July Is Truly Teacher Rejuvenation Month

July Break Brings Teachers More Gifts Than Winter Break
A friend recently said someone suggested she become a teacher because, “After all, you only work from 8:00 to 3:00!” We shared quite a good laugh over that misconception. Perhaps that sentence might be closer to reality if that three o’clock referred to three o’clock in the morning, not in the afternoon.

Teachers put in very long days (and nights), and not just during the school year when the kids are in class. Teachers and educational administrators often finish their school year long after the students do. Many return just one day after school’s last day to begin summer school for another four to six weeks. Teachers also Continue reading “July Is Truly Teacher Rejuvenation Month”

Great Social Emotional Support for Teachers Has Durable Handles

Brill-3490Welcome to the Teacher Peach Blog
Hello. I’m delighted for this chance to formally introduce myself. I’m Randi Brill and I have an incredible job. I lead an awesome company called Teacher Peach. We create amazing accessory products. My official title is Chief Peach. My less-than-official subtitle, and we all have them, is Creative Wizard and Stuff Maker. As the holder of both of these titles, I have the privilege of designing, crafting, producing, and delivering professional, appropriate, and appealing accessory products. I create these products for people who do extremely important work—often with far less appreciation and respect than they deserve. These people do some of the most important work there is—they teach.

The teachers for whom I design teach our kids so very much more than to read, write, add, and subtract. These curricular areas are only the beginning for great teachers. Today’s great teachers also empower our children to think for themselves, make wise Continue reading “Great Social Emotional Support for Teachers Has Durable Handles”