals just like you are today. How’s that for national empathy?
  1. Take an Oath! According to, former president, Lyndon Baines Johnson, was a public speaking teacher before entering politics! Standing in front of his classroom was likely great preparation for those presidential debates, campaign trails, and press conferences.
  2. Every Breath You Take Can you guess from the title of this paragraph which famous artist taught English, music, and soccer at St. Catherine’s Covenant School before embarking on his well-known career? Yes, it was Sting!
  3. Bridge Over Mathematical Waters This “funky” half of a famous folk duo taught math (not art!) in Connecticut before his singing career took off. That’s right; it was Art Garfunkel.
  4. Little School on the Prairie To help her family, this famous author got her first official teaching job in a famous one-room country schoolhouse when she was just 15 years old. Laura Ingalls Wilder really did write from experience!

Have a Great Day! We hope you liked these five fun factoids and that your first day back will be a great experience for you and your students. Even if you do not become a famous musician, a prolific author, or President of the United States, you and 2,999,999 others already hold one of the more important jobs of all—teaching tomorrow’s leaders. For that, we say thank you.

Once you’re back into your school routine, we will share an interesting post about a new and effective way to craft your 2017 resolutions so keep an eye peeled for that later this week. Until then, we hope you’ll share your first-day-back experiences here. We’d like to know how your first days back after Winter Break are progressing. We may not know the specifics of your particular days at your particular school and in your particular classroom, but we do know this much: there’s nothing trivial about it!

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