DAY 7: Keep Your Teacher’s Pet in PETicular Style with our Teacher’s Pet Line—20% OFF Today!

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The Day 7 Deal for The 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts means PETicularly special gifts for your favorite teachers—and their favorite teacher’s pets!

Teacher's Pet Ceramic Dog Bowl Real Teacher's Pet Collar Real Teacher's Pet Dog Hoodie

Day 7 Means PURRfect Gifts!
This Day 7 deal is all about gifts that teachers will love to use every day. Teachers are dedicated to their students and strive to treat all of them equally—no favorites there. But, at home, teachers can and should show favoritism toward their furry friends, The Real Teacher’s Pets! As Teacher Peach continues the 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts countdown, PETicipate in this amazing deal. Save 20% on our entire line of The Real Teacher’s Pet™ items!

The line includes bowls for dogs and cats, collars in multiple sizes, bandanas, a leash, as well as jerseys and hoodies in multiple sizes. You’ll also love the portable water bowl and food dish! Items even have a PETriotic flair with many coming in red or blue. The Real Teacher’s Pet™ products are perfect for pets of any size!

What better way to thank your favorite teachers than to acknowledge those who really matter to the teachers who matter to you?

The Real Teacher’s Pet™ Line Features:

Food Bowls

Teacher's Pet Ceramic Dog Bowl Teacher's Pet Ceramic Cat Bowl

  • This ceramic bowl is perfect for a PETpourri of pet food menu items!
  • The Real Teacher’s Pet™ logo appears in a colorful rainbow design that adds a dash of color to any furry friend’s dining area.
  • The bowl comes in two sizes so that all your pets can dine in style, big or small!
  • Frequent traveler? Don’t forget to check out the travel bowls; these are perfect on the go!

Leashes and Collars

Teacher's Pet Leash Teacher's Pet Collar

  • Both the leash and the collar read The Real Teacher’s Pet™, just so everyone knows these furry friends rank high on your teacher’s list.
  • Durable and colorful, these products are heavy-duty, keeping even the most energetic friends at your side.
  • Pair these two snazzy and practical items together to keep your pet safely within walking distance.

PURRfectly Stylish Pet Wearables!

TRTPH-2T Teacher's Pet Dog Jersey Teacher's Pet Bandana

  • Keep your pet warm on brisk morning walks with the fleece-lined hoodie! It even has a leash outlet for optimal functionality.
  • The “Number 1” jersey will make every teacher’s pet a stand out for school spirit days, “bring your pet to work” days, or at the dog park.
  • Both the hoodie and jersey come in four sizes and two colors to create the most PAWSitively PURRfect ensemble.
  • Even in summer, style is easy with the bandana! In two colors and two sizes, the fashionable accessory fits over most collars to easily stay in place.

Make sure your teachers and their favorite pets are happy, warm, and stylish; it’s easy with The Real Teacher’s Pet™ line! With the holidays coming up, be sure your teachers and their favorite pets are at the top of your holiday list!

As our 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts continues, we’ll offer incredible daily deals to PURRchase at We want to hear from you! Which items did you purchase? How did you pair them together to make every teacher’s pet on your list the true favorite? Send us pictures!

It’s a Wrap!
All items are easy to wrap or fold in tissue paper to pop into a gift bag. You might also want to slip the hoodie or the jersey onto your pet for the PURRfect messenger to your special gift delivery. You can even pop a bow on their head for a holiday decoration. Any item from The Real Teacher’s Pet™ line is a gift that is active, cuddly, and sports a PETicularly stylish holiday look!

Real Teacher's Pet

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Think “modern” for Day 8’s deal of the 12 Days of Peachy Teacher Holiday Gifts! These products will make any desk space more productive and colorful!

5 Tips for Finding Meaningful and Appropriate Teacher Gifts

The holiday gift-giving season is the perfect time for teacher appreciation. However, many families struggle to find appropriate teacher gifts for teachers. Some schools designate room representatives to collect money on a voluntary basis for a class teacher gift. Other schools leave teacher appreciation gifts up to individuals. Some families give teacher gifts; others don’t.

To show your teachers that your family appreciates them this holiday season, this article will help you choose terrific teacher gifts. Teacher Peach knows what teachers like, so our five tips for finding meaningful and appropriate teacher gifts will help you choose special and meaningful teacher gifts for the range of teachers on your list.

Four Typical Teacher Gift Categories
Typical teacher appreciation gifts fall into four main types, each with PROs and CONs. Review these common options before delving into the five tips. Looking first at what doesn’t always work will help you select an option that does work for your teachers!

