Teachers Deserve to Treat Themselves to Terrific Recognition Gifts!

Are you a teacher who has just started Winter Break? Chances are, you’re getting ready for your own holiday celebration. This probably means decorating, baking, cooking, wrapping, packing, and too many more action verbs than can be captured here. It also means you’ve likely just wrapped up your professional responsibilities at school. Most teachers get very little transition time and jump right into the holiday preparations that we all have on our to-do lists.

In a recent blog post, 5 Teacher Tips for a Great Last Day Before Winter Break, we mapped out a few ways to power down your classroom. We also suggested that every teacher stop take a few moments to acknowledge the many professional accomplishments that we know you—one of the many dedicated and committed teachers out there working so hard—achieved in 2015.

Now that you’ve recognized your accomplishments so far during this school year, why not reward yourself for having achieved the results you did?

Got a Gift Card? Ready to Shop?
One way to reward yourself is to enjoy the gifts you may have received before you left school. You may have been fortunate enough to receive a holiday gift or two from students or perhaps a even gift from your entire class. Because gift cards are a popular gift for teachers at the holiday season, you may have received one of these, as well. While gifts that were selected just for you can feel more personal than a gift card, check out Teacher Peach’s recent blog post, 6 Specific Tips to Take Teacher Gift Card Gifts Personally, for great ideas for how to make gift card gifts feel personal, too.

If you have a gift card in hand, treat yourself! Choose a few special and professionally appropriate teacher-product gifts that YOU like to reward yourself for your professional results! Take a look at these teacher-centric products that are sure to get your 2016 off to a positive and professional start. Designed exclusively for teachers, you’re bound to discover products that appeal to you and echo your teaching style. With over 250 products, there’s a great deal to choose from at teacherpeach.com. Just think how you’ll enjoy showing your students what you purchased with their gift, too.

Jumbo Rainbow Tote
Teacher Peach Rainbow Tote
A new year means a new look! Keep all your school essentials together with a tote! Just one of over 30 different totes and bags to choose from, this jumbo rainbow tote is the newest addition. It is not only vivid, colorful, and attractive, it’s highly functional too. This tote is big enough to fit your laptop, lesson plans, lunch and tech gear—and there’s even room for your New Year’s resolutions!

The message reads: “Yes. I teach. So I inspire, manage, coach, engage, solve problems, listen, detect, explore, believe, care, worry, & always make time to laugh with my kids.” The black, Denier polyester tote highlights the many invaluable roles of every teacher and sends a positive message about teachers’ every day actions. This gift tote is big enough to hold the many materials you’ll need each day. Organization is easy with the zippered inner and outer compartments. The sturdy, 25-inch rolled shoulder straps add to the comfort.

Once you upgrade your carry-all tote with one of the many options you’ll see, breeze through the lunch gear to jumpstart your healthy plan for 2016 with these incredible lunchtime accessories. Nothing is more motivating than functional and well-designed gear—especially when it reinforces your professional role.

Soup and Salad Mugs

You can run hot and cold at lunchtime with these dual-purpose oversized soup and salad mugs! Fill with your favorite soup, chili, leftover, or fresh, crisp salad and watch your lunch become a healthy hit in the teacher lounge!

Each red soup mug comes with the message, “TEACH! It changes everything.” The “HEAT 2 eat”/”FILL 2 chill” version comes in multiple other colors. These soup mugs swing with the seasons with their dual-purpose design. Hot or cold, you’ll easily find lunchtime favorites to pack! These containers also seal tightly and feature a steam vent for heating. Both mugs are 22 oz. and freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe for all lunching needs!

Freezable Sandwich Containers

If a quick sandwich is more your style, these containers have got you covered! With freezable-lid containers, not only will your sandwich, salad, fruit, or vegetables stay crisp until lunchtime, this container also acts as a cold pack for the rest of your lunch! These “TEACH! It changes everything.” and “FREEZE 2 please!” containers neatly fit a sandwich, sliced veggies or fruit, or even salad! Pop the freezable gel lid in the freezer the night before and be ready to run in the morning. The bottom part of the container is dishwasher safe; the lid should be hand washed and should not be put in the microwave.

