Caroline Campaigns for Kindness!

Meet Our Third High 5 Winner, Caroline S.
Elementary School Principal


Teacher Peach is pleased to present the third winner of Teacher Peach’s “Granting Teacher Goals!” High 5 Initiative, Caroline S.!

Caroline S. teaches her 2nd-4th grade students the importance of empathy with The Great Kindness Challenge! In an effort to banish bullying and create a positive school culture, Caroline and her terrific teach-mates have initiated a kindness movement. Students become engaged with activities such as creating kindness kits, fliers, posters, and decorating classroom doors. Their kindness kits include thank-you cards, decorated heart shapes, painted posters, etc. all created by students. This project goes beyond the classroom as students deliver their kindness kits to community service groups including the local police and fire department, the Mayor’s office, and more!  

Our revered judge, LeeAndra Khan, explains why The Great Kindness Challenge is such an important addition to the High 5 winning initiatives. “Schools should aim to educate the whole student. Having students exercise their voices to prevent bullying is a great step toward promoting empathy and tolerance. Students gain leadership skills and also learn the importance of collaboration. Adding the community engagement piece to the project helps students to understand their role in the larger community.”

Caroline Says . . .
We had the privilege of interviewing Caroline about her experiences in education and her goals for her project. Here’s what she had to say . . .

TP: How long have you been teaching?
CS: I have been a teacher for 19 years and an administrator for 5 years.  I am truly a teacher at heart! I love teaching students and teachers, and even teach night classes at a local college.  

TP: Why did you become a teacher?
CS: I feel like I was born to teach. I have always been involved with kids—babysitting, religious school, and tutoring.  I knew I could make a difference and would enjoy a career in teaching.  

TP: What are the most inspiring aspects of teaching for you?
CS: The most inspiring aspects of teaching are the “light-bulb moments” I see when a child finally catches on to a certain skill or strategy. Students show their appreciation with hugs and I love you’s.  This keeps me striving to be the best I can be for kids.

TP: How do you think this project will impact your students and what outcomes are you hoping to achieve?
CS: The Great Kindness Challenge has always been a very successful week of creating a culture of kindness [in our school]. I notice a decline in discipline referrals because students focus on being kind to one another.  This positive bullying prevention initiative is powerful as students have an opportunity each day to expand their compassion and learn about about other cultures and needs throughout the world.  There’s a huge impact on our community as local law enforcement officers, fire fighters, mental health providers, the town mayor, and many others come to school on Monday morning to help us kick off the great kindness challenge. Kindness quotes, kindness stations, lunch buddies, and a service project are just a few of the exciting activities that students participate in during the week. We’re excited for next time.

TP: What advice would you have for other teachers?
CS: Teaching is an incredibly complex endeavor. No one has it nailed. There are always ways to get better for students. I would remind teachers that whoever is doing the reading, writing, and talking is doing the thinking. Learning is a consequence of thinking. Teachers should provide time everyday for students to read, write, and discuss their thinking. We are smarter together. We need to collaborate with our colleagues and our students. Focus on relationships. You will get so much more from your students if they know you love them.  

Inspired by Caroline?
Teacher Peach is proud to help Caroline continue to bring The Great Kindness Challenge to her students and community. This educational project not only encourages students to become a ‘buddy not a bully’, it also encourages them to share the good will with others! In addition to the $100 award, Teacher Peach is also sharing some awesome products with Caroline and her students.

Check out just a few of these Teacher Peach products Caroline will use to help her students ‘catch some kindness’!

Quench Cups

Stress Balls

Mega Stickers

Dry Erase Clips

Common Core State Standards Kit for Success

Teacher Peach Writing Tools

Little Black Notebooks

Take a Peek!
Caroline was kind enough to share a recent The Great Kindness Challenge with us in these beautiful photos!

What ideas does Caroline’s project spark for you? How could you create or adapt a project like this for your students? What spaces surround your classroom that could be enlivened by the creativity of your kids?

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Families and Teachers Know Gratitude as an Attitude Gets It All Done!

Thanksgiving and National Family Week All in One
To say this week before Thanksgiving is a busy week is an understatement for families and teachers! In addition to all of the events associated with Thanksgiving, this week is also known as National Family Week. If you’re wondering how to add one more celebratory event to your list, consider this simple way to capture the essence of both Thanksgiving and National Family Week.