  1. The Generic Gift Card
    With collected money, classroom representatives often purchase generic gift cards from major credit card companies or chain stores.
    PROs: These cards are easy to find, easy to give, and easy for teachers to spend almost anywhere. You don’t need to know anything about the teachers to choose this gift option.
    CONs: A generic gift card is impersonal. Teachers often spend these gift cards immediately—on gifts for other people, not on themselves! Gift cards may offset holiday budget concerns, but they disappear quickly and teachers often end up with only receipts to remind them of your gesture.
  2. The Handmade Gift
    Pinterest boards brim with ideas for handmade holiday teacher gifts. Many involve ready-made office supplies or foods wrapped with clever wording to personalize them. “You’re one smart cookie!” might be the tag for cookies or “You’re a sharp teacher!” might top a set of Sharpie® markers.
    PROs: Making gifts can be fun for some. Cookies are popular handmade gifts. A handmade scarf might also be fun.
    CONs: Handmade gifts are often pricier than they seem. By the time you buy ingredients and supplies and make gifts, dollars and hours can expand—at an already busy time of year. Homemade gifts are often consumable and, as with the generic gift card, are often shared by teachers with family and friends. Some schools have no-food policies, too.
  3. A Teacher-Specific Trinket
    You’ll find what some consider humorous teacher trinkets and gifts. Many poke gentle fun at teaching. A T-shirt for math teachers might read, “I’ve got problems! I teach math!” Other items might include ornaments or mugs with apples, ABCs, or 123s, reading “World’s Best Teacher.” Some can be personalized: “Mr. Harris, World’s Best Teacher.”
    PROs: These gifts focus on the teacher’s profession and may be perceived as more thoughtful than generic gifts. They’re also inexpensive. If you know teachers well enough to know such gifts would entertain, they may be good options.
    CONs: Not every teacher appreciates this type of gift. Most teachers and schools strive to present highly professional and positive images. Some of these gifts might be seen as presenting the profession in a pejorative way. Others may appear too juvenile for teachers to display or carry. As one teacher said, “Just because I love teaching kindergarten doesn’t mean I want to ride the train with a bag covered in handprints and stick figures.” To personalize a gift often takes extra time so plan ahead; adding a teacher’s name makes the gift non-returnable and non-exchangeable.
  4. A Personal Item
    Sweet Sips Water BottlesIf you know what interests the teachers on your list, personal items can be great gestures. Scarves and gloves are great for dismissal and recess. A book about rock climbing shows an avid climber/teacher you respect his/her outside interests. Tote bags, water bottles, and tech gear appeal to many teachers. Some have positive messages about teaching, too. Sweet Sips™ water bottles keep drinks hot for 6 hours and cold for 12; reading: “I THIRST for knowledge.”
    PROs: These gifts signal you know the teachers in your world. Scarves fit most people. If you include a gift receipt, items may usually be returned.
    CONs: When teachers share their interests, many in the class know about it. You could end up giving your horse-loving teacher one of seven horse motif mugs! You’ll also need to know sizes for some personal items.

5 Tips for Finding More Meaningful and Appropriate Teacher Gifts
Now that you’ve reviewed the more typical gifts, consider these 5 tips for finding meaningful and appropriate teacher gifts. Gift givers want to find just the right gifts for the teachers who teach their children.

  1. Wish Lists Help Everyone!
    Both families and teachers love wish lists. Gift givers like buying from wish lists and teachers enjoy receiving gifts they really want. It means a lot to teachers to be asked to choose gifts that really appeal. It’s good to preview and provide links to one or two website wish lists to help teachers feel comfortable their choices are within your budget. Share work-related, not personal, wish list links like this link from, a great source for really great teacher gifts and accessories for really great teachers. This site helps you appropriately express your teacher appreciation this holiday season.

    Teacher Peach Wish List

    Check out the Wishlist link at the bottom of our website, Use this private wishlist to select items that appeal to you. Once you have settled on your favorites, share them with friends, your family, and even with those student families that may ask what you’d like for the holiday. Because our wishlist is just for you, consider some of these options as ways to share out your finalists. It’s easy to make a Pinterest board of your favorites by clicking on the little red Pinterest graphic that appears on each product page or send screen shots or product links in an email. However you opt to do it, by making a few selections of your favorite gift ideas from Teacher Peach, you’ll set the stage for everyone to enjoy the holiday season—including you!

  1. Pool Resources for Bigger Gifts
    Get together with other families to pool resources and purchase a more robust teacher’s gift set. Some sets, like the ones shown below, contain products for teachers, students, and classrooms. These gifts send supportive messages, adding value to teachers and students.
    Teacher Peach Gift SetTeacher Gift Set
  1. Say the Word(s)!
    If your budget won’t permit purchased or handmade teacher gifts, use words to send great messages. Help kids make lists of adjectives to describe their teachers’ qualities. Make lists of 12 Compliments, one for each day of the holidays. Have kids write 26 words about teachers—A to Z. The right words can make meaningful teacher gifts.
  1. Be a Gift Detective
    Pop into class to scope out what’s missing on the teacher’s desk. Would a new stapler or “TEACH-CHOO!” tissue box spruce things up? How about an entire desk set?
    Teacher Peach Desk Set
    Do you notice color-coding? Do bulletin boards indicate a creative streak? Would Sharpie® marker sets and cool pocket folders be great additions?
    Teacher's Only Marker SetPocket Folders
    Do you spot a picture of a cat or recall your child sharing stories about his teacher’s big black lab? Gifts for a teacher’s furry friend is a great way to express thanks. The Real Teacher’s Pet™ products are just such a product line.
    Teacher Peach's Pet Products
    Watch teachers leaving school. Would a snazzy “I Teach.” Jumbo Tote complete her professional look? Totes make great teacher appreciation gifts.
    Teacher Peach JUMBO TOTETeacher Peach Jumbo Rainbow Black Tote
  1. Choose Teacher Gift Certificates from a Teacher-Centric Gift Store
    Choosing appropriate teacher gifts can be tough, but not impossible. What if you’ve reviewed teacher wish lists, chatted with other families, attempted thank-you lists, applied your best detective skills, and still can’t decide what teacher gift to choose for teachers who really matter? What if you’re just pressed for time? Choose gift certificates from a teacher-centric store to ensure the really great teachers in your world can make their own really great gift choices! Teacher Peach offers gift certificates in any dollar amounts for just such situations.
    Teacher Gift Certificate

Put a Bow On Teacher Appreciation Gifts
From wish lists to tote bags and other teacher accessories, there are many meaningful ways to show teacher appreciation with great teacher gifts this holiday season. By planning ahead to take advantage of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other holiday deals, you can explore terrific teacher gift options—and save money. No matter what approach you choose, you’re not only expressing teacher appreciation—you’re also showing your kids that teachers give great gifts to your family every day.

Have other ideas for teacher gifts? Share your teacher gift-giving strategies here.