Stylish Lunch Bags

Put your 2016 lunchtime health strategy in a stylish lunch bag designed just for teachers. Durable and sturdy, “Here’s to the teachers who lunch!” burlap lunch bags are perfect for fast moving teachers! Each bag is made with neoprene lining and comes with a zippered closure to stand on its own. Choose from four different color combinations to coordinate with your favorite colors! The “Teach. It changes everything. Really.” zippered lunch bag is made of neoprene material and is large enough for lunch with room for an ice pack for optimal freshness. Choose from three popular school colors! The “Chill out! It’s time to eat.” lunch bag features a zipper closure and a front pocket. An insulated interior helps keep food and drinks chilled. In fact, this bag can even hold up to six soda cans for school sporting events. Choose from five popular school colors.

Sweet Sips™ Water Bottles

Thrist_Green_web  Teacher Peach Sweet Sips Drink Bottles

Go beyond lunchtime and stay hydrated in style, all day long. Planning to hit the gym in January? Joining a popular weight loss program? Either way, hydration will be key. If your resolution involves getting into better shape, drinking more water will be an important ingredient. Why not include a meaningful message? If your thirst extends to a THIRST for knowledge or you intend in 2016 to DRINK it all in, the these Sweet Sips™ bottles will definitely quench all of your thirsts! These popular beverage bottles are designed to keep beverages cold for up to 16 hours or hot for up to 8 hours thanks to the double-walled copper vacuum insulation. Two great motivational messages “DRINK it all IN.” and “I THIRST for knowledge.” make these bottles great conversation starters, too. Each message comes in four fantastic colors for a total of eight delicious options!

Teacher’s Desk Accessories
Desk Set 1   MCRDSKC5-2T Teachers Create Gift Set

Last but not least, check out the desk products to spruce up your workspace with professional flair. You might like desk set 1, with tools that showcase verb-rich typography or the new Modern Desk accessories set with its clever “Got an AHCHOO? Take a TEACH-CHOO!” tissue box cover. Perhaps creativity is more your style. Check out all four of “Teachers Do Amazing Things” sets.

These are just a few of the many really great, health-focused products for really great, health-focused teachers! You’ll find many more at teacherpeach.com.

Regardless of the exact products that appeal to you, what matters most is that you take the time to treat yourself to something that will add a dash of inspiration and a bit of motivation to help you return to school in high style and with high energy! We hope you’ll find that at teacherpeach.com. It’s our reason for being in business—to support, inspire, and provide products that work for teachers.

Happy Holidays!

As a really great teacher, what are your professional New Year’s resolutions? What Teacher Peach products might help you accomplish them? Any ideas for new products that you’d like to see our team create? We’d love to know more. Check out our website for more perfectly peachy teacher products.


5 Tips for a Great Winter Break from School!

Reset and Relaunch
As the holidays approach, there’s an excited energy in the air at school. There’s much to finish before the break and many extra events to weave into the mix. School life becomes hectic. While your main priority is keeping your students focused so this week isn’t “lost,” this is also a key week for you as a teacher. This week is the time to make even a sliver of time to reset and set up your own post-break relaunch. Doing this the week before winter break allows you to more effectively relax, recuperate, and recharge on your time away from school.

Before you depart for your well-deserved vacation, Teacher Peach has five quick tips to share. These tips will help lead you into winter break with a clearer mind. Just knowing that your re-entry in January will go more smoothly will make the time investment now worthwhile. (Add one more thing to my already-packed list? Are you kidding?) Just scan these tips. This blog post offers five tips best done early in the week before break. Our Thursday post will cover five more last-minute tips to have a smooth return after winter break.

5 Tips for the Last Week Before Winter Break

  1. Create and confirm plans for class plants and pets.
    If you have plants, pets, or ongoing projects that need care and attention over the break, secure your support teams early in the week, if you’ve not done so already. If you have lined up families willing to take home a plant or class pet over the break, be sure to confirm again this week. People tend to forget, and bringing home “Mortimer” might mean their child cannot take the bus home on Friday, causing a chain reaction on a day when everyone wants to leave on time.

Write up instructions and tape them to the pot, cage, or box itself. Sending via email is a great double-check, but having directions, food, and information in tangible proximity helps ensure a successful winter break experience all around. These instructions are a great opportunity to show families how organized you are and will help reduce their stress over the break.

