Education Starts with the Heart



Your heart is slightly bigger than the average human heart, but that’s because you’re a teacher. —Aaron Bacall

The final quote in the Teacher Peach’s Heartfelt Quotation Series by PeachQuotes Studio™, we are featuring famed cartoonist, Aaron Bacall.

Everyone at PeachQuotes Studio™ can relate to this quote for one simple reason—from where we sit, this is absolutely true! Teachers MUST have more than slightly-bigger-than-average-sized human hearts—because you are teachers.

If hearts grow because of the love they receive and the differences they make, of course, teacher hearts are oversized.Untitled1.png

Oversized hearts deserve an oversized duffle. Check out the Teacher’s Jumbo Duffle Bag in our Amazon Shop. This incredible teacher bag works great for recess, weekend trips and rehearsals!

In today’s world, where super-sized and the bigger the better qualities are what matter, Teacher Peach, knows that teacher hearts are definitely extra large—the perfect portion as far as we’re concerned. Thank you for your big hearts!

How has teaching helped your heart to grow?


Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. —Aristotle

As the last installment in Teacher Peach’s Heartfelt Quotation Series by PeachQuotes Studio™ depicts, even in Aristotle’s time adults played a large role in shaping the minds of our youth as well as influencing history through their work. By educating both minds and hearts, we can help children to place and process the concepts their minds are retaining.

When were you able to weave together a learning experience that reached a child in both their minds and hearts? Those are the truest teachable moments—an education of which even Aristotle would approve.

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By Alexis

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