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Thank you for and accepting and appreciating all of us as amazing individuals

By accepting children’s differences and appreciating what makes each one unique, adults can offer kids the genuine recognition that leads them to approach learning optimistically. While this diversity can be a huge benefit for personal growth, it can make reaching each child a difficult task for some people. This is why not all parenting tactics work on every child.

Learning the facts of life is meant to be challenging. Unfortunately, not all children have the proper coping skills to manage academic or home life stress. Struggling to understand certain concepts can provoke feelings of insecurity, unworthiness, and failure. That’s why we are so grateful for parents and guardians who use stress-relievers for children to reset their thoughts and get them back on track!

Providing children with a safe and positive way to release their frustration shows them that you appreciate the degree of pressure they must be feeling and want to support them in overcoming it. Stress balls make a great outlet for students to clear their minds and squeeze out that stress! Even better, Teacher Peach’s “Green Camo” Stress Balls provide a source of stress release while reminding them just how amazing they are! When children stress less, they are more likely to keep working toward their goals.

 Stress balls are a great way to allow kids to relieve some stress.


Education Starts with the Heart



Your heart is slightly bigger than the average human heart, but that’s because you’re a teacher. —Aaron Bacall

The final quote in the Teacher Peach’s Heartfelt Quotation Series by PeachQuotes Studio™, we are featuring famed cartoonist, Aaron Bacall.

Everyone at PeachQuotes Studio™ can relate to this quote for one simple reason—from where we sit, this is absolutely true! Teachers MUST have more than slightly-bigger-than-average-sized human hearts—because you are teachers.

If hearts grow because of the love they receive and the differences they make, of course, teacher hearts are oversized.Untitled1.png

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In today’s world, where super-sized and the bigger the better qualities are what matter, Teacher Peach, knows that teacher hearts are definitely extra large—the perfect portion as far as we’re concerned. Thank you for your big hearts!

How has teaching helped your heart to grow?


Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. —Aristotle

As the last installment in Teacher Peach’s Heartfelt Quotation Series by PeachQuotes Studio™ depicts, even in Aristotle’s time adults played a large role in shaping the minds of our youth as well as influencing history through their work. By educating both minds and hearts, we can help children to place and process the concepts their minds are retaining.

When were you able to weave together a learning experience that reached a child in both their minds and hearts? Those are the truest teachable moments—an education of which even Aristotle would approve.

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By Alexis

To Fear or Care That is the Question


The Teacher Peach Heartfelt Quotation Series by PeachQuotes Studio™ may be nearing the end, but there are still some amazing quotes left.


The hardest thing to teach is how to care. —Unknown

Today’s little gems of motivation hit home for teachers. If it takes one to know one, then it definitely takes one to teach many. Teachers who care are best able to teach their students to care. This is an interesting life lesson and not one that comes with standards or objectives, other than your own highest ethics. Teachers model even when it isn’t obvious.


Use a notebook to brainstorm ideas for a lesson around caring. You might ask your kids to describe a caring person. The Because It’s All About the Kids Spiral Notebook is the perfect classroom product for this type of activity. The bright color and message sets a reminder of why you might care yourself. Click on over to our Amazon Shop to check this notebook out. It also makes a thoughtful gift for fellow teachers.

While teaching your students to care may be a tough life lesson to process, the older they get, the tougher those lessons may get. It’s important to remember not be to fearful of learning to overcome new challenges. Sometimes the toughest experiences in life are the most rewarding.

Rosa Parks showed us how her bravery and resolute willingness to spark change helped to get herself and society through one of history’s toughest challenges.


You must never be fearful of what you are doing when it is right. —Rosa Parks

This motivating quote from one of the most important activists in the history of the United States tells us to be fearless. Many of today’s teachers would not be able to teach as effectively as they do today without the courageous efforts of Rosa Parks.

Teacher Peach sees this incredible strength of Rosa Parks as a way to inspire us all to do and be our very best today and every day. What teachers do is right, too.


Every decision begins with a choice. It may be an easy one or one that takes careful consideration. Visit our Amazon Shop to find the Positive Postcards: Wise Choice. These meaningful little cards make a huge impact when presented to kids who you’ve noticed making the right decision.


How do you teach your kids to make the right decision? Share your techniques below.


Wise Words From Our Favorite Fuzzy Little Bear


Today, as part of the PeachQuotes Studio™ Heartfelt Quotation Series, Teacher Peach turns to the wise words of A. A. Milne as told through one of his favorite muses, Winnie the Pooh himself. These two quotes are ones that we most likely have heard before, but the meaning behind them are so important that they never get old.