  1. Purge, pack, and prepare learning centers and student materials.
    Recycle, send home, and share anything you’ll no longer need in January. Send home student work and clear out folders to be ready for the second half of the year. Early finishers can even reinforce their take-home folders. Recycle or share books, newspapers, handouts, magazines, etc., with other teachers. Does the art teacher need items for upcoming projects? The library will appreciate any books that aren’t being used, and perhaps other teachers can use extra handouts. Students make great messengers, delivering items to various locations within the school. If your class is going to host a holiday party, this early-in-the-week clean up also ensures your room sparkles when families join at the end of the week. They can even take home first semester work that day. Whip up a few labels so it’s clear to everyone what goes home and does not need to come back.
  1. Map out your lesson plans for the first two weeks of school after break.
    Doing this now can seem like an extra burden in an already busy week, but while you’re in school and teaching this week, your instructional priorities are top of mind. You won’t need to spend that last Sunday before school starts reconstructing or scratching your head to remember exactly where you left off on every small aspect of your teaching plan. Besides, this week is going to be filled with interruptions. If you refer back to the plan you made yesterday, you’ll likely forget the things you didn’t have time to cover exactly as you had planned. Just think of how happy you’ll be when you get ready to come back to school, knowing this work is done and waiting for you.

As an extra planning boost, early in the week, create a “Return” folder and place it on the corner of your desk. As the week progresses, tuck in this folder everything you’ll want to immediately put your hands on when you first return. You’ll be amazed at how many things you collect during the week and how on top of your game you’ll feel from this simple little “pay-it-forward” activity.

  1. Get ready to spruce up your classroom for next semester.
    Even if you don’t have time now to replace your room decorations for the new semester, take a few minutes to pull out materials and ruffle through them. Sometimes, you have less there than you think. By taking a quick inventory now, you’ll know what you need and may be able to find a few things on sale over the break. This is a great task for Tuesday morning; by Thursday, you probably won’t have time.
  1. Map out your photocopy needs for January.
    The week before break often means there are extra volunteers in the building who might be available to do your copy jobs. It’s also a time when others are not focused on this behemoth task. While there may be a line at the copier for those holiday word search puzzles, your meatier curricular materials are likely to get first dibs. At the very least, if you know what your copying needs are likely to be for January, you can reserve some paper ahead of time. This is true of bigger, third-quarter projects, too. If you know you’ll be doing a research project that has lots of handouts, pull your folder now. You’ll appreciate this later. Remember to write clear instructions if holiday volunteers are doing your work, though. The few extra minutes to clearly explain in writing can save time, paper, toner, and increase self-esteem for everyone involved.

Really Great Products for a Really Great Return to School
There’s still time to treat yourself to some just-for-you supplies to get your new semester off to a fresh and productive start. Once you’re rested, you’ll be ready to jump right in. These tools will help keep your own work organized.

Modern Desk Accessories
MCRDSJT5-2T   MCRDSKC5-2T Modern Desk Set Kids Colors  Modern Desk Set Jewel Tone

  • Want to spruce up you desk with new desk accessories after winter break? These desk sets are fantastic ways to spend a holiday gift card to treat yourself to gifts you’ll use each day.
  • Stapler, cup, tape dispenser, and supplies tray each come in two different colors.
  • Check out the two choices for those much-needed tissue box covers, too.
  • There are four different sets to choose from as well as color-coordinated product mixes with journals and more.
  • Each desk accessory is also sold separately.

Travel Kit for Teachers
Teacher Travel Kit

  • As a teacher, you’re always on the go. In today’s world, anywhere is your classroom! “From classroom to classroom, hallway to hallway, or school to school. . .” this Travel Kit For Teachers is packed with tools you’ll need.
  • This 7-in-1 kit includes a stapler, staples, sticky notes, paper clips, rubber bands, a hole puncher, and a tape dispenser.
  • The kit snaps tightly closed, making this a great commuter item, too.

Cool Teacher Pocket Folders
Pocket Folders

  • Start the new semester with a fresh set of teacher pocket folders. Keep your organization at peak level with these Cool Teacher Pocket Folders!
  • These versatile folders have many uses. Upcoming Events for announcements and flyers about school events; School Information for the info you need at your fingertips like fire drills, allergies, etc; Schedule and Memos for special event schedules; and Substitute Teacher for checklists and instructions that are always prepped so the substitute only needs to locate your lesson plan for the day; everything else is tucked in this folder.
  • Read the “Wordle” style designs of each folder for ideas and suggestions of relevant documents to include in each.

