To Fear or Care That is the Question


The Teacher Peach Heartfelt Quotation Series by PeachQuotes Studio™ may be nearing the end, but there are still some amazing quotes left.


The hardest thing to teach is how to care. —Unknown

Today’s little gems of motivation hit home for teachers. If it takes one to know one, then it definitely takes one to teach many. Teachers who care are best able to teach their students to care. This is an interesting life lesson and not one that comes with standards or objectives, other than your own highest ethics. Teachers model even when it isn’t obvious.


Use a notebook to brainstorm ideas for a lesson around caring. You might ask your kids to describe a caring person. The Because It’s All About the Kids Spiral Notebook is the perfect classroom product for this type of activity. The bright color and message sets a reminder of why you might care yourself. Click on over to our Amazon Shop to check this notebook out. It also makes a thoughtful gift for fellow teachers.

While teaching your students to care may be a tough life lesson to process, the older they get, the tougher those lessons may get. It’s important to remember not be to fearful of learning to overcome new challenges. Sometimes the toughest experiences in life are the most rewarding.

Rosa Parks showed us how her bravery and resolute willingness to spark change helped to get herself and society through one of history’s toughest challenges.


You must never be fearful of what you are doing when it is right. —Rosa Parks

This motivating quote from one of the most important activists in the history of the United States tells us to be fearless. Many of today’s teachers would not be able to teach as effectively as they do today without the courageous efforts of Rosa Parks.

Teacher Peach sees this incredible strength of Rosa Parks as a way to inspire us all to do and be our very best today and every day. What teachers do is right, too.


Every decision begins with a choice. It may be an easy one or one that takes careful consideration. Visit our Amazon Shop to find the Positive Postcards: Wise Choice. These meaningful little cards make a huge impact when presented to kids who you’ve noticed making the right decision.


How do you teach your kids to make the right decision? Share your techniques below.


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