Follow Your Dreams With an Open Mind AND Open Heart


Today Teacher Peach is has two motivational quotes to help give you those Fantastic Friday Feelings!

When you teach what you love, and share what you know, you open eyes, minds, hearts, and souls to unexplored worlds.

—Author Unknown

When you are not sure which way to go, it is always wise to follow your heart.

—Author Unknown

Two unknown authors share an abundance of wisdom in the two quotes Teacher Peach Studios is sharing today. Following your heart and keeping your mind and soul open to learning and teaching new ideas can help enrich your life with so much knowledge and so many opportunities. This quotation can help children learn these values so that they can set goals and reach them! With the help from teachers, families, and coaches, children can learn how to follow their heart and open their mind to endless possibilities!

Yet even with heightened awareness, it is not always clear which path to chose, what decision to make, or the best option to exercise when it comes to helping children help themselves. As adults, we continue to strive to bring to light this awareness, share knowledge and inspire children. That is what keeps so many of us connected to kids. Teachers help to help shape the world’s future when sparking a passion within a child.

Please share your stories about children who follow their dreams and open their minds to new ideas! Teacher Peach loves to hear from you! As you get ready to “share the love” this coming Valentine’s Day, check out these RED-y to love products on Amazon! Teacher Peach’s Boat Tote is an awesome tote bag! If your favorite Valentine is your Real Teacher’s Pet, check out The Real Teacher’s Pet Mesh Dog Jerseys! The entire Real Teacher’s Pet line is now on sale for 50% off!



By: Alexis


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