This Week’s List of Many Colors!
This week before winter break is bound to be action packed. Chances are, you’ll have more on your to-do list both at school and at home than you can possibly accomplish. Keep priorities in focus by highlighting your list in three colors: one for MUST DO activities with deadlines attached to them, another color for less urgent, yet important activities that will make a difference in the long run, and finally, a third color for those nice-to-accomplish-but-not-vital” actions.

Seeing your list in this way will help reduce your stress and keep you on target to achieve top results. This is a significant way to get your winter break off to a terrific start. By spending your time this week focused on the right work for now and the start of the next semester, you’ll kick off your break feeling proud and accomplished. Can you think of two better gifts to give to yourself and your students?

Be on the lookout for 5 MORE tips for the last day before break. Until then, what tips would you add to the tips listed in this post? What pre-break habits work for you? We want to hear from you.

DAY 8: Get 20% Off All Modern Desk Sets and Individual Modern Desk Accessories!

Teacher Peach 12 Days DAY 8 Peach

The Day 8 Deal for the 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts is all about products that are both modern and productive!

Modern Desk Set with Achoo Modern Desk Set 

Day 8: Brighten Up Any Desk with These Modern Desk Accessories!
Teacher Peach continues our 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts countdown with this amazing deal of 20% off on ALL Modern Desk Sets and Individual Accessories! These are so fun, you’ll want them all!

Modern Desk Accessory Features:

Modern Desk Set Kids Colors Modern Desk Set Jewel Tone

  • Each product is sold individually and part of an economical four-piece set. There are two four-piece sets to choose from, one in “kid colors” (left) and the other in “jewel tones” (right).
  • The stapler takes regular-sized staples (not included) and opens to allow for flat tacking onto bulletin boards.
  • The tape dispenser features a non-slip base, perfect for one-handed taping needs.
  • The supplies holder has sections perfectly sized for post-it notes, paper clips, tacks, rubber bands, and more!
  • The roomy cup holds all writing instruments, scissors, letter openers, etc.

Set Up for Success With Bigger Sets, Too!

Modern Desk Set with Achoo Modern Desk Set with Achoo

  • These two five-piece desk sets come with everything in the above sets, along with a white tissue box made to fit over standard-sized tissue boxes.
  • These desk sets come in the same colors as the above sets; “kids colors” (left) and “jewel tones” (right).
  • Check out the special tissue box cover in the “kid color” set! This clever play on words is sure to make any teacher or student smile, especially during cold and flu season. It reads: “Got an AH-CHOO? Take a TEACH-CHOO!”

Teachers, designers, crafters, and other creative people will adore this vivid workspace makeover! Transform their entire workspace with these clever desk sets that add both functionality and a pop of color!

As our 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts continues to organize these amazing savings, we hope you’ll order these accessories to start off your new year in an organized way, too. By set or by piece, if you like these modern desk accessories and sets, we want to hear from you! Which items did you purchase? How do they look in your work area? Send us pictures!

It’s a Wrap!
Pop a bow onto these incredible desk accessory gift items, ideal for teachers and students alike. These universal desk accessories definitely make the perfect gift! The individual pieces make great stocking suffers for your most creative friends and family members! In these vivid colors and at these holiday prices, you’ll want to collect them all!

Holiday Modern Desk Set

Check out all of the amazing Teacher Peach products, savings, and expedited shipping options at our website, teacherpeach.com!

If you place an order by 12/17, you can still take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING offer and receive your order by 12/24!

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 12.29.35 PM

Check back tomorrow for the next deal of the 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts! We’ve got something perfect for all of those “colorful” (hint hint) teaching moments!

5 Tips for Finding Meaningful and Appropriate Teacher Gifts

The holiday gift-giving season is the perfect time for teacher appreciation. However, many families struggle to find appropriate teacher gifts for teachers. Some schools designate room representatives to collect money on a voluntary basis for a class teacher gift. Other schools leave teacher appreciation gifts up to individuals. Some families give teacher gifts; others don’t.

To show your teachers that your family appreciates them this holiday season, this article will help you choose terrific teacher gifts. Teacher Peach knows what teachers like, so our five tips for finding meaningful and appropriate teacher gifts will help you choose special and meaningful teacher gifts for the range of teachers on your list.

Four Typical Teacher Gift Categories
Typical teacher appreciation gifts fall into four main types, each with PROs and CONs. Review these common options before delving into the five tips. Looking first at what doesn’t always work will help you select an option that does work for your teachers!

