Putting Your Best Teacher Image Forward, Part 1

Familiar Risk-Taking Turf
In a recent blog post, we wrote about some of the risks that teachers often deliberate about taking IN their classrooms. Risks in ways to teach a concept or present a lesson are risks that feel familiar to many teachers. It’s also fairly safe. As a teacher, if you opt to teach a concept in a new way and it doesn’t work, you can quickly rectify the situation with your students and make a fast course correction without causing too many waves.

Even if others, including your students, recognize that you took a teaching risk that didn’t work, the experience can become a rich, teachable moment. When teachers share with students that risks don’t always work out the first time, teachers can Continue reading “Putting Your Best Teacher Image Forward, Part 1”

Smart Risks Help Teachers Grow, Too

Last Year’s Clarity, This Year’s Questions
For many teachers, the end of July is often the only time of year when a rare reflective sliver of time surfaces. It’s the one time of year when teachers can pause, look back, and gear up for the coming school year—from a distance. The new students, new issues, and new pressures are not yet crystallized. This space in between last year’s realities and the potentials of the coming year can provide a crisp blank canvas upon which to paint your vision for the new school year. Many teachers embrace this unique chance to see their school year through a reflective lens.

As you look ahead to the upcoming 2015–2016 school year, look for Continue reading “Smart Risks Help Teachers Grow, Too”