“How do you spell love?” —Piglet “You don’t spell it, you feel it.” —Pooh

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” —Winnie the Pooh

Even as adults, Winnie the Pooh can get through to us by his strong messages. Life can get hectic and we forget to take the time to appreciate the little things-like our ability to love. No matter what life throws at us, love is a powerful feeling that can guide us through many challenges. Children are told and shown the importance of love at a very young age. It is our jobs as their guardians or teachers to help them never lose sight of such a strong feeling. Here at Teacher Peach, we would like to thank all of the adults who love and care about the future leaders of our world. Winnie the Pooh may be speaking the words of wisdom, but without the support of parents and guardians our children would never get to actually posses the deep feeling behind loving someone.

Please share any stories you have with children spreading love or how you take the time to support and love the youngsters in your lives! While we have your attention, take some time to check out our Teachers Create Flip-Top Plastic Water Bottle! They are 30% off through the month of February. We also would like to spread the love by showing you one of our amazing Deluxe Rainbow Tote Bag.

By Alexis

Hearts First, Lesson Plans Second




The best teachers teach from the heart, not the book.

In today’s digital age many people may question the merits of teaching from static textbooks versus interactive, real-time digital devices. Regardless of how content is displayed, to have a true impact, passion is a key ingredient to teaching success.

To discover and act on that passion, teachers can follow their heart. The next quote in our Heartfelt Quotation Series by PeachQuotes Studio™ speaks to what our hearts may see that is not outwardly obvious. This level of awareness can often lead teachers to notice less obvious feelings and experiences on a much deeper level. What does your heart help you to see?

2-13-16_TP_PQS_Heartfelt_QUOTE16_H_Jackson_Brown_SometimesTheHeartSometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. —H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Hearts seem to have the heightened ability to “see” that which may not be obvious to the eye. Our hearts “see” deeply, detecting unspoken feelings and sensing the hand that has not yet been shown. Perhaps this is why teachers seem to have bigger hearts than others? Using your heart as a guide may seem both scary and inspiring at the same time. Of course, that may be exactly what brought you to teaching in the first place.

What is at the heart of your love of teaching?



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We hope this motivational segment in the PeachQuotes Studio Heartfelt Quotation Series helps inspire you to use and follow your heart. Share with us some heartfelt moments that have occurred in your own classroom in the comments section below. We would LOVE to hear from you!

Follow Your Dreams With an Open Mind AND Open Heart


Today Teacher Peach is has two motivational quotes to help give you those Fantastic Friday Feelings!

When you teach what you love, and share what you know, you open eyes, minds, hearts, and souls to unexplored worlds.

—Author Unknown

When you are not sure which way to go, it is always wise to follow your heart.

—Author Unknown

Two unknown authors share an abundance of wisdom in the two quotes Teacher Peach Studios is sharing today. Following your heart and keeping your mind and soul open to learning and teaching new ideas can help enrich your life with so much knowledge and so many opportunities. This quotation can help children learn these values so that they can set goals and reach them! With the help from teachers, families, and coaches, children can learn how to follow their heart and open their mind to endless possibilities!

Yet even with heightened awareness, it is not always clear which path to chose, what decision to make, or the best option to exercise when it comes to helping children help themselves. As adults, we continue to strive to bring to light this awareness, share knowledge and inspire children. That is what keeps so many of us connected to kids. Teachers help to help shape the world’s future when sparking a passion within a child.

Please share your stories about children who follow their dreams and open their minds to new ideas! Teacher Peach loves to hear from you! As you get ready to “share the love” this coming Valentine’s Day, check out these RED-y to love products on Amazon! Teacher Peach’s Boat Tote is an awesome tote bag! If your favorite Valentine is your Real Teacher’s Pet, check out The Real Teacher’s Pet Mesh Dog Jerseys! The entire Real Teacher’s Pet line is now on sale for 50% off!



By: Alexis


Teaching Whole HEART-edly


PeachQuotes Studio™ is excited to show our readers motivational and HEARTful quotes to get everyone in the spirit of Valentines Day. Our first Valentine’s Quote speaks to anyone a child admires. “It takes a big heart to shape little minds.” We hear from so many teachers and families that they definitely benefit from having a big heart as they shape little minds! When we were selecting the art for this quote, coffee beans seemed fitting and at the same time comical. Shaping little minds to have big hearts can sometimes be tiring. A good cup of coffee can surely help you keep up!


Shaping little minds is a beautiful action—even a work of HEART. PeachQuotes Studio™ “Teaching is a work of Heart” quote is a powerful message for teachers educators—anyone who imparts wisdom to another person. The fact that the author may be unknown only underscores the universality of this simple and true definition of teaching. The amazing educators and mentors we have the privilege of knowing and serving at Teacher Peach always seem to lead with their hearts, beginning with a compassion for their children, a keen awareness of their “work,” and a responsibility in helping to unlock the very best in each child.


Teacher Peach would love to know more about how you teach children and shape their minds to be as big as their hearts! During the month of February, Teacher Peach wants to share the love and offer special sale prices on selected products!  “My TEAch CUP” is a major teacher favorite! Order this now off of Amazon and get 23% off!


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Alexis Panuncialman