From completing schoolwork, preparing for family celebrations, and in many cases, packing for holiday travel, families and teachers are stretched to the max with endless details. In the wee small hours of the morning, we make list after list of things to be done before Thursday’s Thanksgiving celebration. From school art projects to table decorations, Thanksgiving is a time of actions and activities for everyone in the family. It’s easy to become overwhelmed. Adding actions to acknowledge National Family Week can feel like too much.

A Gratitude Attitude: The Common Denominator
When you focus on what really matters for Thanksgiving and National Family Week, one common denominator makes it easy to combine both special events. A Gratitude Attitude does the trick.

  • It’s not about the brine on the turkey so much as it’s about having a healthy family to sit around the table. Stop to be grateful.
  • It’s not about finding parking for the tree lighting ceremony so much as it’s about seeing those lights reflected in the amazing looks on your kids’ faces. Stop to be grateful.
  • It’s not about the traffic jam leaving the city so much as it’s about the fact that your family has somewhere to go in a nice warm car. Stop to be grateful.
  • It’s not about delayed flights so much as it’s about living in a place where we can travel safely and freely from place to place. Stop to be grateful.
  • It’s not so much about wedging in that last art project of pilgrim hats from your lesson plan so much as it’s about the chance to teach kids to find their own gratitude attitude. Stop to be grateful.

A Gratitude Attitude Diffuses Stress
If you are feeling stressed, stop. Take one moment to acknowledge the many aspects of your life that deserve your gratitude. You’ll be amazed at how quickly stress evaporates. Adopting a Gratitude Attitude helps put stress into perspective. Being thankful for all of the good takes energy and focus—and where better to pull that energy and focus from than the stressful events that had been draining you? If you let your Gratitude Attitude shine through, you’ll notice you cannot feel gratitude and anger at the same time.

A Gratitude Attitude is Contagious!
With a Gratitude Attitude, your cup will seem instantly half full. You’ll also notice that when you articulate something you’re grateful for, you’re likely to catch the attention of those around you. With your Gratitude Attitude at front and center, you gain the power to help those around you tap into their own Gratitude Attitudes! Gratitude is catchy and it spreads every time to share some of yours.

Share Some Gratitude
As teachers and families, there are many ways to instill a Gratitude Attitude in kids—especially at the time of year. Consider these suggestions between now and the end of the year:

  1. Be a strong role model: Choose a consistent time each day to share one thing that you are grateful for with your own kids. Around the breakfast or dinner table, in the car after school, or as backpacks are assembled are simple times to weave this in.
  2. Encourage kids to find their own Gratitude Attitudes: Assign one student the honor of finding and sharing one example of a Gratitude Attitude each day. Give kids notice or assign in advance a child for a given day.
  3. Make gratitude a habit: By folding in the Gratitude Attitude to daily actions, you’ll help students form this habit.
  4. Show visual reminders: With all that’s going on, reminders help us tap into our Gratitude Attitudes. Use the freebie posters included in this blog to print out visual reminders. Tack one on the classroom door, by the cubbies, in your own line of vision during the day, and near the sink or the student mailboxes. At home, pop one on the bathroom mirror and the refrigerator door! You’ll be amazed at how much these reminders help spark your Gratitude Attitude.
  5. Choose give back times carefully: This time of year is a popular time for giving back. It can seem like everyone’s asking you to create a giving project, donate mittens, add a toy to their drive, or to figure out another way to help students grasp the need to give and share. Thanksgiving is a great time of year for this, yet so are the other 364 days! If this time proves too hectic for you, choose a different time. Valentine’s Day, Earth Day, and the end of the school year are also great times to set up a give back project.

Gratitude Attitude Freebie Posters
Enjoy these Gratitude Attitude freebie posters. Print them, post them, share them, and make them into screensavers! These are just a few of the quotations our team collects and designs for teachers and families to enjoy as part of our PeachQuotes Studio™.

PeachQuotes Studio Gratitude PeachQuotes Studio Gratitude PeachQuotes Studio Gratitude

Teacher Gifts Show Gratitude, Too
If you want to help your child show gratitude to a special teacher during this holiday season, browse for many products that focus on gratitude. These special gifts are economical ways to express your gratitude to those who do so much for our kids.

