O is for…


Thank you for offering us eye-opening, original options.

Thank you for giving us the option to step forward into growth. Oftentimes we forget the importance of following our own path; but you remind us that we were each born an original and that it is ok not to fit inside the box. The kind advice you offer us is more than valuable—it is life-changing. You open our eyes to new opportunities every day by helping us discover who we are and who we aspire to become. Thank you again to every parent out there! Your efforts and everyday responsibilities do not go unnoticed! Check out Teacher Peach’s A-to-Z Sentiments Greeting Cards and Sticker Kit!


N is for. . .


Thank you for nurturing and nourishing us with new ideas about what’s next.

We are lucky to have such wonderful parents and guardians in this world! When it comes to kick-starting our natural desire to learn, parents and guardians are always going above and beyond to create lifelong learners. Not only do parents and guardians teach children to embrace their talents, they help them discover new possibilities every day!

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M is for…


Thank you for motivating children to make the most of their minds and maximize what matters.

Thank you for motivating children to try and try again even when they might feel like giving up. With a parent or guardian’s ability to explain concepts in ways that help children to better understand, parents and guardians open minds in meaningful ways. Parents and guardians, thank you for showing our future how to maximize their potentials, and for helping them to believe that children’s efforts matter.

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L is for…


Thank you for listening, leading, and launching our love of learning.

Parents and guardians are a special kind of a leader because they lead with their heart. They show their children the difference between right and wrong, the importance of kindness, and the tools they need to succeed. Through listening and sharing, parents and guardians create a genuine, and one of a kind bond with their children that lasts a lifetime.

Parents and guardians turn curiosity into inspiration and enthusiasm into motivation! Here at Teacher Peach, we are so grateful for these hardworking parents and guardians who listen, lead and launch the love of learning to our younger generations. Check out Teacher Peach’s Remember Colorful Note Flags and Self-Stick Notes Desk Accessory!



K is for…


Thank you for knowing how to unlock our keys to knowledge (while keeping your cool!)

Thank you to the parents and guardians of today who give the gift of knowledge and teach children how to express themselves. You give children the keys to unlock their greatest potential, and make dreams come true every day.

We know raising children can be challenging, and at times frustrating, but you’re handling each obstacle with honor and grace. Parents and guardians are the key players in ensuring the future of the world is in good hands.

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J is for…


Thank you for jumping through hoops to join us on our journey of learning.

Parents and Guardians carry a host of roles such as mentor, educator, nurse, confidant, and many more. Through counseling children on their journey of discovering their talents, believing in themselves, and realizing their dreams, parents and guardians help them flourish into the best versions of themselves. Thank you for joining children on their path to a promising future, and leaving children jumping for joy as they achieve their goals. The devotion of a parent or guardian is nothing short of astonishing.

Teacher Peach’s Primary Priority Flat-Style Tote Bag is the perfect gift for anyone who puts his or her children first. To show how thankful we are for the many parents and guardians jumping through hoops to assist in their children’s journey, we wanted to create this tote bag to show how thankful we are for your constant dedication to making their journeys so special.


H is for…


Thank you for helping us to help ourselves through honor, honesty, and hope.

For many children it takes time for them to fully appreciate the importance of learning, but as the years go on they begin to blossom. This sudden interest and curiosity is not arbitrary—it stems from the amazing adults in the child’s life.

Adults have a way of drawing children in and turning learning into something relatable and exciting. Children begin to ask themselves, who do I hope to become? How do I get there? Am I capable of achieving these goals? Of course all youngsters are capable of achieving their dreams, especially with the empowering support, and hope of their parents and guardians!

As well as helping children discover their ambitions, teachers also honor each child’s goal by providing them with the encouragement to go after those goals. Kindly and honestly, they help prepare their students for the world. They remind them that dreams become reality through hard work and integrity. They reinforce moral principles so that children can become the best versions of themselves. And they show their students sincere belief that they can achieve whatever they put their minds to.

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