  1. The Generic Gift Card
    With collected money, classroom representatives often purchase generic gift cards from major credit card companies or chain stores.
    PROs: These cards are easy to find, easy to give, and easy for teachers to spend almost anywhere. You don’t need to know anything about the teachers to choose this gift option.
    CONs: A generic gift card is impersonal. Teachers often spend these gift cards immediately—on gifts for other people, not on themselves! Gift cards may offset holiday budget concerns, but they disappear quickly and teachers often end up with only receipts to remind them of your gesture.
  2. The Handmade Gift
    Pinterest boards brim with ideas for handmade holiday teacher gifts. Many involve ready-made office supplies or foods wrapped with clever wording to personalize them. “You’re one smart cookie!” might be the tag for cookies or “You’re a sharp teacher!” might top a set of Sharpie® markers.
    PROs: Making gifts can be fun for some. Cookies are popular handmade gifts. A handmade scarf might also be fun.
    CONs: Handmade gifts are often pricier than they seem. By the time you buy ingredients and supplies and make gifts, dollars and hours can expand—at an already busy time of year. Homemade gifts are often consumable and, as with the generic gift card, are often shared by teachers with family and friends. Some schools have no-food policies, too.
  3. A Teacher-Specific Trinket
    You’ll find what some consider humorous teacher trinkets and gifts. Many poke gentle fun at teaching. A T-shirt for math teachers might read, “I’ve got problems! I teach math!” Other items might include ornaments or mugs with apples, ABCs, or 123s, reading “World’s Best Teacher.” Some can be personalized: “Mr. Harris, World’s Best Teacher.”
    PROs: These gifts focus on the teacher’s profession and may be perceived as more thoughtful than generic gifts. They’re also inexpensive. If you know teachers well enough to know such gifts would entertain, they may be good options.
    CONs: Not every teacher appreciates this type of gift. Most teachers and schools strive to present highly professional and positive images. Some of these gifts might be seen as presenting the profession in a pejorative way. Others may appear too juvenile for teachers to display or carry. As one teacher said, “Just because I love teaching kindergarten doesn’t mean I want to ride the train with a bag covered in handprints and stick figures.” To personalize a gift often takes extra time so plan ahead; adding a teacher’s name makes the gift non-returnable and non-exchangeable.
  4. A Personal Item
    Sweet Sips Water BottlesIf you know what interests the teachers on your list, personal items can be great gestures. Scarves and gloves are great for dismissal and recess. A book about rock climbing shows an avid climber/teacher you respect his/her outside interests. Tote bags, water bottles, and tech gear appeal to many teachers. Some have positive messages about teaching, too. Sweet Sips™ water bottles keep drinks hot for 6 hours and cold for 12; reading: “I THIRST for knowledge.”
    PROs: These gifts signal you know the teachers in your world. Scarves fit most people. If you include a gift receipt, items may usually be returned.
    CONs: When teachers share their interests, many in the class know about it. You could end up giving your horse-loving teacher one of seven horse motif mugs! You’ll also need to know sizes for some personal items.

5 Tips for Finding More Meaningful and Appropriate Teacher Gifts
Now that you’ve reviewed the more typical gifts, consider these 5 tips for finding meaningful and appropriate teacher gifts. Gift givers want to find just the right gifts for the teachers who teach their children.

  1. Wish Lists Help Everyone!
    Both families and teachers love wish lists. Gift givers like buying from wish lists and teachers enjoy receiving gifts they really want. It means a lot to teachers to be asked to choose gifts that really appeal. It’s good to preview and provide links to one or two website wish lists to help teachers feel comfortable their choices are within your budget. Share work-related, not personal, wish list links like this link from teacherpeach.com, a great source for really great teacher gifts and accessories for really great teachers. This site helps you appropriately express your teacher appreciation this holiday season.

    Teacher Peach Wish List

    Check out the Wishlist link at the bottom of our website, teacherpeach.com. Use this private wishlist to select items that appeal to you. Once you have settled on your favorites, share them with friends, your family, and even with those student families that may ask what you’d like for the holiday. Because our wishlist is just for you, consider some of these options as ways to share out your finalists. It’s easy to make a Pinterest board of your favorites by clicking on the little red Pinterest graphic that appears on each product page or send screen shots or product links in an email. However you opt to do it, by making a few selections of your favorite gift ideas from Teacher Peach, you’ll set the stage for everyone to enjoy the holiday season—including you!