Teacher Peach Ornaments      SPIRAL NOTEBOOK JOURNAL

Our Own Gratitude Attitude
While Teacher Peach makes really great accessory products for really great teachers, during this busy time of year, the most important accessory you can choose is your Gratitude Attitude! As Teacher Peach embarks on this busy holiday season beginning with Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we are sporting our own Gratitude Attitude.

We express our gratefulness to our many readers of and the many loyal customers of Your support of our commitment to teachers and educators means a great deal to us and keeps us going every day! Thank you. With our deepest appreciation, we wish you and your family a healthy and happy Thanksgiving week.

Check Out These Links
These four articles contain some interesting and easy-to-do ideas for helping to instill a Gratitude Attitude in kids.

To learn more about National Family Week, check out this link.



Journal Your Way to Successful Teaching and Personal Growth

The Benefits of Journaling
Many studies have highlighted the health benefits of writing in a journal. It is an excellent and often therapeutic habit to cultivate, regardless of age or vocation. As a teacher, keeping a journal is a great way to process on the go—reflect on the day, the week, the semester, and even the year. Here are a few ideas to help spark your journal writing.

Journaling as an Emotional Release
Bottling up feelings is unhealthy. As a teacher, it’s easy find yourself in situations where you have to contain your emotions and project an even-keel demeanor. While this sort of demeanor might be best in the classroom, Continue reading “Journal Your Way to Successful Teaching and Personal Growth”

Journals Send Messages to You—and Others

Why Keep a Journal?
Can you recall a lesson from last year that didn’t turn out as you’d planned? Or maybe a great lesson idea popped into your head one morning this past summer while you were drinking your coffee? As we head into August, many teachers’ minds shift toward the school year ahead. Sometimes great ideas come to us most easily when we are relaxed and refreshed—before the school year begins. Having a journal nearby can help you quickly capture those ideas whenever they pop up.

With a journal in your tote bag, you can quickly jot down ideas, plans, or even questions. Once you’ve recorded your thoughts, you can always go back to the journal to flesh out your ideas or seek out answers to your questions. We’ve been taught that brainstorming Continue reading “Journals Send Messages to You—and Others”

Smart Risks Help Teachers Grow, Too

Last Year’s Clarity, This Year’s Questions
For many teachers, the end of July is often the only time of year when a rare reflective sliver of time surfaces. It’s the one time of year when teachers can pause, look back, and gear up for the coming school year—from a distance. The new students, new issues, and new pressures are not yet crystallized. This space in between last year’s realities and the potentials of the coming year can provide a crisp blank canvas upon which to paint your vision for the new school year. Many teachers embrace this unique chance to see their school year through a reflective lens.

As you look ahead to the upcoming 2015–2016 school year, look for Continue reading “Smart Risks Help Teachers Grow, Too”

July Is Truly Teacher Rejuvenation Month

July Break Brings Teachers More Gifts Than Winter Break
A friend recently said someone suggested she become a teacher because, “After all, you only work from 8:00 to 3:00!” We shared quite a good laugh over that misconception. Perhaps that sentence might be closer to reality if that three o’clock referred to three o’clock in the morning, not in the afternoon.

Teachers put in very long days (and nights), and not just during the school year when the kids are in class. Teachers and educational administrators often finish their school year long after the students do. Many return just one day after school’s last day to begin summer school for another four to six weeks. Teachers also Continue reading “July Is Truly Teacher Rejuvenation Month”

Teachers Know It’s All About the Kids. . .

Teacher Peach knows that it IS all about the kids and that teachers underscore this belief every time they step into their classrooms. That’s why we’re committed to supporting what teachers believe and inspiring them to champion their students by creating awesome accessory products—just for teachers.

HOW We Create Teacher Gift Products
Even though summer is a quieter time for teachers, Teacher Peach is anything but. We’re in product-creation mode, big time. What teachers think matters to us—from the moment we shape an initial idea until we put each product into its shipping box. Each time we release a new product collection, we’ll take our blog readers behind the scenes to share the thinking, care, energy, research, and focus we put into the unique teacher accessories we create.

WHY This Teacher Gift Product Collection Is So Special
I’m very excited to personally describe our newest collection, Because it’s all about the kids. . .”. In today’s difficult times, teachers have to Continue reading “Teachers Know It’s All About the Kids. . .”