DAY 8: Get 20% Off All Modern Desk Sets and Individual Modern Desk Accessories!

Teacher Peach 12 Days DAY 8 Peach

The Day 8 Deal for the 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts is all about products that are both modern and productive!

Modern Desk Set with Achoo Modern Desk Set 

Day 8: Brighten Up Any Desk with These Modern Desk Accessories!
Teacher Peach continues our 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts countdown with this amazing deal of 20% off on ALL Modern Desk Sets and Individual Accessories! These are so fun, you’ll want them all!

Modern Desk Accessory Features:

Modern Desk Set Kids Colors Modern Desk Set Jewel Tone

  • Each product is sold individually and part of an economical four-piece set. There are two four-piece sets to choose from, one in “kid colors” (left) and the other in “jewel tones” (right).
  • The stapler takes regular-sized staples (not included) and opens to allow for flat tacking onto bulletin boards.
  • The tape dispenser features a non-slip base, perfect for one-handed taping needs.
  • The supplies holder has sections perfectly sized for post-it notes, paper clips, tacks, rubber bands, and more!
  • The roomy cup holds all writing instruments, scissors, letter openers, etc.

Set Up for Success With Bigger Sets, Too!

Modern Desk Set with Achoo Modern Desk Set with Achoo

  • These two five-piece desk sets come with everything in the above sets, along with a white tissue box made to fit over standard-sized tissue boxes.
  • These desk sets come in the same colors as the above sets; “kids colors” (left) and “jewel tones” (right).
  • Check out the special tissue box cover in the “kid color” set! This clever play on words is sure to make any teacher or student smile, especially during cold and flu season. It reads: “Got an AH-CHOO? Take a TEACH-CHOO!”

Teachers, designers, crafters, and other creative people will adore this vivid workspace makeover! Transform their entire workspace with these clever desk sets that add both functionality and a pop of color!

As our 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts continues to organize these amazing savings, we hope you’ll order these accessories to start off your new year in an organized way, too. By set or by piece, if you like these modern desk accessories and sets, we want to hear from you! Which items did you purchase? How do they look in your work area? Send us pictures!

It’s a Wrap!
Pop a bow onto these incredible desk accessory gift items, ideal for teachers and students alike. These universal desk accessories definitely make the perfect gift! The individual pieces make great stocking suffers for your most creative friends and family members! In these vivid colors and at these holiday prices, you’ll want to collect them all!

Holiday Modern Desk Set

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Check back tomorrow for the next deal of the 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts! We’ve got something perfect for all of those “colorful” (hint hint) teaching moments!

Day 4: 20% Off ALL Teacher Gift Sets!

Teacher Peach 12 Days Sale Day 4

The Day 4 Deal for the 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts!
20% off ALL Teacher Gift Sets!

Teacher Peach Gift Set MCRDSKC5-2T Purple IT Set

Primarily Speaking  Clear Your Mind Gift Set Teachers Create Gift Set

Day 4: Teacher Gift Sets will “set” you up with great holiday gifts for all the teachers you know!
Teacher Peach continues our 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts countdown with Day 4’s fabulous deal: 20% off our entire line of amazing Teacher Gift Sets! In fact, some of these gift sets make incredible gifts for more than the teachers on your list.

The many gift sets on sale include the items seen above, and so many more! To tempt you to hop over to to see the entire array of gift sets on sale, check out just three of these six gift sets. The Prepare-on-the-Go Gift Set, the Purple IT Bag Gift Set, and the Clear Your Mind Gift Set will give you a glimpse of the wide range of offerings that are on sale today. You’ll notice that the IT Bag Gift Set works beautifully from office to college campus, too. Remember, today’s deal is just starting here! Teacher Peach’s entire line of gift sets qualifies for this 20% savings!

Need even more motivation to shop? How about somewhere to jot down all your awesome ideas? Or even thinking ahead to summer (already)? Whatever the case, these gift sets have something for everyone. In addition to a wide array of accessories and products, each gift set has a message that’s sure to make you smile, fill teachers with pride, or just state the obvious in a graphically attractive manner.

Details about a Few Gift Sets
Here are just a few of the details about a couple of the gift sets showcased in this post. Go to for a closer look at the many different gift set options we offer.

