Teacher Peach Freebies: Class Profiles

Gather Information About Your Group of Students
As you prep for the new school year and a new set of students, you’ll want to gather and organize all the information you can about these students. Collecting the information will help you learn about your students quickly. Collecting the information on the first day of school is a great way to break the ice with your students and have a productive first day. Keeping the information organized will help you access the information quickly when you need it.

Use these two PDFs during the first day of school to build a profile of your class.

Tell Me About You
Give this survey to your students to learn more about them—and about their own opinions of themselves. Learn the things they like about school, the things they find hard about school, their favorite subjects, and their favorite activities. Gathering this information directly from your students will help you understand more about each student. If your students are able to write, have them fill out the form themselves. If they are not able to write, go over the form with them in a one-on-one situation and fill in the form for them with their answers.

Click here to download the Tell Me About You freebie.

Class Profile/Special Challenges
This two-page PDF gives you a place to organize special information about your students. The Class Profile page give you a place to log information that may go beyond the information contained in your class roster. The Class Profile page gives you a place to record the following information about each student: native language, interests, challenges, and parent/guardian information.

The second page of this PDF gives you a place to organize special challenges your students have. It gives you a place to record reminders of special technology or materials the students in your class may need to complete various activities.

Click here to download the Class Profile/Special Challenges freebie.

CCSSKTFS-2TIf you like these two organizational tools, check out our Common Core State Standards Kit for Success available at teacherpeach.com. Use this kit to stay organized and on track to success in today’s standards-driven classroom.