Teaching Whole HEART-edly


PeachQuotes Studio™ is excited to show our readers motivational and HEARTful quotes to get everyone in the spirit of Valentines Day. Our first Valentine’s Quote speaks to anyone a child admires. “It takes a big heart to shape little minds.” We hear from so many teachers and families that they definitely benefit from having a big heart as they shape little minds! When we were selecting the art for this quote, coffee beans seemed fitting and at the same time comical. Shaping little minds to have big hearts can sometimes be tiring. A good cup of coffee can surely help you keep up!


Shaping little minds is a beautiful action—even a work of HEART. PeachQuotes Studio™ “Teaching is a work of Heart” quote is a powerful message for teachers educators—anyone who imparts wisdom to another person. The fact that the author may be unknown only underscores the universality of this simple and true definition of teaching. The amazing educators and mentors we have the privilege of knowing and serving at Teacher Peach always seem to lead with their hearts, beginning with a compassion for their children, a keen awareness of their “work,” and a responsibility in helping to unlock the very best in each child.


Teacher Peach would love to know more about how you teach children and shape their minds to be as big as their hearts! During the month of February, Teacher Peach wants to share the love and offer special sale prices on selected products!  “My TEAch CUP” is a major teacher favorite! Order this now off of Amazon and get 23% off!


Want to check out some of our other products, like our Love to Read HeartShaped Stress Ball? Find it all right on Amazon!


Alexis Panuncialman

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