Teacher Peach Gift Set

The Prepare-on-the-Go Gift Set includes:

  • The top selling “I Teach.” jumbo tote, made of black microfiber with gray and white trim.
  • “Quick Notes Home” tablets, which help teachers quickly and effectively communicate.
  • A lined version of “Quick Notes Home” for personal and specific messages.
  • The “Quick Notes Home Checklist” that allows teachers to quickly check a few boxes and send important messages home.
  • “My Own Note Home, Oops!” tablets save time for busy teachers because even new little writers can take responsibility for their forgotten items and write their own reminders for snow pants, library books, or forgotten snacks.
  • The popular best-selling 7-in-1 Travel Kit, featuring a stapler, staples, sticky notes, paper clips, rubber bands, a hole puncher, and a tape dispenser to keep all the tools at the fingertips of fast moving teachers.
  • 5 Sharpie® markers in red, orange, lime green, bright blue, and purple that read “Teachers Only” so kids are clear that the permanent markers are off limits.
  • “Every Teacher’s Pocket Journal” is perfect and portable for all those great ideas that can pop into mind anytime.

Purple IT Set

The Purple IT Bag Gift Set includes:

  • The “IT’s in the bag!” tote bag, brimming with many pockets, inside and out, for anything you need to keep track of.
  • Green Epic Earbuds are designed to fit the geometry of the ear, so that they really do help to “Tune IT out!”
  • A bright orange cell phone card case has a 3M backing that’s designed not to leave residue, so “IT’s all in hand!”
  • A set of 12 colorful Chat Bubble greeting cards, 2 of each clever design, with envelopes.
  • Colorful sticky notes that will help anyone “Stick to IT!”

Clear Your Mind Gift Set

The Clear Your Mind Gift Set includes:

  • A clear tote bag with red trim that reads, “Let me make this perfectly clear!”
  • Highlighters in four fluorescent inks: green, blue, orange, and pink.
  • Four-piece clip set helps keeps school papers together.
    • The yellow star reads: “Great Work!”
    • The red heart reads: “Love This!”
    • The green house reads: “Papers to Send Home!”
    • The purple light bulb reads: “New Big Ideas!”
  • A Fidget for Your Digits Tangle™ fidget to help relieve stress by transforming the tangle into countless shapes!
  • The “Clearly this is my stuff!” clear bag, roomy enough for tech gear, writing supplies, or cosmetics.
  • The “Quench” plastic, double wall to-go cup, complete with lid and matching straw.
  • A set of 10 Thank You Note Cards, that read “A very big Thanks from your teacher!” Envelopes included.
  • A metallic gold star shaped stress ball to inspire students, children, and friends alike.

While we’ve only given you a peek into a few of the gift sets, these details provide a clear sense of the range of options. Each one’s different so check these out at There’s bound to be a gift set for most everyone on your list. Looking for a smaller gift and like pieces and parts of these gift sets? That’s easy to do. Just go to and you’ll find each item is individually.

As our 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts continues on its “set” course of savings, we want to hear from you! Which sets did you purchase or add to your wish list and why? Send us pictures! Do you have an idea for a gift set you don’t yet see at Teacher Peach? Just tell us what you’re thinking about and we’ll quickly share it with our creative team. We’re actively planning our Teacher Appreciation products. Who better to tell us what you’d like to see?

It’s a Wrap!
Please understand that we pack all of our gift set items individually for maximum shipping safety. That’s why we do not pre-assemble or arrange the items as a gift set before shipping. We want every aspect of your gift set to be in top condition when it gets to you!

Here are a few tips for some clever, gift-y ways that you might want to organize these items to give to your favorite teacher or other gift set recipient—

  • Pop all the goodies exactly as you receive them in a big gift bag that’s billowing with tissue.
  • Unwrap and unzip the tote bag. Fill it with all the other goodies and tie a colorful bow on the tote handle.
  • Wrap each item individually and number the presents like a scavenger hunt, beginning or ending with the tote.

Teachers Create Red Set IMG_0870 (1)

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Check back tomorrow for Day 5’s “sweet sip-sation” of a deal (hint hint) as the 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts continues!