Opposite Day Ideas for Your Classroom

Teacher Peach OPPOSITE DAYUp/down. Left/right. Open/closed. Yes/no. Yep, you guessed it. Opposite Day is upon us. January 25th is National Opposite Day. What are you doing in your classroom to celebrate this day?

Whether your whole school observes Opposite Day or you are just looking for fun activity or two to heat up your classroom in the middle of January, there are plenty of ideas out there to help. Teacher Peach did a bit of detective work to find some quick activities and worksheets that you can use help incorporate Opposite Day into your classroom. Check these out—or don’t, as we say in the land of oppo-speak!

Opposite Day Lesson Plans and Activities
When looking for activity ideas, Scholastic and PBS have some great resources. We found some sample activities from them as well as from a few other resources.

Free Printables from Around the Internet
With just a few clicks, you’re sure to find some easy Opposite Day printable worksheets and flash cards. These will save you a search.

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Have a great Opposite Day on Monday. Share your action plan here!


Map Out Your CCSS Game Plan

Infusing the Common Core State Standards has become a reality in today’s classroom. Unlike the back-to-school activities that are one-time-only actions, tackling the Common Core State Standards is an ongoing, ever-evolving process—a process that will take longer than one school year to fully master. However, even though the Common Core State Standards journey is a long one, you can effectively build a strategy that allows you to build powerful lesson plans that incorporate the evolving standards year after year.

Cover the Basics
Start with the present. Get organized with everything you’ll need
 to make this year a success. Find any new resources you’ll need to
 start this year’s Common Core Implementation Planning. Create folders for all of your important files. Talk to peers about which organizational tools help them the most. Get ready to start recording your journey.

For each month of the school year, Continue reading “Map Out Your CCSS Game Plan”

Smart Risks Help Teachers Grow, Too

Last Year’s Clarity, This Year’s Questions
For many teachers, the end of July is often the only time of year when a rare reflective sliver of time surfaces. It’s the one time of year when teachers can pause, look back, and gear up for the coming school year—from a distance. The new students, new issues, and new pressures are not yet crystallized. This space in between last year’s realities and the potentials of the coming year can provide a crisp blank canvas upon which to paint your vision for the new school year. Many teachers embrace this unique chance to see their school year through a reflective lens.

As you look ahead to the upcoming 2015–2016 school year, look for Continue reading “Smart Risks Help Teachers Grow, Too”