  1. Pool Resources for Bigger Gifts
    Get together with other families to pool resources and purchase a more robust teacher’s gift set. Some sets, like the ones shown below, contain products for teachers, students, and classrooms. These gifts send supportive messages, adding value to teachers and students.
    Teacher Peach Gift SetTeacher Gift Set
  1. Say the Word(s)!
    If your budget won’t permit purchased or handmade teacher gifts, use words to send great messages. Help kids make lists of adjectives to describe their teachers’ qualities. Make lists of 12 Compliments, one for each day of the holidays. Have kids write 26 words about teachers—A to Z. The right words can make meaningful teacher gifts.
  1. Be a Gift Detective
    Pop into class to scope out what’s missing on the teacher’s desk. Would a new stapler or “TEACH-CHOO!” tissue box spruce things up? How about an entire desk set?
    Teacher Peach Desk Set
    Do you notice color-coding? Do bulletin boards indicate a creative streak? Would Sharpie® marker sets and cool pocket folders be great additions?
    Teacher's Only Marker SetPocket Folders
    Do you spot a picture of a cat or recall your child sharing stories about his teacher’s big black lab? Gifts for a teacher’s furry friend is a great way to express thanks. The Real Teacher’s Pet™ products are just such a product line.
    Teacher Peach's Pet Products
    Watch teachers leaving school. Would a snazzy “I Teach.” Jumbo Tote complete her professional look? Totes make great teacher appreciation gifts.
    Teacher Peach JUMBO TOTETeacher Peach Jumbo Rainbow Black Tote
  1. Choose Teacher Gift Certificates from a Teacher-Centric Gift Store
    Choosing appropriate teacher gifts can be tough, but not impossible. What if you’ve reviewed teacher wish lists, chatted with other families, attempted thank-you lists, applied your best detective skills, and still can’t decide what teacher gift to choose for teachers who really matter? What if you’re just pressed for time? Choose gift certificates from a teacher-centric store to ensure the really great teachers in your world can make their own really great gift choices! Teacher Peach offers gift certificates in any dollar amounts for just such situations.
    Teacher Gift Certificate

Put a Bow On Teacher Appreciation Gifts
From wish lists to tote bags and other teacher accessories, there are many meaningful ways to show teacher appreciation with great teacher gifts this holiday season. By planning ahead to take advantage of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other holiday deals, you can explore terrific teacher gift options—and save money. No matter what approach you choose, you’re not only expressing teacher appreciation—you’re also showing your kids that teachers give great gifts to your family every day.

Have other ideas for teacher gifts? Share your teacher gift-giving strategies here.

Five Winning Strategies for a Great Go-to-School Night

For many teachers, Go-to-School Night is stressful, exhausting, and nerve-wracking. While some veteran teachers know exactly how to craft an impeccable 90-minute experience for the important adults in the lives of their students, this one evening can be extremely draining for many new and seasoned teachers alike—and it’s on a school night! So, to help you get the best results from your Go-to-School Night, check out these Five Winning Strategies.

Strategy 1: First Impressions Work Both Ways
Most likely you will be meeting some families for the first time while others may be long-time families with whom you have a history from having taught an older sibling. To be sure you put your best foot forward, Continue reading “Five Winning Strategies for a Great Go-to-School Night”

Go-to-School Night—Strategies for Success

Preparing for Go-to-School Night
Go-to-School Night is one of the first and most powerful chances you have as a teacher to create a great first impression with the Ps & Gs* (parents and guardians) of your new class (or classes) of students. Often, this hectic, anxiety-filled night comes much earlier in the new school year than many teachers might like. Other teachers, however, are just happy to have this night in their rearview mirror as quickly as possible. Either way, it’s important to best use this night to kick off great relationships with these Ps & Gs for the year ahead.

To prepare for Go-to-School Night, consider these strategies for success: Continue reading “Go-to-School Night—Strategies for Success”

Success Starts with a Smartly Arranged Classroom

A new school year means a new start for you, your students, and your classroom. HOW you arrange WHERE you teach is important. As teachers stream into schools to unroll posters from last year, make new locker signs, and set up classroom spaces, it’s an excellent time to consider something new. Just because you always had the word wall by the door doesn’t mean it has to go there again. Give your classroom—and yourself—a fresh new set up.

Big Goals Set Your Stage
First, articulate your big goals for the year. If you are teaching a new grade level this year, goal setting will be a natural part of your planning steps. If you are returning Continue reading “Success Starts with a Smartly Arranged Classroom”