T is for. . .


Thank you for trusting us, teaching us, and telling us to use our time to think things through.

Thank you for believing in us, trusting in us, listening to us, and caring for us. Thank you for teaching us that we can, so we believe in our own abilities. Growing up is challenging, but you continued to show us the importance of never giving up.

As children, we did not appreciate all our teachers did for us. Now as adults, we recognize many of the challenges that come along with being a teacher. Teacher Peach would like to take the time to thank all the educators out in the world. Whether your student is two or twenty-two, we know you’re doing the best you can to help them use their critical thinking skills to help them better our world. Check out our Teacher Gift Tote For Literacy. It is a great tote for anyone who appreciates the importance of Literacy- and who doesn’t appreciate that?


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