U is for. . .


Thank you for urging us to unlock our minds and for understanding us even when we don’t understand ourselves.

Teachers teach children that education unlocks the door to their future. Inside and outside of the classroom, their influence is undeniable. Teachers have patience and understanding to make the classroom a home for our children. Thank you for urging our little ones to live up to their ultimate potential and teaching them that they can, and will, through the power of education! By teachers sharing their expertise and wisdom with the world, they have the ability to also change it.

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, make your teacher’s feel appreciated with our Teacher’s Rock Canvas Striped Boat Tote.


T is for. . .


Thank you for trusting us, teaching us, and telling us to use our time to think things through.

Thank you for believing in us, trusting in us, listening to us, and caring for us. Thank you for teaching us that we can, so we believe in our own abilities. Growing up is challenging, but you continued to show us the importance of never giving up.

As children, we did not appreciate all our teachers did for us. Now as adults, we recognize many of the challenges that come along with being a teacher. Teacher Peach would like to take the time to thank all the educators out in the world. Whether your student is two or twenty-two, we know you’re doing the best you can to help them use their critical thinking skills to help them better our world. Check out our Teacher Gift Tote For Literacy. It is a great tote for anyone who appreciates the importance of Literacy- and who doesn’t appreciate that?


S is for. . .


Thank you for supporting us, springing into action, and sparking us to see that the sky’s never the limit!

Thank you for supporting us through our toughest moments and celebrating with us through our best. Thank you for showing us that springing into action is the first step in achieving our dreams and letting us see that the sky’s never the limit. If it were not for you parents and guardians, we would not have been able to grow and succeed. Even when times are hard, parents and guardians are always standing by our side. Check out our Happy Birthday Kit. It is a great gift to give your child’s teacher.


R is for…


Thank you for recognizing our fears and reassuring us with both reason and respect.

Parents and guardians reach influences our hearts, helping us grow into the best version of ourselves. Their caring hearts, kind words, and reassurance give us the confidence to go after our goals. Even more, by respecting us as individuals they show us to respect ourselves, encouraging us to act with love and reason. Thank you for recognizing our talents and supporting us in everything that we do. In these ways and more, you show us who we are and help us become who we hope to be.  The positive reinforcement you give us provides us with the feedback we need to stand out in the real world. Check out our Teacher Tote Bag for Subject Area Teachers! It is a great gift to give to your child’s teacher or to enjoy for yourself.


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Q is for . . .


Thank you for questioning us so we’d question ourselves and never quit trying.

Thank you for giving our students the strength to persist until they succeed. Thank you for showing our children that they may win or they may lose, but the important thing is that they never quit trying. Thank you for questioning their boundaries so they were able to see that they are capable of more than they ever expected—and in the process teaching them to question any insecurities, opening new possibilities every day.

Thank you, parents and guardians, for all that you do. Check out our website for more goodies like this Monthly Classroom Organizer Notepad.


P is for . . .


Thank you for possessing the passion and patience to praise our progress.

One of the things that makes parenting such a special profession is that their passions are displayed through their children. As children learn they discover which subjects they are drawn to the most, and what hidden talents they may possess. With parents and guardians proficiency, kindness, and patience they have helped our future leaders grow as human beings. Parents and guardians have given them praise for each of their achievements, but today we’re praising the parents for all that they do. Check out our Wow Incredible Job Postcards! Use them at home or give them to your child’s teacher for them to use in the classroom!


O is for…


Thank you for offering us eye-opening, original options.

Thank you for giving us the option to step forward into growth. Oftentimes we forget the importance of following our own path; but you remind us that we were each born an original and that it is ok not to fit inside the box. The kind advice you offer us is more than valuable—it is life-changing. You open our eyes to new opportunities every day by helping us discover who we are and who we aspire to become. Thank you again to every parent out there! Your efforts and everyday responsibilities do not go unnoticed! Check out Teacher Peach’s A-to-Z Sentiments Greeting Cards and Sticker Kit!